SHE-RA Season 2 is About RelationSHIPS!

hey guys welcome back it's neon I'm here with geeky sparkles now welcome to the house of sickness everybody's know better you're starting yeah I actually don't feel that bad my voice is a bit froggy so if it grates when you're listening to me I apologize I think that's where you're at yeah so I'm trying to try to get better here but but we had some news that couldn't wait oh yes it was user out for the new she run the princess of the Power which is coming on the 26 Shira and the princesses of power on Netflix season 2 the review embargo must be lifted because there are three or four news outlets yes it's all coming up she writes not coming up she wrote God okay so this is from decider which I think covers mostly streaming services like a hulu and netflix Shira and the princesses of power is funnier clearer and better than ever in season two I'm just gonna point out that one of the talking points I hope they're given to talk about is queerer because it shows up on articles over and over again is the queer we mention it's queer guess what it's clearer than ever I think you know and there is absolutely nothing wrong with having LGBTQ representation in his show but when you take an existing show and you change it so much and your your main talking point is is look how queer we mean you know that's that's not did make something new it's a fanfic I'm sorry because there's no I'll Stephenson has pointed out number of times she really pushed it in this because she herself is LGBTQ which is fine and and I guess my thing is if I have some more appreciation or somebody who could write something that's not themselves then when they just make it themselves which is what they did yeah it's basically you know this is what we said before and there are people out there there are people who watch our channel who actually really like Shira and that's totally fine but from where we're sitting it just looks like a tumblr fanfic you know and again like it we always say like you're allowed not to like it we will not treat you any differently because you like it you're allowed to like it we just don't right now our big sticking point you can be on the show itself is the treatment I think of the treatment of the fans and the treatment of the original staff on filmation's our big problem which is it we have a huge issue with because there's no respect for what has gone before just mocking up a lot of what we had problems with anyway I feel like I have to just every time we talk about shear I feel like we have to justify it because we're always gonna get people in there like why are you all just a buncha haters it's like we're not we just don't like shear at which we're lads not like it yes um so I guess I'll do more reading than you because my voice is better today so this this is great guy don't love this it's fitting that a show so explicit about our complicated journeys of to self-acceptance would be conquer reinventing itself in its second season she rather and the princess as a power leans even further away from the Econo kt series on which it was originally based uh it was originally based on eighty series and it is in name only yeah because it is nothing like the original series Noelle Stevenson's Netflix cartoon you know Stevenson's Netflix cartoon has finally become its own distinct story one that is unapologetically one of the funniest arguable warmest and most LGBTQ or algae BT inclusive series on television well I agree with that because that's what their goal is their goal wasn't to be funny and warm and to to to pay homage to a good show their goal is to be the most inclusive show on television that is their goal I'm not gonna I mean we're mincing words that's pretty much true no that's she said so right which which is fine it's just that you know your again when you're taking an existing property and you have something like Steven universe that was very inclusive right and but it was its own thing so I don't I don't put a show like Steven universe I'll hold it up to the same level as she Rakesh Shira is based on an existing property Steven universe it is what it is it was created as a new thing but when you take an existing property like this and turn it into something it was not you know okay well it gets better hold on the evolution of the Shira Shira from season 1 to season 2 feels quite a bit like a Dora and her own rocky acceptance were super-powered princess alter-ego Shira just as a door started her journey bound by her past loyalties to the nefarious horde they're not very nefarious I'm sorry they made them really pussy anyway Shira is premiered in a pop culture climate obsessed with can pairing the series to its predecessor again when you have ethics show that is named the same and it's gonna be your show every bringing back it comes with a fan base okay that's established the only reason that got brought it back again was because the fans have kept it alive all this time so you have an existing fan base so of course your existing fans are going to expect it to be similar to the first show and when you go and complete change everything about it and then piss on the fandom for not liking every change you make you're going to have a problem with your fans obsessing oh my god why do people again we're look we already told you what the problem was with the marketing last season and you're already starting and you're already starting it here we go again and have they mentioned Larry to Tonio's death at all but you know yeah you you you want the platform you want the building audience they asked kissing in recognition someone