Should Black Women Share Men?

welcome ladies welcome welcome welcome back to another riveting video with your girl successful ladies love now I had a wonderful gentleman comment on one of the other videos right here on successful ladies live YouTube platform and he came up with a phenomenal suggestion and question so he wanted to know and I don't want to misquote him he said greetings sister do you feel man sharing will cut off so-called cheating what a loaded question right so what I love now is that the men feel the freedom to ask me what they want to ask me without feeling some type of way about the platform right ladies so let's get into this real quick I will have to admit that black man asked me this question all the time make sure to chime in in the comment section below ladies if black men ask you this question too if another race of man has asked you this question please also note that in the comments section below let's go should black women man cheer hmm it's the age-old question right ladies – there isn't enough good black men to go around right we've heard this time and time and time again regurgitated thrown back up scooped back up regurgitate it and repackaged for over excuse me ladies for over 20 years right let's explore my thoughts on this the truth is hidden in plain sight black women should man sheer I think I kind of agree with this brother so greetings sister so from one sister to the brother of course black women should man share of course they should black men asked this because they honestly ladies they just want the permission to be dirty ding wings community ding wing on a stick it's just the way that it is so let's explore how the stacks have already backed up the fact that we're doing it anyways we're a man sharing anyways so why do we get offended ladies when we hear this question posed I think we want to be coddled we want to feel comfortable under our blankets and we don't want somebody to throw water on our dreams right within the collective of what the black community has become so I'm gonna dispel the fact that black women should man cheer and here's why so 75% of children born to black males in this country are born out-of-wedlock true so 40% of black men will never get married 60 percent of young black girls will experience rape molestation or some sort of sexual violation before the age of 18 right ladies so with 40 percent of black women never getting married and I would have to find the statistics on the black women that say they will never in life be celibate one of you ladies came to me in the Facebook group and I posted one of my videos there and you told me that you would never be celibate so that means to me that if you're not married and you're not celibate then you're fulfilling some man's sexual desires without him having to do a goddamn thing would be black and male white and male or whatever your color preference is right ladies so let's get into it do y'all remember back in the day Denzel Washington used to be supposedly being exposed for cheating on his wife and philandering and now I'm not a fly on the wall in his marriage I don't know whether Denzel has ever cheated in life right ladies but what I noticed is that there's this obsessive nature with us ladies when it comes to black man cheatin I'm gonna give you an example if we see a Denzel Washington who's been married for 30 plus years to his beautiful wife Caleta I believe her name is we're obsessed with finding out whether or not he's cheating on her right so you'll see the gossip channels and things of that nature you know it's amazing that what's happening with Will Smith happened with Denzel so we see Jada and her loveliness and she's created her Facebook the red tabletalk or the red table or whatever it is called and she's created all these wonderful discussions and you know that a huge percentage of her audience is sisters right and every other freaking day the headlines hit and they say that will shit will smith is cheating on Jada ladies can I get a thumbs up if that's true for a majority of black women if they only want to date black men they should definitely get ready – man Cher and they should embrace it embrace it just just embrace just let it go let it go embrace it embrace it because there's very many incentives that we get ladies for man cheering here it is let's get to the top five top five reasons why we enjoy and we should collectively man sheer number one you get to beat another sister at the game since I said it on the weekend I remember since I told you ladies that you should have a schedule of man cheering I know that there was some sarcasm and things like that in her song but the preface of her song was to introduce you into being okay with man sharing to even talk about it consider it a majority of the female R&B singers they talk about struggle of and they sing about how they are struggling in their relationships and you know that majority of black people listen to R&B and so you know their audience is primarily black American women right so they sing about struggle of they reinforce struggle of they talk about how they're better than the other woman don't blame mr. Charlie mr. Cho he's just a man and he's doing the best he can I heard him say y'all ain't ready fit is so a number one reason is we get to beat another sister at picking deadbeat Tyrone establish Derrick and tired Trayvon so many sisters are still in a stage where they compete so heavily with other black women and so that is definitely an incentive for man cheering so yes yes we get to send him back home we get to share we don't necessarily have to handle all of his laundry so we get to get part-time degwin that's an added bonus ladies maybe there's another sister that will be running his errands she'll be cooking cleaning up his dirty laundry listening to his unfunny jokes and she'll be giving you a break in the ding wing Department right so you get to have part time ding wing and he gets to fulfill your desires without you having to overextend yourself number three you get an extended family of little cheering everywhere you get to talk to other women on the phone about how tired Tyrone is you get to go to additional birthday parties when you get to his mama's house you get to stare at all the other women that have children for this man and y'all get to compete in the kitchen for who can make this man the best macaroni and cheese that's right extended family is phenomenal number four you get to share your secrets on how you get rid of your bumps you get to share communicable diseases right and so you get to call your sister in your ghetto sister wives and y'all get to share the secrets on how you handle the diseases that this man is bringing you and sharing with other women in the community so he doesn't have to have any secrets you know you're sharing him there's no surprises you don't have to be heartbroken it's an amazing experience number five you get to be outcasted by all other non-black communities that's right they will see you as a victim they will help you they will give you the resources that you need because you can't do better ladies get care do better you get to go to the food stamp office join in child support meetups and you get to have your freedom and struggle with your kids all alone five benefits of man cheering ladies so most of us like I said we are a man sharing anyways many of us just don't want to admit it right ladies we are man cheering anyways so I've been in a struggle of man sharing situation unknowingly twice I remember when I first moved to this area I was dating a