September 2018 graduation ceremonies – 11:00am, Wednesday 12th September 2018

ladies and gentlemen the academic procession is about to enter the hall we will be singing the national anthem the words are on page 11 of the program please be upstanding for the academic procession and remain standing for the national anthem [Applause] [Applause] like Kevin John scarce Chancellor of the University of Adelaide declare open this congregation convened for the purposes of presenting degrees distinguished guests parents relatives friends and especially our graduates a very warm welcome to burn eyghon Hall this morning for the graduation ceremony this Hall was built between 1933 and 1936 with a 50,000 pound donation from John Sir John beneath on and it provides us with a link from past to present generations and let me start by talking to the present generation and offer my congratulations on on your graduation also I'd like to acknowledge the garner people the traditional custodians of the Adelaide Plains and the land upon which the university campuses at North Terrace white and Roseworthy are built today is a special day for our graduates and no doubt for their family and loved ones who I am sure have been instrumental in helping you to achieve your graduation here today graduation days are often a day of reflection reflection of what you've achieved perhaps more importantly what are the opportunities ahead and as we think about the future I hope we can remind ourselves what a fortunate country you live in abundant natural resources people who are hardworking resilient and resourceful previous generations have laid the platform for this success and now as graduates you have your opportunity to contribute locally nationally and globally you have an opportunity to make this world the world that you want to live in you want to work in and when you think about your work I hope that you'll devote some time to those who haven't had the opportunity that you've had I look forward to presenting your degrees very shortly but before doing so I'd like to introduce today's orator now it gives me great pleasure to introduce mr. Andy Keough and he served for 22 years in the Royal Australian Navy which included command of two Collins class submarines a three-year exchange posting with the United States submarine force in Pearl Harbor he was awarded a conspicuous Service Cross for his leadership in command of HMOs chin in 2006 and he retired from the Navy in 2007 and joined ASC where he was responsible for establishing the business improvement capability and managing ASA's operations in Western Australia which included maintaining and training for the Collins submarine fleet after a two-year standards of chief executive defense essay and he commenced the managing director of SAR bossed rally ax in November 2017 Andy is also an adjunct professor with the University of South Australia and holds roles such as the chair of the South Australian indigenous employment cluster deputy chair of the Australian industry group Defense Council member of the prime minister's veterans employment program industry advisory committee member of a board of governors of st. Peter's girl school we are privileged to have Andy here today and I welcome him [Applause] to the Chancellor Rear Admiral kevin scarce the acting vice chancellor professor pascal cuesta to distinguish chris to faculty staff most importantly to the graduates and their families can I add to the Chancellor's congratulations for your outstanding achievement that we celebrate today it may not be obvious to you but what you've been able to achieve is not easy and it's certainly not for everyone you have excelled and you have great opportunities ahead for you when you have a degree paper but ultimately it is a passport for you to continue your learning throughout your long career I hope now to take the next 4 minutes or so to condense down some 30 years of experience and give you some of the observations I've found from my time in industry firstly I just managed to scrape through my degree and yet somehow went on to command several submarines are now leader a large engineering organisation the difference for me and my first point to you is about passion find something that you're passionate about it may not be obvious to you now but you will find with time if you seek those areas that excite and interest you rather than being distracted about perhaps what others are doing you might find yourself in a situation of waking up one day into just a fascinating environment and a fascinating opportunity and whilst there will be hard days and there will be challenges along the way I can assure you you will get a sense of rewarding and a sense of great satisfaction that we'll go through with you for the rest of your life my second point to you today is that up until now largely it's been about you your studies your academics a bit like playing a singles tennis match going out into industry and going to other areas of society it now becomes a team and so it highlights the importance of those soft skills soft skills you may not have actually had in your listing of degree courses but soft skills that nonetheless are going to be essential for you being successful in the environment NASA identified these soft skills when they set up their project management academy many years ago and they said whilst they had great engineers and they had fantastic technology what they really struggled with and what their people struggled with is operating in an increasingly more complex environment from an organizational perspective so they identified a number of skills including collaboration empathy