bask in the glory every time they're on a panel it's so funny to watch anyway yeah but then they don't want you know everything becomes with it with which are the expectations you know the expectations come with it so when you have any kind of fandom that's already bound to something you cannot expect them all to like every change you make nor should they have to but you don't turn and call them names just cuz some doesn't like something does not automatically make them a misogynist does not automatically make them a racist homophobe whatever you want to call them because they don't agree with you and the immature behavior out of the media and out of some of these creators that they feel like they have to call people names if you don't like what I do is pathetic be professional and that's all I'm saying act professional now you might you might see you know people might be more accepting of what you do have your behavior you know behavior been professional I'm getting that mostly to the media on this one guy gets mostly the media has been behaving this way so anyway by the time c12 opens both the door and the series have shake it off the buildings or bodies in their past that can tree from here and become stronger for it for door that means slowly realizing that their strength residing in her and the love and loyalty she feels for friends and for sheer as a series that means putting its universe-threatening stakes on old just for the greater strength of a show the complicated relationships between its strong central characters we're not gonna focus on the main story and the action everything she was about we're gonna focus on relationships because that's all the show is i me this this is a tumblr cartoon for tumblr readers this is a webcomic a tumblr webcomic animated it's a fanfic we're gonna focus on relationships that's a fairly monumental change from the shears battle of the week first season what does what made it good no there's reviews based on the first seven episodes of season two that provided to the critics so literally always seven or seven episodes in the season that is important here in a moment seventh episode okay don't worry the ongoing war between the Horde infested fright zone with like what the horror at Concord five teenagers and the princess is fighting for freedom led by Shira is there and it's still very much a focus as she or a second season how okay could you see how but more than that season two revolves around the little moment the little moments that happened during the gaps in battle there are seven episodes so is it's gonna focus on the little moments charged confrontations between a door and Katra are broken up by the episodes dedicated to training planning attacks with just biding time filler in seven episodes oh my god so it's just all filler don't worry this is so much better than the Battle of the week first season that actually had your attention you care as testimony to how much does show respects its characters these action free sketches are off in the show's most interesting the action free strangers oh my god side stretch of the messages yeah it's seven episodes I can't read it either I think your lack of be able to read is rubbed off on me I'm sorry my illiteracy is contagious apparently my cold ones so what we're saying is there's a bunch of there's a bunch of filler in seven episodes in seven episodes that's that's not good so it's during these intimate moments at Shira show shit tom mmm-hmm just how important the doors new best friend glimmer and Beau are best friends bad it's for catch with evolution from a score and former friend to something more tender and Confused takes place oh my god yeah bad no no no it's because something more tender and confused everyone's is a good guy at heart we just don't know it yet this is like the mo for all these new shows um and she's searching all the bad guys in the world are not bad they have a tender heart they just don't know they have a tender heart don't know that they're not bad like okay you want to compare and we talked about this before we talked about like very very far left people and compared that to religion and it does remind me of how in some religions every person is is a prospective convert like like you look at the person is like well they'd be fine if they just you know adhere to our religion everybody's a good person at heart and they don't know it yet why do they go around comfortable names like misogynist racist homophobe all right Nazi to shame them into everyone's a good person in heart there's no evil and even a cortex a good person evil in the world you know these terrorists that do things that they're not evil they're just misunderstood according to to these people um you can't just beat you for being evil it's gotta be a reason everybody can be hugged into submission that's right so catch his evolution from a scorn from a friend to something more tender and confused takes place as she searches her own makeshift home between hoard wine princesses Scorpia and entrapped uh and sheer at its best at its softest simplest moment your sushi soft and simple Ashera not unless you're a well you know strong female character if it wasn't actually strong it was just there to be you know fodder for men too fat too but now she raised soft and simple simple I mean well it's new season is more comfortable leaning into its softer impulses that doesn't mean it's ever meek will make up your mind you keep fluctuating on this if anything this is the season defined by surprising strength it's about nothing soft and simple and that was surprising strength and self-assurance