handsome man he was in a field where his schedule was wide open so I realized at one point when the phone call came in and we were sitting in his vehicle and he had one of those automatic answers and there was another woman on the other end of the phone that was my get out of jail free card with him so the other woman was intent on calling me and I got on the phone with her and I was like what what's going on she was like well I've been with him for four or five years and I can't believe he's cheating on me I had a hard time believing that she couldn't believe he was cheating on her true so anyways he's cheating on her probably for the umpteenth time she's on the phone with me sizing me up trying to figure out if I'm gonna stay with him stay cheating with him and I was like well I tell you what since I don't man share but I think that most black women should man share but since I don't man share girl I slept with that nigga book one time so guess what now that I know you're in a picture he can consider me poof-poof be gone then there was the other man sharing incident that I fell into now I could be totally wrong but I guess cuz I've only pretty much primarily had relationships with black men that's been my experience he's going to cheat anyways ladies man sharing is not going to stop black man from cheating greetings sister do you feel man sharing will cut off so-called cheating so what is so-called cheating is it dipping your dang Wang around the area is it kissing is it exchanging phone sex what is so-called cheating right ladies so when we look at it from that standpoint black men just want the permission to continue doing what they've been doing now let's talk about the wonderful attributes that they'll experience once they hit fifty years old most of these men that want you to man Cher they want to be with falesha and cam and Shaniqua and whoever else these men will realize at one point that man sharing on the reciprocal that they have pretty much put the nail in the coffin for any relationship after the age of fifty fifty is usually when they're ready to slow down so they'll have child support eating their asses up they'll have poor credit if they're not making their child support payments and they'll be able to be community Dingling and have no legacy for any of the children that they fathered in these men sharing relationships let me dispel this myth there's a myth that black people have been struggling all their lives in the community of white America right but that's not true so take a walk with me ladies for just a moment as we explore where black women are there was this wonderful documentary that came out called the secret of selling the Negro in 1954 this was before the civil rights movement now the preface of this documentary was to inform black people that other cultures were interested in our dollar power our buying power right and so in 1954 the owner of Jet magazine and ebony teamed up with another white man to give him tips on how to sell to black Americans now black Americans in the history of black America we have not been poorer than we are in 2018 we can blame man cheering for that willingly man cheering so I'm gonna let you ladies listen to just a small insert of the documentary and then I'm going to make sure that I put the remainder of the twenty minutes of what have we in the description box so let me get G ladies into this room it's taken forever this intro a big new market so in the documentary in 1954 the man says that there are millions upon millions of new cells prospects with fifteen million dollars worth of money to spend within their community who were they talking about they were talking about the black community that's right white America wanted to infiltrate the black community and mr. Johnson's evany magazine and jet magazines was a great gateway into communicating with black women in the community remember in 1954 black women were solely responsible for what they were buying for their household they were married right many of these women were married and they were the purchasers of their pots pans clothing etc for at the household and the buying power was so strong that the documentary that came out was informative for non African American businesses to market to black America so in short if you want a man chair you want to be in child support court you want to be exposed to communicable diseases which you already are ladies if you're not celebrating you're sleeping with these men you're already exposed to a ten seven times higher rate of disease within the black community so for every for every ten white man that you sleep with or a non black man period it's it's equal to ten white men for every three black men that you sleep with it's like sleeping with thirty black men and that's the reason why black women have the highest rate of STD transmission within the collective society so we have the highest rate of STD contraction highest rate so when you sleep with three black men you are honestly sleeping with ten so I'm sorry so if you're sleeping with ten you're sleeping with thirty because black men have seven times more sexual partners than any other races of men in the collective community in the society so white men actually cheat on their women less Hispanic men actually cheat on their women list Asian men cheat on their women probably the least and you're left with the largest pool of men that cheat the most with the smallest amount of people do the math is it any wonder why black women have so many STDs and you ladies don't want to know this leave your comments below make sure to LIKE like and share and subscribe to the video tell me what you think should black women man share to avoid cheating or to help their man stop cheating the question is definitely up to you I think the collective of black women should man share if they're not willing to open up their options and think outside the box level themselves up involve themselves in other communities where they can meet qualified prospects for marriage dating and relationships I think they should measure their men sharing anyway that's why they're already man sharing tell me what you think leave your comments below I'm definitely gonna chime in and I will catch you ladies definitely on the next broadcast hey we're doing it anyway

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  1. Lol, BM are for everybody there won't ever be enough women..BW who fall for this got problems…y'all letting these fools talk you into shit they think their ancestors did hundreds of years ago…in 2019.. while they are broke…Wtf would you not think perhaps we should do things differently.. BM = chains chains chains

  2. Black males have serious issues being able to maturely handle a relationship with ONE woman, let alone multiple women.
    I made a decision yrs ago to take myself out of the battle for scraps. I have worked too hard on myself , in multiple ways, to give myself over to the scrapping and fighting that goes on to find a needle in a haystack ( a black man of parity who acts like a real man and has the self worth, discipline and loyalty to have a mature and mutually respectful relationship with a woman who can provide a world of love, support and kindness).. I realized long ago that it is simply a fantasy and that there are just as many other wonderful men out here who have been groomed to be and are capable of being mature men .

  3. I just plain old cheated at times when I was dating and vs , but now I am married.Enjoyed the discussion, keep them coming!

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