Sarah Palin’s Husband Files For Divorce Saying She’s “Impossible” To Live With

At one point, Sarah Pailin, the former half
term governor of Alaska, turned failed vice presidential candidate in 2008 said the following
quote, she said, don’t listen to liberals when they mock family values like there are
some relic of an ancient past. Rather pass them onto your kids and watch
what God does to change the world. Well, God certainly has changed. Sarah Palin’s world now hasnt he, aside from
the fact that her daughter now has two children out of wedlock, even though she’s still advocating
for abstinence only education in spite of the fact that her son threatened her with
a gun, Sarah Palin still goes out there and says that liberals are the ones with absolutely
no family values and they’re just tearing the American family apart. Well, as of this past Friday, the Pailin family
itself is being torn apart even further. As Todd Pailin, Sarah Palin’s husband filed
for divorce saying in the filing that it was impossible to live with her. Now here’s the thing. I’m not going to sit and gloat over somebody
getting a divorce. I’m not going to mock them because they’re
getting a divorce. What I’m going to talk about here is the absolute
utter hypocrisy from Republicans. And it’s not just with Sarah Pailin, although
she is a prime example of it. We have seen for decades now, Republicans
tell us that liberals want to destroy the American family, right? That’s their culture war. They want to harm children with abortion. They want to tear apart the family unit. You know, homosexuality is going to absolutely
destroy heterosexual marriage. Well, it turns out the best way to destroy
a heterosexual marriage is to be a crazy right-wing idealogue because that’s what’s happening
in this Sarah Pailin instance. And it’s pretty much what happened with Donald
Trump. I mean, Newt Gingrich, the list goes on and
on and on. Ted Haggard, uh, all these folks. And look at what’s happening right now with
Jerry Falwell that holier than thou folk who’s now been busted, accidentally sending genital
pictures to or not sending genitals pictures, excuse me. Uh, allegedly sending a racy picture of his
wife while bragging about the size of his genitals. Um, so yeah, folks, those are your family
values, conservatives for you. You know the people who think that family’s
the greatest thing ever, but also that it’s totally cool if the president of the United
States has an affair with a porn star. Four months after his wife gave birth to their
child, four months after his third wife gave birth to his child. Just to make sure we’re all on the same page
here, conservatives do not by any stretch of the imagine, imagination have any kind
of monopoly on family values. And in fact, as we’re beginning to learn here,
the ones who go out there and yell the loudest about the sanctity of marriage, the sanctity
of the children, they tend to be the ones with the most problems. And if you need further evidence of that,
I suggest you just go back and read the family history of Sarah Pailin because that woman
who always screamed the family was the most important thing in the world. And Liberals wanted to destroy it has absolutely
ruined every part of her own family tree.

Michael Martin

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  1. By FAR liberals want to destroy. You can use the Palins, but we can show MANY families with Hypocrisy. How about the Loughlins, Clintons, Podestas, Comeys, Stanford, 80% of Hollywood, 80% of media elites. The list is so long there isnt enough time in the day.

  2. I'm glad that the country I live in has since 1975 recognised a single no-fault ground for divorce: irretrievable breakdown of marriage, evidenced by a minimum of twelve months' uninterrupted separation. It may be sought by both parties jointly or by one party alone, and cannot be contested. How demeaning that any previously happy couple, whether they be Sarah Palin and her husband or anybody else, have to (or are allowed to) subject themselves to the indignity of mutual recrimination and vilification in order to formally dissolve a failed union.

  3. The gays broke up the Palin’s marriage🤣. Since gay marriage is legal now. These people need to watch over their homes instead of other people’s bedroom!!!

  4. Actually, it was Barron being born to Melania Trump, half brother to Tiffany Trump born to Marla Maples Trump, and also half brother to Donald Trump junior, Ivanka Trump Kushner, and Eric Trump born to Ivana Trump. There's your right wing family is everything values. If you took Trump and all his ex'es and offspring you could form the most hateful and cheating baseball team in history………

  5. Not surprised….I always felt sorry for Todd Palin – he was stuck with a nut job, who thought her star had finally risen! She's a mess, and not a hot one at that!! She says that all the scrutiny from the press, was the problem. Actually the problem was that she went looking for the coverage – remember her book tour??? Book tour, ha,ha, aha, ha, aha – like she ever read one!!! She quite being governor, because she was to important NOW to be just a governor! Even your kids had to get into the lime light! Good luck Todd, you deserve better!!!

  6. Republicans/Conservatives/Evangelicals need to be put on a large ship and sent to a remote island and left to govern themselves. They will be killing one another in a matter of days.

  7. Ol' girl- Nicole somethingorother – she hosts Deadline Washington on MSNBC – has been saying this for a decade. She got up close and personal with Sarah Palin during McCain's campaign and saw the crazy up close….💡Nicole Wallace!