pick pick what it is if she ever season one featured characters can be read as queer season two is blissfully almost unapologetically gay no no that's what it's going for the whole time not to give too much away but one relationship that emerges feels as clear as when Steven universe first reveals garnet as a fusion so this is what it's about guys at the heart of it which is fine I mean I don't mind but don't take it clearly you make your own thing then don't take something that's already defined and developed and then you know to change it all to be what you want it to be it is a it is Noelle Stevenson span think about herself yeah this is for Tom Horne I'd be more impressed if she wrote characters that weren't herself because that's harder and that was not explicitly stated at that essential same-sex relationship was romantic sheer does everything else in its power to make it clear that's what's happening why developing this budding romance with so much grace it puts most of televisions countless hetero couples to shame oh my god whoa that's not overselling it no no it puts most of televisions hetero couples to shame this cartoon show and that's not even getting into Z recently gay couple introduced about happy to the season what Bo's two dads I'm guessing so they're not talking about the quality of the show all that much they're basically talking about how LGBTQ friendly the show is so they brought and it's not about action I mean it is but it's not if you distill this down they basically said it's boring but it's really gay but it's also boring it's all about character development and friendships and relationships this whole show is no longer about she Rob which was it's a ship this ship show it's a ship show at the ship show it's not even about she ratting the characters and the battle and the it with the lessons about you know which always had lessons and morals to it about friendship and strength it's about relationships in this small tiny moments with your budding relationships and don't you make your buds tingle make your buds single on the ship show that's what I miss Joseph and then you know and it's like what we've seen for clips it's all about Sheeran her door not be able control her shield that turns into things for random for no particular reason because again this well-trained soldier cannot control anything because she's inept and an idiot but you know she's tender she's tender and her moments Patra make it know she can't have tingly buds that's all allowed okay they took the buds away they did take her bud she took the buds away because that that means that she's too too pretty see I just love this you can't have her be an adult that has a hot body because that's that's too uh you know there's too many straight men who want to fap to her but now that she's underage and you know lesbian it's okay if they can if people get off to that because clearly that's you know the purpose of this show right so there's a decided to have adventure but there's a couple other articles that aren't as they are but they aren't as you know once again they're they were given talking points they were given talking points again we're not talking about the quality of the show and that's what's agric is again it doesn't matter if the show's old you btq it doesn't matter is the show any good but when you lead with you know it keeps me yeah but it's queer you know that does do you know whatever I mean just so you know that's what the most important aspect is Shira is now yeah I mean even when the media leads with that because what's give us Steven universe I'm gonna watch Steven universe was that they had that in that but that wasn't the focus of the show the show was actually focused on you know Steven and adventures and all that kind of stuff it wasn't like the main point of the show well as it progressed it became more but like how they sold the show it wasn't and it was actually pretty genius how they sold it you know when I first started was is basically this is a Sailor Moon type magical girl show but haha isn't it funny that one of the magical girls is a little fat kid little boy you know with a bunch of other magical girls and it wasn't like you know I mean as people watch it they're like oh yeah you know but doesn't like to be mentioned right and they mentioned did we mention and that's what it is now and it's just like whatever I mean so anyway this is uh this is a comics beat the beat so they have five months after the first season hit Netflix cheering the princess of power turns for season two she's at one point five seas well they mentioned this season features seven bran new episodes and it says that fuel as fresh and exciting is the first thirteen though the shortened season does have its shortcomings it feels more like the back half of the first season that's own story arc which makes it feel somewhat rushed even as it does spend significantly more time developing the characters and their relationships God well okay so that's the thing with Netflix like a season on Netflix is not an actual season they did this with Voltron to where you know they'd have like six episodes they call the season 26 order and then the episode which is like a one season and they're breaking it up and saying look we got the three seasons out of this no it's one season um anyway they're going on about relationships again now the character element I would like they do mention that frost that gets developed in this one and I'd hope so cuz they really didn't do much with frost uh yeah but I do think it's funny though and other articles from last season they went on about how