Shane Lowry Reacts To Winning First Major Victory At The Open Championship 2019 – Press Conference

[Applause] I'm very very excited to welcome our champion golfer of the year Shane Larry to the interview room Shane firstly congratulations on a tremendous performance don't have it sunk in for you full yet but tell us tell us how you're feeling right now and feeling unbelievably calm to be honest I I don't know why I mean it's not gonna sink in for a couple of days it's it's just incredible to be sitting there with a trophy in front of me I mean like look at the names and it's just yeah I just can't believe like I said at the ball walking down a tee and I just couldn't believe that I was it was me you know I couldn't believe it was happening and they I thought about it all day but I didn't really let myself think about it and until I hit my teach on 17 and as soon as I hit that tee shot I knew that I couldn't really lose a ball from there that's kind of that's how I felt so yeah it's an incredible feeling yeah and what about the reception you defines my god he's a man something like it was just it was it's hard to believe it's just hard to believe I think a lot of people from where I'm from you know they're I spot a few people in the crowd and I think a lot of people made the last-minute journey up here this morning because I was leading and it was just it's YouTuber gray out there today it's funny I I sometimes struggle to play in front of a home crowd and have done in the past but I mean now over the last few days I just played lovely cells yeah it's obviously very nice oh well done we'll take questions from for you and at the front here with the score line etc it looks incredibly comfortable can you explain when you're in the midst of it when you're doing it I dare say it's not like that at all what was the emotion yeah well I mean obviously I was a nice healthy lead gone out and I had a ropey tesha on the first and hit up I hated actually at a decent second but it didn't go with fire so he thought it was gonna go you know a she had a lovely sharp or there and then you know you're standing on the first screen Tommy's got a great chance of birdie and I'm important for bogey from eight feet and just a potential three shot swing and he misses I make and there's only one shot so that was that settled me an awful lot and then when I had it kind of around the turn had a look at a few leaderboards and seeing everybody else was struggling I mean it was so hard out there especially God when that big shower come in on the eighth and it was just you know the ninety shot was just like put the ball down and hope for the best because it was just it was incredible the rain that was coming down and yeah then I think when I really when I started to feel comfortable as out for fourteen you know I lovely up and down on thirteen because tell me it missed the green and I hit a bad party shot there like it was a bit of a silly party shots and you know such an easy 9-iron downwind she'll be hitting the green him at that and obviously to get that up and down and I think that was huge and to be honest I I played the last five holes and you know I thought I played even though I bogeyed fourteen I talked about the last five holes incredibly well and I felt incredibly good and you know I felt like I was I was gonna do it especially I was here for four team and Tommy met double I met bogey but I went five ahead before to play so yeah yeah an expression number one there in the middle Jane congratulations they're delighted yeah if you're gonna pick a major to win the claret joke and the island of Ireland wouldn't be about it I'm sure it's beyond your wildest dreams you might just talk to us a little bit about your emotions coming down the 18th fairway and obviously to have Padraig Harrington around who set the ball in motion for most of the Irish golfers by winning this but you were only twenty years of age yeah I you know I didn't let myself to like dom0 said about when MIT John 17 so when I got him I teach out there in eighteen that was it like that was you know I was home in holes then and I started to enjoy it and it was just incredible to walk down to walk down eighteen crowds gone wild singing oh la la it's like it's it's like something you know I just can't but I couldn't believe was happening to me and um to have like you know it was nice very nice of Patty and GMAC to be signing on the back of the green for me and Kerri Murphy was there as well it was a cool friend of mine and he's great to me when I was when I started out on tour and obviously to have all my friends and family like I spotted my family when I walked around the corner they kinda have a look over the flag was and I spotted them all at the back of the green and they to be honest I welled up a little bit and Paul told me to catch ahold myself they still have a shot and they're you know thankfully I had a decent shot in there and to put it so it was but yeah I just to be honest like I walked down there and I tried to soak it in as much like coat it was hired to soak it in because it's very surreal it's a very you know surreal experience going down there especially with you know I'm sure there was a lot of crowd that wanted me to win today so it was a it was quite surreal yeah next question number four and right there hi Shane congratulations thank you I asked you on Thursday and then again on Friday to talk about what you feel the symbolism of all this is and you said on Friday