SHOULD I GET A DIVORCE? EVEN IF I’M NOT MARRIED? Gallagher & Gallagher The Sister Divorce Lawyers

Are you in a happy marriage? Even if you think you are, you aren’t. Do you wake up every morning thinking you’ve made the right choice? That your partner is your soulmate? Well, we’re here to tell you, you’re wrong! I’m Aimee Gallagher. And I’m Christee Gallagher. And we’re here to tell you, you actually hate each other and you can’t wait to get out of that hell hole you call a marriage. You might think you’re
living in a never ending honeymoon and then you keep finding his dental
hygienist in your closet. You can keep thinking it’s just a coincidence or you can get the [bleep] out of there before it’s too late. So call us and we’ll give you the best settlement and we’ll leave your sad-excuse-for-a-human being spouse begging for mercy. Not sure if divorce is
right for you? Don’t worry, we’ll convince you! Why stay married when you can take
all his money and live an all-expenses-paid life full of freedom? You might be all alone, but who cares? Maybe you’ll have a sister that’s
willing to take a chance on you and bring you on to her mildly successful
law firm! Did your partner convince you sign a prenup before you tied the knot? Don’t worry, call now and we’ll throw in the prenuptial agreement package where we’ll help you convince your partner to get rid of that silly prenup! Because why would you ever leave them? That’s ridiculous! Hahahahaha And then after that prenup is dissolved, you’re gonna take him to the
cleaners in divorce court! Or maybe you’ll have a sister that’s willing to sleep with your husband in order to cause adultery on his part forcing the
prenup to be declared nullified! Still not sure if divorce is right for you? Don’t worry, we also deal with last will and testaments call now and ask for our
widow or widower a package and our team will send over some of the best possible
life insurance policies. Once your spouse is insured for every possible penny, we’ll discuss with you some of the best possible options to commit murder
without getting caught to ensure every penny goes right into your pocket! It really works! So when you’ve caught your husband with his dental hygienist for the eighth time that month don’t just smile through the pain, create his
pain! Or maybe you’ll have a sister that’s willing to wait patiently outside his office when he’s working late and once everyone has left cover her face
with an old George W. Bush Halloween mask, move a desk a little too close to his
door, and trip the [bleep] out of him when he walks out. Make sure he hits his head
hard enough to cause internal and external bleeding and leave him there to
be found by his secretary the next morning. So when you inevitably decide to
get a divorce you know who to call, Gallagher and Gallagher! Get divorced!

Michael Martin

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