one-dimensional and flat the characters Ashera and they're big fish I bring it home that we're just developing every character every character matters every character except the door and Shira that's not to say there isn't a through plot well I'd hope so because there is there's also some long-awaited payoff [Applause] however these things didn't come to pass and the 13 episodes released last November they do have her make it appearance in these new episodes I'll be it until the unexpected ways these characters went on significant life-changing journeys in season one their stories pick up right way left off after the Battle of brightman which means we continue to see them grow they mention grow grow grow grow grow grow the characters have more backbone now and they've more to lose which you know that would that would actually be good thing because then there have a reason the princess Alliance is still going strong seeing these young characters come together enhance each other's power as chills and do things your buds tingle makes your buds single especially when they're able to set aside their differences to win the fight they're going like adults they're gonna win in the end wait there are a lot of set aside their differences to win in the end but when you don't like it there's no setting aside your differences it's just you're automatically called names so they have differences why aren't they calling them you know all right why aren't they calling the misogynist why aren't they calling them homophobes or whatever if they have differences because that's what you do we doesn't agree with you you don't talk it out and make it you know and find a middle ground no no you call them names you know I'm surprised because that's the mo for this show season two shows I'm strengthening their bonds and pushing harder than ever to win the war which of course is complicated by characters like entrapped uh blah blah blah okay well yeah but entrapped it was a villain and I mean anybody who follow the original she right and trapped it was a bill with that Easter Bunny that's horrible season two also seriously amps up the queer content again a doors of session with catcher hasn't lessened nor has catches a session with adora meanwhile the queer subtext a relationship has gotten so intense that any mentioned their friendship has drenched and double meaning oh my god and now Scorpio has to reckon with her jealousy of Endora because she wants to solidify her relationship with Katra because no one could just be friends they all have to want to get with each other and like I said a ship show it seems unlikely any other core characters ever be made canonically queer sudden she wears a license property but if we could just cross our fingers maybe it all happened someday I don't think it's I mean I don't know I could be wrong but I think Mattel still wants to sell dolls at some point yes so bring out dolls with brush ball hair and you know what I will be happy to take a look at them first for you if you want a true honest opinion I would gladly take your dolls send your dolls possible hair to me and again I just I just want to reiterate because I know we're gonna have idiots from tumblr watching this video and B won't watch it that was I'm a consumption down vote make a comment uh I have no problem with LGBTQ themes and show have no problem with LGBTQ characters that show none whatsoever what we have a problem with is when you take an existing property with an existing fanbase existing characters that haven't seen things about them right and turn them into something they're not with the express purpose of pushing romantic relationships like the original Shira had very little very little romance action it was an action in moral lessons is about friendship right and very very little like they even change in the original show in the comics bo was basically the boyfriend but they changed him into her friend and they had her get with seahawk in like a handful of episodes for the most part there was no romance in the original Shira so you know to make them you know to have them take the show and turn it into one giant ship fest yeah is really disappoint it's actually not progressive it's actually kind of regressed it is it means the cheer itself was progressive it's yeah it's very regressive it's turning it into every you know you know yeah it's like you know that's what it's turning it into and it's just you know we don't need a relationship they can just be friends why the riots have a romantic relationships in this yeah they don't need it you know it's ridiculous fighting a war like who has time to get with who it is call about it they keep saying about how I saw an article talking about you know the characters and stuff and I'm like I found the characters very uh like you know these characters are it was more wasn't about the war it wasn't about these people these kids are believable they're not realistic because we're talking about these characters who grew up in a war-torn realm adore and catch are raised to be soldiers the princesses and stuff you know glimmers begging her mom to go to battle as max a moment senator battle I wouldn't send in a battle either she clearly is not equipped to handle battle but all she wants to do is go to princess prom they go to parties and have horsies and sleepovers I mean they are not equipped to deal with battle it does not make real estate that they're not realistic in the sense of what is going on in the world around them you're trying to put realistic characters relate to kids now in a world that doesn't that does that with them that make sense it