Showing up to his ex's wedding pregnant & wearing a wedding dress | Clip from 'Finding Mr. Right'

Michael Martin

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  2. I watched this drama with my mum one night so here is a few things about the drama that might help this make more sense.

    1- They aren't actually together ( I don't think)
    2- it's not his baby, she was the mistress of some big shot CEO and was sent off from China to the US (or vice versa… Can't remember exactly) so that his wife wouldn't find out
    3- he works for the facility that she is living in
    4- Him and his ex share a daughter named Julie

  3. At first i thought it was jisoo from blackpink but when i started watching it ops guess not

  4. The lead actresses kind of looks like Jisoo from Blackpink, also I’m so happy this movie has a lot of English too so I can feel like I understand a kdrama😂

  5. Just proved women can be the dumbest creatures alive. The concept of logic and reasoning just slips right passed them.

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