ask me on Sunday so I'd like to ask you if you could just take a step back what do you think this says is there a message it hadn't been here since 51 an Irish golfer wins we know the history outside of sports in this island you think there's a message here you think there's some symbolism here is it emotional for you I'd be very surprised if you see her the tournament went this week it was I've played in eight there's my eighth Open champion she was the best one I've ever played in and you know the way it was ran the Golf Course everybody is raving about the Golf Course how good it was so I'll be very surprised it was not back here in the next 10 years and you know Portrush have just have just been incredible obviously I've had success here in the past and in amateur events and I knew coming up that I liked the place but I didn't you know didn't want to get too ahead of myself or anything or yeah looked to be to be able to you know to be able to go home this evening like I'm home now like Jim I mean to be able to win it at home and it was just so easy for people to make the trip up to watch me and you know to be able to go out and celebrate with local people it's just yeah it's it's obviously very nice okay next question front right please kill our class Babu Martin on the back can you talk about his it put up at this week yeah Bo Paul's been incredible at the last year he started carrying for me about September last year and and just when I started to play well again so um you know he's just he's like he's brought a new Lisa life to me he's so chilled and he was unbelievable today you know he kept kept on my back all day kept talking to me kept in my ear and you know I kept on telling him how nervous I was how scared I was how much I didn't want to mess it up and how that I can't all I could think about was walking down a teen with a four or five shot lead him and luckily I got to do that poor yeah he was just he was great keeping me in the moment today and he's been great for me like he's lucky like I said he started cutting me last September and you only have to see my results in then since then I've been good so he's obviously you know we formed a great relationship and you know was amazing for him today as early they had a baby two weeks ago and his wife drove up today and his baby was here today his little boy was here and so it's amazing you know to be able to share that with like I've known ball a long time and and he's now become a very good friend of mine and to be able to share with someone so close he is very special yeah mark front left look back to your your talk with Neil on Wednesday I believe it wasn't you know what a Bushmills for the coffee and what not and what he said and what your mindset was at that point how far away the thought of winning at the jug flour chair would be in you know four days or five days later and what kind of an impact that had on the week for you yeah well I think it changed a lot because I I was quite nervous and anxious Wednesday even and I you know we went for that shot and it was you know you start to you come up here and I suppose the other lads would have had it as well like j-mac and the lads and you know the last thing you want to do was smoker and mr. coy you know that's the last thing you want to do and that was kind of in my mind and you know on to the play at least four days I wanted to put up a good show myself being been at home and I was shown good form over the last while and and so yeah it really settled me down like I said after that like I left the Bushmills India tonight and I really felt like I could go out and perform to the best of my ability the next day and you know yeah so it's it's obviously it helped me an awful lot along the way next question the middle here Shane if you could just talk us through your emotions firstly and your thoughts when you saw your daughter run onto the 18th is year just after you'd sunk your pot and also did you say you bit in the pub the other night then you came out feeling like you could win did you say the Bushmills in poisoning the poor boys in having a coffee as a hotel tell us why you seek to play the whole round in a t-shirt out there for you today I had a body warmer as she lay as they called them hey you seem to be stripping off as you went round that everybody else was buttoning up well it was yeah it was well I have my wet pants on as well so I was I was warming off and I was who said I'm not sure I was able to feel anything out there I was so worked up what I was yeah and when your daughter came yeah I should look that that means everything doesn't it those those pictures we're gonna we have one from Abu Dhabi this year and we're gonna have another one so and you know my wife knew Nomar was to have her there waiting for me because if things didn't go to plan at least you would have consoled me a little bit so yeah yeah our dare win and it's just obviously it's very special and look I'm gonna be coming back up another 27 opens to playing so she's gonna be nearly 30 when I blame my last one which is that's gonna be nice and yeah so look I you know I'd be able to show it she'll be able to see those pictures in in years to come and it'll be a nice memory to have Brian at the front please just am obviously an awfully man never landed on the moon but I'm just wondering if you ever thought of winning the Open as a child and when did you first maybe start to think you know what maybe I have the game to win a major and