and there's nothing realistic about this so stop trying to push realism it's not realistic so they don't want about their own season to go some unexpected places bigger laughs more tears wildly creative battle scenes it said it ends on a cliffhanger the futures uncertain these kids love for each other is as strong as anything because you know that's what matters well here's the thing about the season soon they talk about how they break up the seasons and really it sounds to me like this was a 26-episode right which is a standard full season for an animated series and and they're breaking it up into three parts so out of 13 13 episodes seven episodes and then six episodes and call three seasons who's not actually it's not actually three seasons of a show one season yeah so I said there are some pacing issues of season two it's one seem to stretch passeth natural conclusion in order to end on a big battle it feels like it would have fit better with a new mini arc presented to us sheera season two the thing is a Shira we're a network show would have been midseason break right this is not it's as one season um so that's not both season suffer especially because he's into doesn't really stand well on its own on the other hand it would make sense for Shira sophomore season to heavily rely on the first season makes sense blah blah blah it's seven episodes it's seven episodes we're hearing two times but the pacing issues aren't we're hearing again about the fact that you know it's seven episodes but it's all about these you know training in the in-between moments in seven episodes so basically we're hearing that the most of the show is going to be you know more of the same yeah it's and it is it is basically one season not everybody's happy with with Usher this is yeah Newsarama which usually is and I think this is a woman who yes usually is is pretty Pro Shira and they're like season two delivers more princess power but less emotional resonance I thought everybody no matter smore emotional resonance which is it you know we have other websites talking about all those bud tingling personal moments and here comes Newsarama has less less emotional resonance well you're gonna see a bunch of articles pop up today because it apparently gave them to reviewers and so you'll start seeing the videos on YouTube and all this we didn't get them of course because you know the brave thing to do wouldn't send it to us you know what I mean but they're not brave enough to do that ironically ironically clownfish t v– our email does get announcements from Dreamworks we don't get invited obviously to anything like this but they do give us announcements for other other shows trolls and stuff like that me and i had a news network that that you're a place that's trying to say you know fair about things i'd send it to him i'd have the balls to send it to him because if i was really you know secure in my content and i thought you know and i wanted to actually wanted to change and try to mend fences build bridges i wouldn't let media tear people down for not liking it first of all and I would be like reaching out so most people like hey why don't you check is that second season see what you think I know but that would require you know courage anyway so she when the Prince of the power throws us back into the action at the princesses adjust to their new team dynamic and catcher comfortably moves higher up the ranks Lord makes sense okay that's right the premier does a fine job pushing the other princesses to the forefront but lacks any significant plot progression and the emotional residents that made season one so memorable but what do places it's all about emotion so bad emotions um why don't I get to have you know your period to you have the PMS emotions to like get into the show that's that's why it's not for me yeah apparently this is a period piece but it's a different kind of period it's a period piece as a woman I can speak the strongest aspect of the premiere was leaning more about learning more about frost as she navigates the boundaries in friendship um and it means her to name the team okay I'm gonna go and say I actually agree with them on focusing on frost it cuz I felt frost I had no personality last season um so I do agree with them on taking frost and building on frost as a character so I think that is a good move I will give them props for that that I will agree with on that because I think that is a smart move because Frost it really was underdeveloped the character develop development of the supporting cast makes the worldís year even bigger and I hope that the series continues to explore the friendships and character arcs the other princesses to help expand the stories or main cast Frost was a great photo glimmer and this episode we get to see witness that these two characters aren't too different again I agree with I do agree with voting on characters I do think that's a good thing to do I just think you keep build up the problem with some of these shows is if you build up every character you you just you get off the land the plot right you can't build it up every care if you can give some information about characters and you can you know talk about different characters but when you start focusing on the other characters too much and you get outside the main you you you start taking these side twist and that makes it makes sense when you're under pacing issues that's when you're into people getting bored and tired and they aren't so interested that's been so you can do side stories but usually like you look at the original he-man and Shera series what they were way longer