Should You Spend 3 Months Salary on an Engagement Ring?

Hi I’m Abby with Abby Sparks Jewelry. I
am gonna talk to you today about how much you should spend on an engagement
ring. It gets really confusing, numbers are everywhere. So one of the myths out there
is that you should spend three months salary on that engagement ring. Not true.
It’s a really outdated belief. The answer is no, you shouldn’t spend three
months salary if that doesn’t fit within what you want. It’s a marketing ploy, it’s
kind of that push to get you to spend more. For example, if you make $100,000 a
year, should you really spend $25,000 on that engagement ring? We say you know
forget about it and here I say forget about that number. Figure out what your
number is not based on this myth. You know we all have things going on, we want to
buy houses, we want to start families. So, don’t just follow this three months
number because it might be more budget than you actually need for what she wants.
Depending on what you want to do for this ring, are we like knocking it out of
the park, are we getting exactly what she wants, or
are we pulling back a little because we have bigger life goals. So, maybe that
helps, maybe it doesn’t. It’s hard to say because you’re different,
your budget’s different, and what every woman wants is different. Especially when
you’re getting a full custom ring, it’s never been made, it’s never been done
and you just have so much variance of that like what should that budget number
be, because of all these different factors. I hope this has been helpful, if
you liked it, like below, subscribe to our channel and if you know somebody who
this would really help, please send it on. Thank You.

Michael Martin

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