Seoul to ring in 2020 with the annual bell ringing ceremony at Bosingak Pavilion

to witness Korea’s traditional New Year
bell-ringing ceremony central Seoul is already packed with people who gathered
at the pushing out pavilion or young and has been standing by to give us a sneak
peek of the scene Killen how our thing is looking at the moment
well hey Daniel preparations are getting in full swing for the iconic bell
ringing ceremony that will start within two hours and here Antonio Gaudi Street
is actually one of the busiest areas in downtown Seoul and today it is going to
be even more hectic and more crowded with about 100,000 people expected to
come from home and abroad and now to tell you why the event is so significant
the tradition of ringing the pushing the bell 33 times dates back to the Chosun
dynasty when it was struck that many times to announce the opening of all
gates in Seoul back then but now we can only hear that bell ringing during this
time of the year and that’s what makes it a year long awaited event and it’s
also a special experience for people around the world take a listen
oh so it’s our first time here and you are here on vacation as a family and we
just want to know how the Koreans savvy New Year’s together yeah I’m coming here
to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the traditional Korean way with my friends
so we are here to see the bell ringing ceremony and I’m really looking forward
to it now going every year the city invites some famous personalities to
ring the bell along with government officials they come from various fields
online icons star athletes and much more who’s in the lineup tonight well today
we have a very very special guest and it is the giant penguin called pencil and
for those of you who do not know who pings who is it is a YouTube star and
one of the most popular characters in south korea for its unique sense of
humor and also this year there was a last-minute addition to the lineup with
major league baseball player do hyun jin confirmed to join the ceremony just two
days ago and other citizen representatives include the criminal
psychologist soo jung who has contributed to solving
high-profile crimes in the country and disability rights lawyer Kim dong-hyun
Seoul mayor Park won-soon were all so turned and right after 10-second
countdown to midnight 217 participants will ring the bell 33 times wishing for
the prosperity of the nation and the people plus the night will be full of
music and kpop concerts so if you come out tonight it’ll be a fun exciting
night well that’s all I have for now but I bring more updates in our next

Michael Martin

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