they had 65 episodes I think I think each of the shows I'm the truth you're at 65 I know he-man had 65 and 65 episodes you have more time to breathe and you can go do these little side stories with like Orko or right here's Orko's origin story or something like that it's really hard to do it when you're like up against the right it's not you don't have enough time um they're talking about what's missing from the premiere is electrifying dynam between a door and catch or what's missing was we didn't ship a door and capture so much in the first episode we're talking about how they're the best moments were those two ingesting to their leadership role my favorite sequences when a door is practicing with a magic resort and she struggles she and catch are taunting her she's attacked after taunting her in her head she wasn't much under her skin she lives in her head rent-free apparently um apparently you know you know this love/hate thing you know had to build up the suspense the premieres less of emotional punch compared to the first season but in exchange ups the action well this one's going about upping the action everything else was saying oh yeah this is a complete 180 the other ones were like oh it's really boring but there's more bud tingling romance and now they're saying this one is less bub tingling in romance and more excitement so it's interesting to see I'm glad you like seven episodes I'm actually people watched it all this time it gives her more time to explore the different objects where can convert to which to again she keeps blundering that up but by that what I've seen so far and trained soldier yeah can't fight can't do anything right it's a very short season with only seven episodes and premiere doesn't make significant movement or strike any big emotional beats to reach its height of the first season but the episode does give a good glimpse at the bigger world this year and the princess of power can explore well that'd be that'd be a nice change a bigger world because so far it seemed very very small it does seem very small it's very claustrophobic compared to you the original you look at the original and they were like so many lands with so many people and even the Hort like when they introduced for diversity yeah diversity but when they introduced Hordak in the original bike he's got like freaking all kinds of spaceships and junk behind a month were like it's very clear in the original show that that the Horde is an intergalactic threat they're basically the Empire and there's like tons of ships and tons of robot soldiers and this one's like the Horde is like five teenagers and a couple of Tanks yeah they can steal the skiff for Joyride and stuff like that because they're not guarded um it's just you know I mean if bigger will be better I guess because in this case because so far it's it seems very very very small yeah I wanna see but I'm getting from these articles is it's mostly about you know relationships and friendships everybody's a good person you know they don't know they're a good person yet the world is very small and now we're trying to make it bigger because they understand it's a problem and you know it's not even about war anymore that's that the the big war and the big battle that's a really important part is year isn't important anymore it's what you know the friendships and you know how they you know how they hang out how they play games how they train how they you know yeah how they get together is more important how they have this ship how this ship it guess the tele ship how this ship shipping is the most important thing of about new sheera so so there you have it guys like it or not it's coming the 26th of April again is only I don't say it's going up against endgame it is that's what that was interesting which which is gonna get more views yeah well the difference is you can watch us anytime lastra um but it's about half the size of last season which is you know good because I've got last season was way too long and it was very boring so we'll see what happens again if you like it that's cool you're allowed to like it if you don't like it you're allowed to like it there's nothing wrong with you either way and I hope the media finally stops the the shit fest they keep doing yeah it seems like Newsarama is pretty balanced I think it seems to be a pretty balanced take on it yeah so alright there you have it all right so we're gonna wrap this one up thanks so much for watching sorry about my voice again and we will talk to you guys later please subscribe for more pop culture news views rants gaming videos RV is more here on clownfish TV yeah bye hey guys thanks for watching clownfish TV please consider supporting the channel go to clownfish support commnets clownfish support calm and if you want to join our community go to clownfish that's clownfish talk comm please subscribe ring the bell for notifications we will talk to you next time

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  19. They really didn't think that maybe lesbians also fapped to past She-Ra? There are plenty of lesbians that fapped to hot female protagonists. These jackasses basically erased these lesbians by claiming OG She-Ra was only porn for men. What a bunch of homophobic dicks.

  20. Oh while at least we have hilda, Dragon Prince, Niko and the sword of light, and Love, death + robots, but I'll still check out she-ra.

  21. It's very sad when the only way you can define people and characters is by their sexual preference or skin colour. They claim to be woke but are just sexist and racist.

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