communication and self-awareness so without those it's going to be really hard to play a team sport so whilst you have great technical skills on which to build a solid basis really focus on those those other skills that are just as important and my final point you today is about your brand or your reputation take a look around the class who are with you today because I would suggest that for many of you whether you stay in Adelaide whether you go into state or whether you go abroad you will be interacting with some of those people over the next thirty years of your life whether you recognize it now or not your reputation is essential for you being successful in your forward careers so be very careful and very aware of that always do your best no matter how simple the task is because someone's always watching someone is always assessing and you never know when you go to apply for another company to move across there apply for another opportunity those people who are already inside there who you may have met for the last time today not seen them for ten years they may be the one who says oh that person they're really great to work with him I went to university with him they are excellent so be very cautious and very aware of that reputation above all enjoy it you only get one play at life it's not a practice run and then you go back to rewind and do it again make the most of it you're going to make mistakes along the way just like I did and just like everyone in this room did today so enjoy it find where your passion is build those soft skills and ultimately you're going to have a long and successful a rewarding career thank you very much on [Applause] behalf of the graduates and their families attending today's ceremony I would like to thank mr. Andy Keough for his stimulating and inspiring address we are honored that you've taken the time to join us this special day to share with us your thoughts and experiences your words of encouragement and advice are greatly appreciated they remind us that education places upon each of us an enduring responsibility to make the best possible use of our talents and to contribute to the betterment of society in whatever way we can please join me in once again thanking mr. Andy Keough [Applause] chancellor i professor pascal Questor deputy vice-chancellor and vice president academic of the university of adelaide certified to you and the whole university that the graduates will be presented to you have all fulfilled the conditions prescribed for admission to the award for which they are so presented Chancellor I executive Dean of the Faculty of engineering computer and mathematical sciences professor Anton Middleburg present to you graduates from the Faculty of engineering computer and mathematical sciences to the degree of Bachelor of mathematical sciences math Yoochun hi Cole [Applause] to the degree of Bachelor of mathematical sciences advanced Ashley grace Dennis Henderson to the degree of Bachelor of computer sciences in software engineering gulang mean [Applause] to the degree of Bachelor of computer sciences Daniel Oliver our Coon Jason David beaten Simon James gray vent our Hong ji Jing pavitram then cocked Hong Lei Lisa bang lui Jin Shuang Li Christopher Luke Linden Marcelle Francisco para Vicky Oh gerrae Rushworth not and remark sketch Leo's Joshi song Daniel max Subic Kelsey Lauren Wagner Yuting Yang and Joel you to the degree of Bachelor of computer science advanced also receiving the Diploma in arts Rachel Louise Anderson Brock Angus Campbell and Robert John Gilliam to the honors degree of Bachelor of engineering Mark Elvin farmer Stewart FOID Joseph Kia pêche Meredith Theresa Lane and set on one to the degree of master of software engineering seung-yul Kim Chang Chun Lee and UN Xiang here to the degree of master of computing and innovation Xiao Zhang Chen chin che/kuo-chung Elam Lakshmana keenly only jing xu le bu you Loulou poor you mouth region ii c CH and one su-eun one sir Wang Chi nu Wu Chi one young riyal and tianming young to the degree of master of computer science Jing when Sean Masatoshi Takata and Yun sure to the degree of master philosophy for thesis entitled flows through helical pipes with elliptical cross-sections Jordan Sarah Kolb el Parian for a thesis entitled a methodology for predictive topic modeling or any excuse to watch Love Actually Vanessa grace Glenny [Applause] and for a thesis entitled lifting bundled herbs and central extensions of gauge groups parsec of Kearney [Applause] to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy for thesis entitled epidemic fade out in the Markovian SAR with demography infection model dr. Peter Jeffrey Ballard for a thesis entitled on group based trajectory modeling dr. Christopher Edward Davies [Applause] for a thesis entitled spatial quantification and mathematical modeling of tissue development dr. say Bedini for a thesis entitled dynamic scene understanding with applications to traffic monitoring dr. chee cheong who [Applause] for thesis entitled text detection and recognition in natural scene images dr. Haley for thesis entitled directionality in time series and its applications Muhammad Maya EW Dean bin Monsour [Applause] for a thesis entitled mid-level representations for action recognition and zero shot learning dr. Richard Cho [Applause] for a thesis entitled hybrid methodology for Markovian epidemic models dr. Nicholas Peter Reb uly4 thesis entitled mathematical modeling of overwash on low freeboard bodies by water waves dr. David Matthews scheme for a thesis entitled controls on the geometry stratigraphic distribution and quality of calls of middle to upper Jurassic