sort of as a follow-on to that how far away to that field in Carnoustie 12 months ago I suppose I didn't even know gonna air this morning if I was good enough to win a major you know I knew I was able to put a few days together and I knew I was able to play the golf course I just went out there and tried to give my best and look I'm here now major champion it's I can't believe I'm saying that to be honest I think the people around me really believed that I could which helps me an awful lot and I do remember a lot of times in the past when I'm down on myself and serious chats with Neil he he always reminded me that he he always said that I was gonna win on at least one he said so you know I suppose when you have the people around you really believe in you and it helps you an awful lot so yeah obviously look where I'm an Irish I I grew up whole and ports on the putting him back home to in the open like it was always it was always the open wasn't it and I watched Patti winning his to opens I mean I didn't even know him back then and I'm obviously very good friends of him to have him there on the 18th like you go into Patty's house and his clarity oak is sitting there on the kitchen table and I'm gonna have one of my tier two table now as well so I said that to him when I was that's going to be quite nice and yeah was there another question there's oh can you see how far yeah it looked up that was that just shows that Hilfiger golf is like golf is a golf's a weird sport and you never know what's around the corner and that's why you always kind of need to remind yourself and you need out the people there to remind you that you need to just fight through the bad times and you know I said in the car park and Karen FC and the Thursday is probably you know almost like a year ago right to this week and and I cried I was in you know my golf awesome my friend at the time it was you know something that it was very become a very stressful I was weighing on me and I just didn't like doing it and look 12 what a difference a year makes this was the next question far left there number 2 she and you won the north of Ireland amateur championship here in 2008 you actually been a friend of mine in the final I'm just wondering I couldn't stop thinking about him all week because he shanked his tee shot bones in the first and that's all I could think about on the first hole he's gonna kill me for now I was I was just wondering how much you can draw you drew and the memories of perhaps that week and how much maybe that week's mented your belief but what you could actually do in your professional career yeah you know that was around the time where I was starting to win tournaments regularly as an amateur back then I I got beaten in the final here in 2007 by Kershaw and I won it in 2008 and there you know I was playing top golf top-level golfer Ireland so obviously I wonder you know I won the Irish Open less than a year after that so I think yeah around out that year 2008 it was probably the year where I really thought that I can make a good career out of this and I'm not sure I drew on it much this week obviously the thing is when you win somewhere and when you like a place you know when you come back here it's all you've got fond memories which maybe that helped me a little bit you know I I haven't been back here a whole lot since I played the Irish Open here in 2012 and I was here a month ago for a practice round and and yeah just when you come back to a place they've been successful I even you walk in the club I stare I walked in the club I owe someone to go and you see your name on the board and it's gonna be on the board again now so that's a that's pretty nice and yeah yeah if it's a I didn't know you remembered him anyway yeah come up by the front please just a two parter he talked about hauling pots as a kid was there time giving your father's sporting heritage you were thinking of scoring goals rather than pots and second part you get crushed in a way into onto onto tour in 2009 you just talk about the influence of the likes of POD recurrence and Paul McGinley in that transition so I I was always a bit too slow for the big ball so I I knew where the goals are in cell phone I was never good enough and I played like a played football Goren open football it was obviously huge in my house it was everything and where I was from the town we grew up in I was in a school about 500 kids and I was the only person to play golf so that's that's kind of where we came from and when I just say gatecrashed on the tour and there's a lot of people that helped me along the way first of all when I came out Kerry Murphy Damian wood grain and Peter Lorre and never made sure that I was you know I was annyong and he made sure that I was always like once I stuck with them like when I was there I I flew with them Sam flights stayed in the same motels went for dinner with them practice rounds with them and they were great for me and then I would see Patti and GMAC I've just been you know there are two really good friends of mine now and to be able to hang around with someone like poor acquaintance who is you know as we all know like I think paved the way for the success of Irish golfers and I'm just so happy I can have my name to list a major champions I guess I used to I used to curse them an awful lot in the past because that's all anybody wanted to know about in Ireland because the lads were after winning so many majors are like when are you going to win one you