Serena Williams Semi-Final Press Conference Wimbledon 2019

Michael Martin

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  1. That first reporter asked the most dumbest question in history, basically asking how she finds the straight to be a working mom … Ummmm the same way billions of working moms do…🙄

  2. She looks like a fat uglier version of Dennis Rodman, Halep will beat this black creature and then hopefully she can retire and go back to her ghetto where she came from, her and her sister

  3. Serena looks really PRETTY 🥰 her attitude and mindset is awesome! Happy to see such happiness in her smiles.. She looks SO good on court too. I think she’s going to make the #24🙏🏽 my nerves is going to be off the charts 😱 because I really want her to do it!! Cone on Serena Let’s go Queen💪🏽💪🏽

  4. It IS an indisputably 'sad' reflection of today's atheistically, morally devoid society., and the 'satanic, soulless, parasitic, few' that 'run it'(and wish to 'own us all'..)., that both 'women' finalists were actually born as 'males'!!….

    ..And.., before your "cognitively dissonant, emotional, 'knee jerk', adverse reaction" induces 'conformationally biased', irrational anger to the contrary.., THINK!.. And make an at least perfunctory attempt to examine 'ALL' the facts, from both sides with an equally open, un-precluded mind., NOT just intent on "reinforcing your 'socially acceptable', 'subliminally programmed, indoctrinated conditioning' that 'all is well' & thus 'I need help'!!..

    (and that 'conspiracy theories' was NOT a term deliberately manufactured by the CIA [who, by the way, almost completely run TV 'programming'!..] to discredit ALL 'alternate thinking', and promote compliant acquiescence to 'paying into' the "I know my place" 'system')

    ..As., 'personally defaming insults' WILL be met with the mockery such 'wilfully obtuse ignorance' justly deserves!..

    Peace & GOD(but NOT 'religion') Bless(wi' TEETH!!…)

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