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Hello friends. You all are welcome to your most favourite youtube channel, “Sex-education by Aastha Mittal”. If you are a male then you must need to show this video to your female partner. Let’s take an example to explain this video: Since a few days, whenever Anil is willing to have intercourse with his partner Priya, she is either refusing it or showing her disinterest. This became a routine for them. Anil eventually asks Priya about the matter. He asks her that whenever I want to love you, you ignore it. Milk! Something is floating in the milk. Show? Its saffron Okay What’s the matter? What happened? You just took one sip; it’s a ritual to drink all. Actually milk doesn’t suit me. It creates pressure inside; it’s a family problem. Wait..I will finish it..’s fine. I will drink, no issues. Let me start the conversation.. Yes Never got a chance earlier.. You ever had a girlfriend? No…Never! And..what about you? There was one, like two-three years back..
but only for a few months.. Have you ever lived outside this city? Have only lived in Kanpur and Ranchi also for a year..thats it. Will you be able to adjust in a city like Delhi? You will be there… right? NODS.. RAJA’S MOBILE RINGS. FATHER CALLING. MUTES For me? Yes It’s a beautiful wind chime..!! It will sound very sweet with the wind. I think you should hang it there at the window. Those net curtains will match with the golden color of the chime. Let me see if there is a nail there. There is one more gift ‘RAJA’, GROOM’S NAME WRITTEN IN HINDI You knitted it? Yes..I have learnt embroidery.
I have made it on my own Its beautiful!! You din’t bring anything for me? I have actually.. But..I will give you in some time Why? You just saw my gift. I also want to see what you have for me. I have a similar set, my sister had gifted me But this is better. Can I ask you something? Yes..go ahead Can I continue my embroidery after marriage? I want to open an embroidery training class Sure. Why not? FATHER CALLS AGAIN.. Who is calling you again and again? Friends are calling. They are teasing. Its my first night. That’s why So..what are your hobbies? I love listening to music, watching big boss. I write poems also..and embroidery as I said. And yours? KNOCK ON THE DOOR Have you put pepper inside your ears? Can’t you hear the damn phone ring? What’s the point of telling you everything in advance? Who was it? Dad was there.. Can you just sit there for a moment? You have an OCD for cleaning? What happened? You come back. What was dad saying? Nothing. Lets go to sleep. I will switch off the lights.

Michael Martin

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  1. We hope you like this important film. Do share, and vote on Filmfare awards This will be a great boost for our channel.

  2. Husband is a big chutya….He is such a Beta male that the ex boyfriend of the wife will screw her in front of his own husband and he will be okey with it. Such a looser.

  3. Ye to pehle hi kra li h..
    Cycle chlane ar sports khelne se jhilli ka tutna ..faminist gang ne jhut failaya hua h..
    Larke bewkoof bn rhey h..
    Ar larkio ko aisa husband hi chhiye jise wo pyar ke nam pr chutiya bna kr ..pith piche jo marji karti rhey..
    Agar mard kuch keh diya ya rok tok kiya to wo khrab ..
    Nai to bohat accha..hd h ..Hypocrite nature of such women.

  4. Jo yeha tradition ke upar thappar bol rhey h …
    Aise log hi ..tradition ke nam ka rona kahi ar gaate h.
    Agar tumhe seal me intrest nai h..
    To uska kisi ar ke sath affair me bhi koi dikkat nai honi chahiye..
    Lekin yeha comment kr ke jhuti heropanti dikhyenge..dikhao beta ..tum sab bs jhoot ka pulinda ho..

  5. Jis behan k lode ne ye film bnayi h.. Ussi k ghar me aisa saboot mangte honge… Madharchodo india ko badnaam mt kro…

  6. Kehne ko kch ladke yeh bhi kehte h ki hymen na ho toh koi fark nhi parta but man mein sb yhi khyali pulaw pakate hain ki ladki ko first night mein bleed ho. Virgin ho. Yh mera challenge hai jitne males nein possetive comment kiya h is video ko dekhkar

  7. 🙏🏼Peace and Blessings.
    Marry a virgin and the marriage will be blissful, successful and long married life?