know when in regular events wasn't good enough for anyone so but yeah obviously and look to be able to we're very lucky Irish golfers people people might say there's not enough Irish covers on tour but look at the standard of Irish golfers we have you know Rory McIlroy is arguably one of nobody is one of the best players in the world if not the best on his day and GMAC I think is getting a stroke back you know and the careers the paddy and Darren and those guys of heart is just incredible you're gonna have to finish with the questions we've got so will there stop number one in the life please Shane was there anything about last night or this morning that was made easier by what you went through at Oakmont no no I struggled last night because we finished very late last night and I'm gonna get over here it was like a 30 or a 20 or so and got back that I was had had food and like went to bed at 11 o'clock but obviously I didn't sleep very well I am I taste left for about four or five hours last night and I normally throw a good eight 10 hours out of it so I wake up in the middle of night and you know thinking about all sorts and I was awake at half 6:00 this morning and so the the tee time moved forward was was quite nice and it was a couple hours earlier than I was yesterday and look I think I knew that I had to fight to the bitter end today and that's what helped me and that's where I struggled in Auckland and I always said after Oakland if I could have got the last four holes back I'd give anything to be standing on the 14th fairway again by the way Jim and I'm 14 and I always said I'd give anything to be standing there again and I knew today that I was gonna have to fight to the very end and I did I didn't let myself you know I said I let myself think about it on 70 and enjoy a boy sterling you know your Cillian shots in your you know links golf bunkers roof all sorts can happen out there so you kind of let myself really really enjoy it on there in a team but before that I was I was really just fighting the Lian okay last questions briefly mic and then blaster many congratulations worried about you I Sayed of what this does for the life and times of Xin Lodi we're I mean I don't know you better that you may find a way but for what we do for Irish sport not just golf I'm also a big day in a big win for the European Tour yeah I obviously I've learned my trade and European Tour's to the European Tour member and I I love playing the European Tour um you know I be back in September to start my quest to make the Ryder Cup team for next year and that's that's my focus the next 12 months and you know I think it's huge for Irish golf I think it's it's big for our sport I think how do I say this without sound and I think you know I'm a huge sports fan people know are people in Arlen order like I'm a big GA man which is our sport in Ireland and I think it's a very you know tight-knit community that is and I think those people will i'd say people watch golf thread I never watch golf before that's how well that's probably how I would say it yeah I think we're gonna have to wrap up the last question with any hunt side please congratulations champion golfer you don't win often but you win big you've won an open you won to WG C's you want an Irish Open can be you won one Rolex one rollin one Rolex you wait you don't wait I say you don't win often but you do win big and can you win bigger again now next year can this be a springboard to not just write or cops in Olympics next year but could you let me enjoy this one first okay can you kick on win again that's that's you know yeah look I'm obviously the one thing you want to do it you want to back up your success obviously in the look in the short-term I'm gonna enjoy this there's not over that um but in the long term I obviously want to back off your success and yeah I my big goal still remains the same and that is to be on the plane gone to whistling straits next year so and that's my plan for the next five months so hopefully that involves a cup winds along the way but like this is huge for me obviously major championship and my first season winning twice and you know I have a lot to play for now and well up there in the FedEx Cup now which is nice I'm you know I'm well up there and race your body so I've got a busy sort of busy few months ahead of me and I'm very excited but I'm really gonna enjoy this first well Shane we've all enjoyed watching you play this week congratulations again and a fantastic performance [Applause]

Michael Martin

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  1. Terrific win hopefully he will follow padraig Harrington and win a few more he has the potential and winning his first major the pressure is off him

  2. First saw Shane at the JP McManus in Limerick a few years back. His ball striking was different to the other Pros and we commented that he'd win an Open.聽 He's a class act, very likeable, humble聽and聽a hell of a golfer. Well done Shane! You have one major, now look at Harrington's three as a goal.聽That's聽very attainable聽for your talent.

  3. Wow! What a great week of golf! We actually got to watch the leaders (instead of watching 5 replays of every swing of the lowly woods)! The world needs a LOT more Shane Lowry's to represent our great game! I looked up "GENUINE" in the dictionary and there was a picture of Shane Lowry! I don't know who won the most – Lowry or out beloved game of golf?

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