strata in eastern Australia dr. carmine Christopher Wainman for a thesis entitled exact and heuristic approaches for multi-component optimization problems dr. June wahoo [Applause] and for a thesis entitled towards efficient deep neural networks with applications to visual recognition dr. Bowe hon John Chancellor this concludes the graduates from the Faculty of engineering computer and mathematical sciences Chancellor I interim executive Dean of the Faculty of Sciences professor Michael Lee belt present to you graduates from the Faculty of Sciences to the degree of Bachelor of viticulture and enology Laura Kate bliss ndon ufa Guan [Applause] Hong Yeo guat and Sara Lorraine Brits and lions [Applause] to the degree of Bachelor of Science Space Science and astrophysics James Alexander Knowles to the degree of Bachelor of Science natural resources sorrow Yaya Ismail Alborosie and Daniel Peter mills to the degree of Bachelor of Science nanoscience and material was Taylor Sebastian walk up to the degree of Bachelor of Science mineral Geoscience Nicholas James Powell [Applause] and Kevin Jing shuntay to the degree of Bachelor of Science marine biology Sophie Deborah Louise doling Timothy Michael Lang TIG and Marie Lee [Applause] and the Coogan here we gave Anna Revere Sarah silver to the degree of Bachelor of Science biotechnology Asia Idris and nor shuhada Chi real and why [Applause] to the degree of Bachelor of Science biomedical science for dosa Muhammad's and a Bible [Applause] Jacob Steven Cortinas moon way Belial a [Applause] Katherine ma either I ujin swari mas [Applause] Jasmine shooter nom Praveena RG Chandrasekaran [Applause] I do learn Isha Rosalie and Truong T horn ban to the degree of bachelor of science animal science mark Clifford [Applause] Sarah Kate Cracknell [Applause] Lauren eller dolmen Matthew Jason rusev itch [Applause] Laura at joy Harris Paris Constance Jeffries Vasily Kasimov and Ella Rae West [Applause] to the degree of Bachelor of Science husna homogenous for made else only [Applause] Tameka Emily Jade burrows [Applause] ciarán Peter Butler Jung Yeo Joo Jane DeLeon chelsea marie falco benjamin Eric Fordham also receiving the degree of Bachelor of Arts Emily Jane Grayson [Applause] take him win mark Robert Mannix no Mitchell we know knafeh on Blair [Applause] ALPA Tunis also receiving the honors degree of Bachelor of engineering Charlotte Emily Austria niggas Sarah sever status [Applause] near smoo ditch and Josh Craig Watson [Applause] to the degree of Bachelor of Science advanced nev Herbert to the degree of Bachelor of food and nutrition science max Nicolas de sitio ho-chunk och [Applause] and Ashleigh Kate Snyder [Applause] to the degree of Bachelor of Applied biology John Andrew riccati to the degree of Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences Joseph James Daniel Brittany Rose Hislop Minshew young [Applause] to a yin-yang Jean chulo so how one [Applause] and she wound she her Challen and Winry gel to the honours degree of better of viticulture and enology ze Hannah and ung-yong [Applause] to the honors degree of Bachelor of Science Thomas Charles Armand [Applause] David Stanley Blakeley Judd Elmer Wayne [Applause] Nicole Caitlyn Harrison Chloe Mitchell next Calton Peters [Applause] Tara Jodi smile [Applause] Andrea donae stickleton Stephanie least range [Applause] Ellen Lillian Swan and Sophie Alexander award to the Graduate Diploma in viticulture and enology Samuel James Smith to the degree of master of viticulture and enology here in Preet Kaur [Applause] see how young Jerry D chi-lin son Shan Shan Wu Wei Zhong and whinging Chan [Applause] to the degree of master of biotechnology biomedical emmanuel Asuncion zishe wangcheng jumping ho foon biele and Raja lumen Patel to the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine also receiving the degree of Bachelor of Science veterinary bioscience dr. L Oliver Angus noms Wilkie [Applause] to the degree of master of philosophy for a thesis entitled ice cubes neutrinos galactic or extra galactic natasha Jade Adkins [Applause] for a thesis entitled mid-infrared fiber labor's lasers for use in wavefront correction in advanced gravitational wave detectors dick sharp anyone for a thesis entitled reliable statistical methods and their applications for testing incomplete multidisciplinary data jake guskov for a thesis entitled inhibition of serine and cysteine proteases by pep Dida moment da mimetic inhibitors Nicolas Charles Schumann [Applause] and for a thesis entitled structure functions in medium and polarized EMC effect Stephen truncheon to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy for a thesis entitled improved neutrino point-source search method for ice cubes high energy starting event sample dr. mark Gerald aartsen for a thesis entitled defining transcriptional networks associated with plant salinity tolerance dr. Shanna colic Meany amarasinghe for a thesis entitled the development and evolution of Saccharomyces interspecific hybrids for improved industry relevant phenotypes dr. Jennifer rose Belen [Applause] for a thesis entitled hedron structure in the Fineman Hellman theorem in lattice quantum chromodynamics Alexander John Chambers for a thesis entitled utilizing cyp 199 a4 from rotor Pseudomonas palustris HHA 2 for investigation of the mechanism of cytochrome p450 catalyzed oxidations dr. tom coleman for a thesis entitled petrology and geochemistry of sank in a PI and recent volcanism in the sandbar Flora's sector of the Sunda arc the responses are long arc geochemistry – subduction processes dr. Benjamin James cook for a thesis entitled disease ecology of low pathogenic