  8. जब स्त्री ही स्त्री को नही समझ पाई तो उसमें पुरूष क्या करें

    ये स्त्री का ही अपमान है

  9. आजकल बॉलीवुड लोगों को शादी से पहले लव लिस्ट धोका को बढावा दे रहा फ़िल्मों के माध्यम से. Ek samay ayega admi aurat ek se satisfy nahi rah payenge kyuki unka past hamesa interface karega, unko lagega mera 1 sahi tha, 2sra sahi tha etcc. Marte dam tak 3 se 4 shadi karenge. Total western culture ghus जाएगा. Zyada azadi dena matlab zindagi tahas nahas. Aneeala samay yahi hoga

  10. Director ne us prblm ka samadhan ezaad kiya hai jo india me to hai hi nhi, medicine pahle aa gyi market me desease ab aayegi…

  11. Nice message…
    I want to and I will marry a virgin…if the girl isn't virgin, then i won't marry her….

  12. Agar ladki virgin nahi hai toh koi baat nahi karo shadi
    Par ladka virgin hai toh agar ladki ke sath rehne ko tyaar hai toh ladke ko extra marital affair ka haq hona chahiye
    Jis ladki ko etrazz nahi chahiye jese ladke ko virginity se koi etrazz nahi hai

  13. Saach me bhai.. Bohot accha laga ye video dekh k.. Sach me Husband Wife k bich me Pyaar hona chahiye.. Sandeh nahi.

  14. Woooow amazing subject and big slap on Hypocryt society. Why these people do not test men before the marriage that how many times he have slept with other women's. We need men's like him in our dirt full society.

  15. It's absolutely bullshit mentality. Jaruri nahi ki har virgin ladki ka 1st time vaginal sex me bleeding ho. Bleeding hona ya na hona ye body k hormones k upar bhi depend krta h.

  16. I am a girl & I respect virginity test. These days girls doing everything & telling that I lost my virginity by cycling, swimming & sports. Its a good excuse for bad girls but if a guy is smart enough then he can find out the truth…

  17. But that doesn't mean ki janha mann pyaar wyar ke naam pe kahi bhi kisi ke saath Physical relationship banao…bht si aisi ladkiyan hoti hai jo aise video ka galat matlab nikal leti hai…ye baat sahi kisi ko bina jane character judge karna sahi nhi…bt that doesn't mean ki tum marwate rho aur bolo…mann saaf hona chahiye… respect women…chutiyapa

  18. Hindushabhayata ek sabse scientific basis par chalne wali na Jane ye khamiya kab or kaise paida hui but I don't know why this channel is showing that ❓

  19. Aishe parents kisi ke nhi hote …YE GALAT dikhaya ja RHA hai …..ha aishe ldke jrur hote h jisko knowledge nhi hoti kisi chij ke aur saq krte h biwi pe ….bhale wo 10 ldkiyo k sath Kyu na so chuke ho

  20. People here are like slap the tradition and who ever who thinks loosing Virginity before marriage is cheap , lemme tell you something if a relationship is for 2+ years then it's fine because you can't control but if it's just for months and you had sex …this literally proves no loyalty and desperate .even if it's a guy , it's the same

  21. Mujhko ek handsome  sa boyfriend chahiye Kuch wakt ke liye Sara kharcha mera. mujhko apni sahiliyo ko tapana hai. Mujhse baat karne ke liye
    Mere photo per click  karke SUBSCRIBE ka button dabade

  22. Saala chutiyapa…
    abe kon si duniya me shadi ke baad is tarah ka test ladke ke ma baap karaate hn…
    kuchh paise aur thhodi si waah waahi paane ke liye apne desh ke logo ko badnaam karna aise video banakar sharm ki baat h…

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