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hey yo spaghetto here and welcome to Super Mario World arrangement now this is a new hack I found off of super mario world central it was unfortunately cancelled to demo demonstrating the first eight levels it’s supposed to be like a hack that demonstrates like Namco and Namco’s pac-man arrangement games but yeah welcome to the feather Kingdom in this distant land we find Bowser kidnapping the princess again good luck whatever so um what’s different about this game is is like you fight through like bosses or whatever and progress I think I like the arrangement however okay oh nothing here and Mario looks god-awful geez so ugly no he’s not for me babbling let’s go hurry okay let’s go and jump you could get up here – yes we did it I am kaput oh gosh welcome guys I finally found something I looks worse than me that you not matter you know what I look like I always loved all the Mario Tunes over the years you know just the simplicity in the the vibrance – music gives you really soothing to the soul ah sorry anyways back at it again we’re gonna be through this game no matter what I don’t know why I’m talking like this it’s just it makes me happy okay die you stupid title kids this is a hammer bros hey damn a rose yeah we did dying for one that makes me happy I’m so glad we don’t suck I don’t suck you guys aren’t technically playing so Bowser’s building factories amazing let’s go go see bullying oh cool we got a 1-up amazing it’s jump up here until the hammer hammer throw that I hate that’s a messed-up looking goal I wasn’t too bad not too hard not too easy just right in between perfect difficulty on to the next level I liked how the hammer bros are incorporated that too late with new graphics and not just stealing from Mario 3 it looks a lot better what’s in this box we where the sleeping goombas close to them and they spring in action what what’s happening that’s so cool I’m glad to like incorporated a new enemy I haven’t seen that in a while amazing is the best thing is awful this is the world this is the worst thing ever I hate them so much it’s just horrible goodness lost my my green donkey and miss him so much he met every big big bat no wait gosh I never mind I take back everything I said about these goombas they’re just they’re awful do they work for the government and the government’s evil because they steal your underwear while you’re sleeping through your personal information what am I talking about uncle music change cool caves nervous oh geez gosh you guys fast little buggers link ah dang it stupid spikes sticking out of the ground up yonder like that okay just going to knock this turtle zone now gosh dang it smorgasbord ha ha tired time is in in check oh geez it’s late that’s all I’m going to say I could tell you what time exactly then I’ll get yelled at by you guys or whatever anyways it just hit the goal yeah we got a 17 that’s exactly how old I am actually the more you know hope you do Darrow now ok on the next level yay were already almost like this hacker attack with eight eight stages yeah okay scribe with some shrooms gosh oh I can’t get over how ugly Mario look sighs I don’t know super slimming goombas I forgot I thought use is dead for some weird I don’t know I got to hit whatever oh gosh dang it okay stupid goombas just died okay that’s all I’m gonna tell you die whenever some whenever I see a problem arise in my life I just tell it to die that is not good life advice never mind forget I said that goodness what am I telling you anyways just going to not stupid title I just killed a poor innocent turtle not come into the abyss how does that make me feel I feel horrible oh they add a little teeth little Chomper dudes like the black ones or whatever that’s cool look really close I think there’s little teeth I might have in the background I don’t know back at it again with this nonsensical frustration that I am Suppan myself for your guys’s amusement also known as gaming for YouTube channel some of these tax document they are pretty frustrating just the way the levels are designed a little fired Goomba ball head almost hit me in the very end I jumped right over him and show them who’s boss by taking his coin and stealing it in upon my character giving it another life basically out of all that rambling I just got coin from the goon bug got a life move to do oh man there was a pipe flooding oh no that’s why I’m here I’m Mario I’m a plumber right that yeah I’m like a plumber uh-huh hmm I always wonder why Mario Luigi never had another game about plumbing this is something I’ve always asked myself not really just thought about that now stupid charging Chuck dudes and why is that disproportionate I don’t know okay how to keep going geez come on swim up about getting hit that’s perfect I mean amazing amazing anyways how’s your guys’s day go and I hope yours is going well mine going pretty good hmm I’m tired if you guys didn’t notice or I probably mentioned it like three times already well yeah my name is gone well I made me some yummy pasta was delicious I make pasta too much but I don’t have a problem I’m not obsessed with it it’s not an addiction it’s just something I enjoy cooking get off my back thank you gosh not getting defensive either shush a little box this place used to be laying yeah you already told me that goodness hey nineteen fifty do huh Yoshi’s nothing for I know we’re on the airship now hooray no then Oh different song dang it I like the Mario 3 song ah just saw ah I never saw that coming oh my goodness I have no idea what compels me anyways doing some breakdancing make me happy just jump over that amazing we’re still alive hooray yeah just ok let’s do this it’s gonna keep upping oh wait no no no no no no no please stop I have money no go ah ok well let’s not kill ourselves this time by jumping up there I didn’t know that would be a dead end stupid bone head head okay let’s go oh shoot oh no I’m stuck aren’t I well into the best spoon that anyways back at it again with not dying a mini Singh we’re still alive I actually have 0 deaths I haven’t died once I’m the best oh gee original pasta sauce spaghetti oh uh Oh tomato gamer so anyways I’m not saying why they went well hope yours did I like tomatoes they like but they’re good you know just cut a tomato up and throw it in a smoothie and then just go armed nom nom nom nom and then ugly Mario will come and eat his tomato smoothie subbu and be all happier anyways just jump down here what let’s do this okay there’s no uh there’s no sign right there is a saw yeah well those long hogs all these ridiculous saws normally Neela anyways I wonder what the boss is gonna be hopefully something I haven’t seen before ah they stole it from brutal Mario okay whatever hello yeah yeah I like this music though it’s amazing a good time we can do this yeah never mind okay now I’m prepared fully to fight this demented Iggy Koopa one one head and I don’t know he’s the wanderer all my body’s name is wander and never mind I’m anyways yeah a tweedle okay die Manny shooting fire boogers no you and your fire burger problems never pick and flick you weirdo just please thank you okay now let’s know Oh SpaghettiOs okay come on yay oh my oh my squash fruit okay we can do this my squash root this is really close okay holy squash fruit come on think it is okay well my potato pies okay pumpkins orange peels bananas pear trees man what am i doing just do it ah do it okay come on hey buddy you’re slow okay once again are you listening there we go hibiscus yeah flew off into space and then the opening theme plays for no reason I think that was the end of the game I think it was for exits instead of eight I don’t know I can’t count no more yay we killed a Koopa boom explosions Mario it’s the feet of the demented a geek Uka Uka Koopa and castle one rescued Yoshi’s friend who’s still trapped an egg together they travel off the donut land except this is just a demo and there’s nothing else to play because the developer got lazy and decided to cancel it yep end of demo let’s see what’s in here anything else secrets oh look item boxes you know the drill I do guns come on thank you things look forward to the next mo stove desert the invisible mushroom well that’s a big disappointment because it’s not going to happen anyways developer if you’re watching this I hope you do continue because I had a lot of fun playing this I painted in about 20 minutes so thank you guys so much for watching if you like this to continue let the developer know and as always I’ll see you in the next video

Michael Martin

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  1. Huh, those Goombas, besides being like the Rip van Fish, behave like Monty Moles once they do wake up. And you can kill them with a single stomp like in the NES games, but unlike in vanilla SMW.

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