avian influenza in the Australian environment dr. antonia Elinor DL for a thesis entitled investigation of herbicide resistance in oriental mustard sauce embryo more entirely in Australia dr. Hawaii don't [Applause] for a thesis entitled feeding value of sweet potato and cassava to growing pigs dr. Michael Theophilus Dom for a thesis entitled genetic and physiological basis of heat induced florid sterility in wheat dr. millionairess Selassie arena [Applause] for a thesis entitled characterizing novel substrates in the espera journal hydroxylase fi h dr. Jacqueline Alba for Brazil [Applause] for a thesis entitled the expression of hydrolytic enzymes in germinating barley grain dr. Catherine Elizabeth Gibson for a thesis entitled mechanisms of growth failure in mucopolysaccharides seven mice dr. gira young for a thesis entitled use of flaxseed oil for sustainable enrichment of chicken meat with omega-3 fatty acids for human consumption dr. Khaled Adnan Khaled and canary for a thesis entitled characterization of metabolic gene targets in response to chromosomal instability dr. Marsh cannon for a thesis entitled living costs of ocean acidification and warming in herbivorous gastropods in their adaptations dr. using– Leon [Applause] for a thesis entitled metal-organic frameworks as templates for highly active heterogeneous catalysts dr. Renata Libby for a thesis entitled restoration of fish populations in semi-arid ecosystems dr. Jared Paul Lyon [Applause] for a thesis entitled investigating the role of hif-1 and hif two transcription factors in multiple myeloma dr. methylene natalie Magdalena Martin [Applause] for a thesis entitled Proterozoic crustal growth in the southeastern gall of crate on the development of the Barossa complex and the assessment of the detrital zircons method dr. Kieran meaning for a thesis entitled characterization of late Paleozoic lesser genes sedimentary rocks – the true bridge in Ocarina basins and implications for palliative polio geographic reconstructions of late Paleozoic South Australia dr. verrity Jane norming ttyn for a thesis entitled identity and physiology of classes and accumulating organisms in winery wastewater dr. Cristobal Andres on a toe Carvalho for a thesis entitled role of sweet potato fiber on energy utilization gut morphology and gut microbiota in broilers dr. Janet Caritas Tory Pandey [Applause] for a thesis entitled birth letter sex ratio effects group behavior endocrine status and reproductive performance dr. J mercy Fang for a thesis entitled on the structure of nucleon excited states in lattice QCD dr. Finn McInnis Stokes for a thesis entitled sensing in biological systems dr. Jim Georgina Murray Surya [Applause] for a thesis entitled moused math soil protease for protects against ultraviolet B induce skin tumorigenesis dr. hungry tang for a thesis entitled metamorphic and crustal evolution of Australian Antarctic Proterozoic margins dr. Naomi Murray Tucker for a thesis entitled remote sensing of clouds with long wave infrared cameras at the Pierre auger Observatory dr. Patrick van bargain for a thesis entitled hypoxia and cell death in great Barry's foetus vinifera dr. zhu yu xiao and for a thesis entitled regulation of sphingosine kinase one oncogenic signaling by calcium and integrin binding proteins dr. wen Yong Jun [Applause] Chancellor this concludes the graduates from the Faculty of Sciences end for the ceremony [Applause] I'm very pleased to present to you today Meredith Theresa Laine who was presented this morning with an honours degree for the bachelor of engineering Meredith will now give a valedictory address on behalf of the cohort of graduates who are presented with their awards today Meredith Thank You Chancellor hello students academics family and friends there are definitely a few people sitting out there who know me have worked with me or even taught me that are probably all quite surprised to see me up here today I can assure you that none no one is more surprised than I am the brief of this address was that it should detail my educational experience here at the University of Adelaide and be uplifting and inspiring to the cohort I can almost hear my parents snickering in their seats because uplifting and inspiring is not my usual mo I've been agonizing over what I should say today so I asked my dad for some advice he very earnestly said maybe you should just tell them that where you start out isn't necessarily where you end up so I guess we should begin with where I started out this is actually not my first time joining these extremely oversized robes I first stood amongst the sea of graduation black not highlighted with the flamboyant true purple of engineering but the deep center green of the Arts in 2013 I graduated with a Bachelor of Music Studies majoring in music technology from the elder Conservatorium of music music has been a huge part of my life since I was very young starting out as a classical guitarist and then once I hit the angsty teenage period I discovered electronic music and that was pretty much it when I found out that the profession of sound engineer even existed it seemed to perfectly combine my love of music and computers and I had found my calling the music technology degree covers all aspects of music combined with unsurprisingly the advent of technology with a strong emphasis on production composition and performance there was one course that particularly resonated with me and that was something called creative computing this focused on computer assisted composition and performance in this subject we studied algorithmic composition we designed our own software synthesizers and audio effects units we created our own interactive installation pieces this is where I got my first taste of programming and I was hooked from that point onwards all of my work had a very strong computational element designing instruments out of Xbox Kinect controllers and Wii remotes using large data sets as a source material for generative pieces and attaching sensors to my guitar to further augment and process my sound the ladder became the topic of my thesis in my honours year however by that point it had become very clear to me that I was actually less interested in the musical output and much more interested in the technical logical process it took to produce it I realized that I wasn't just interested in computers and technology as a tool to make me a better musician but as a general tool to make life better I made the very hard decision to withdraw from my Honors Program and re-enroll as a fresh first year in a Bachelor of computer science within a year I had transferred to a Bachelor of software engineering because I figured what's one more year after the four I've already completed it was the hardest that I have ever worked on anything I've always had a pretty rough time with maps something that's probably comment to many of you but having a five year break between year 12 maths and university level maths was really difficult I didn't just feel like I was starting from scratch I felt like I was starting at a disadvantage and on that note I would like to make a personal shout-out to the math learning center for getting me through my first year and probably many of my ECMs fellows from then on I realized that if I didn't have the natural talents or smarts needed to make this work I just had to work really hard and pretty much since then I've not really had too much trouble putting in the hours required for me to succeed something that was lacking my education up until that point being challenged is what has made me successful and put me in the position I am and throughout my degree I have been constantly challenged as we try and keep up with how fast the technology landscape is changing throughout my time at school of computer science I've seen it from the perspective of student and staff and I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing people make some amazing friends and do a lot of work that I am really proud of I've managed to complete three industry in different internships with one of the largest companies in the world and that's an opportunity that I attribute solely to the valuable industry contact available amongst both the staff and student body I've come from one traditionally male-dominated industry to another and I've actually been emboldened by the strong and Intel women I've had the opportunity to work and interact with and I'm excited to enter the industry myself hopefully one day become one of them when I enrolled in computer science after being a musician for so long someone quite close to me said this and I'll never forget it I don't think you can do computer science you're too creative I've since come to realize that my creativity is my greatest asset the university is trying to train graduates that have the skills to solve unsolvable problems and this requires innovation although in my pathway to where I am now has been long very long and unconventional I wouldn't change anything I love my music degree as much as I love my now engineering degree which have both been world-class educational experiences I didn't want to spend my time today going through a comprehensive list of personal and anecdotes and my own academic achievements because ultimately I can't speak for any of you what I can say is that I am giving myself today to be unashamedly proud of how far I've come and I hope all of you students graduating graduating today give yourself that luxury as well maybe one day I will be able to combine my life as a musician with my career as an engineer but for now I am bound for Sydney when my graduate role is already waiting however a part of me will always remain here in Adelaide and here at the University thank you [Applause] thank you very much Meredith will now draw a close to today's ceremony let me conclude by again congratulating all of our graduates on their achievements be proud of what you've achieved and certainly remember those who helped you be successful I wish you every success in this new exciting phase of both your life and your career as graduates of the University of Adelaide you are its alumni and ambassadors over the years since the university was established its alumni have made an enormous contribution to the community both here and overseas and today you join a community of over a hundred and fifty thousand alumni located in more than 80 countries throughout our globe I'd like to take this opportunity to thank those involved in the preparation for today's events and also to thank Naomi and Meredith for their roles it's probably also appropriate to acknowledge the contribution the enormous contribution that our professional staff at the university make we are blessed with some terrific architecture but the lifeblood of the university is that students and staff and today I'd certainly like to acknowledge and congratulate our academic staff on getting the students into the graduation today well done [Applause] right like the students to remain seated everybody else to rise and join me in again congratulating them on their achievements with the audience remain standing the graduates now rise for the academic recession I now declare this congregation adjourned you you you

Michael Martin

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