  8. Meanwhile, my wife and I have been married for 35 years, my parents were married for 49 years, my stepdaughter has been married for 27 years . . . .

  9. I know a gay couple two men who have a forty five year union one has alzheimers and his husband has been lovingly taking care of him for the last fifteen years and he does it with love ! I other couples who say their 'christian and are hateful mean and unfaithful to each other -my point is the 'religious right' is always harpingcon how awful we democratic voters are but I know some very traditional families gay and straight that are really good caring citizens who would lend a helping hand to anyone who needs help no matter their political leanings it's too bad we can't ALL just be people not democrats as we're call or republicans – just people WE'RE ALL JUST HUMANS MAN !

  10. It must be God's will. And they'll go on to commit adultery, false "Christians" that they are. They mention God in public at every chance, but they ignore what He said whenever they choose. Here's Jesus' word on the subject:
    Matthew 5:31-32
    It hath been said, Whosoever shall put away his wife, let him give her a writing of divorcement:  But I say unto you, That whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery: and whosoever shall marry her that is divorced committeth adultery.

  11. Talking about kids born of "out of wedlock" really an old fashioned mindset ..and not worthy of a modern reporter.
    Whether ordained by a priest..sadhu.. mullah.. or just simple registry office wedding..what the f.. does it matter ??

  12. No surprise this knucklehead was difficult to live with..of course, the whole family sounds like knuckleheads. . She is a real dimwit…worst thing that could have happened to mc Cain…

  13. Amen, they are hypocrits! "The so called evangelicals, are full of crabs! They commit adultry, liars, thieves, criminals. They are devils in a train wreck!

  14. Poor guy. It must be hell married to this wackadoo. He wised up!

    The Tea party gave rise to Sarah Palin and she in turn, Trump. If only one could go back in time…

  15. Just a thing here. For whatever reason atheists, who tend to be more left-wing, have a lower divorce rate than Christians, who tend to be more right-wing and have a religious objection to divorce. And it's not just that, it's also things like caring for the poor and welcoming foreigners where atheists outperform Christians by donating more to charities, voting for social safety nets to help impoverished people, and opposing racist concentration camps. It's weird that people who don't even believe in their religion follow the good parts of it better than they do, while the believers only seem capable of following the hateful parts.

  16. Don't forget she's an evangelical hypocrite, as well. Low IQ, too, I suppose, otherwise I'd understand what she says. She is an embarrassment to all women.

  17. Dude probably stayed with Sarah as long as he did becauae he liked the crazy pussy she probably has, and he looks like the type who would say something like "CRAZY WOMEN HAVE THE BEST SEX," but that's none of my business.

  18. And all these christian conservative family-values right wingers support trump. A man who’s cheated on every one of his 3 wives, allegedly walked into the dressing of teenage pageant contestants as they were changing clothes, has been accused of sexual assault by numerous women, allegedly raped a 13 yr old violently in Jeffrey Epstein’s home, said he can grab women by the genitalia without permission, and his 1st wife Ivana accused him of rape before backtracking stating it was an emotional rape! MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN💩 BUT WHAT ABOUT HILLARY’S EMAILS AND OBAMA’S TAN SUIT 🤔

  19. Whose family isn't a mess in some way? I feel sad for them both. They need counseling not divorce! I do agree that the Republicans are NOT the party of family values.

  20. Took him long enough to figure that out! I could tell she was impossible to even listen to back when mc Cain picked her for his running mate!

  21. She does not have a spiffy clean past either… a total hypocrite, poorly educated (at best) and clearly not intelligent.

  22. When people want a divorce they don’t just get up one morning and decide it’s time. People usually come to that decision months or even years before they actually announce it. I imagine ole Todd has been wanting this for a long time. But probably stuck it out hoping to benefit from his idiot wife’s infamy.

  23. She will probably rebound with a cheap tawdry over-sexualized affair soon, maybe with a 'bad boy' like you Farron. Give her a call. She's Republican, so start practicing some fitting breathless and urgent sex talk: "who's your daddy baby?"

  24. When the University of Michigan basketball team went to Alaska for basketball tournaments Glen Rice who was a star basketball player who's Black slept with her numerous times that's a fact. Word has it the husband found out that she likes the BBC that's why he wants a divorce after all these years.

  25. Isn’t that something the left celebrates? You figure that an ideology that supports the breakdown of family would cheer when Sarah Palin, a woman, gets divorced.

    In all honesty the left is putting out mixed messages.

  26. If I were married to someone who passed a law making it legal to hunt wolves by helicopter for sport, I'd get a divorce, too.

  27. I will…hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🖕🏻🖕🏻

  28. I have seen this pattern with majority of ppl who never practice what they really preach. Observable reality, they never do basically hiding from their insecurities put up a disclaimer to avoid severe scrutiny of their flaws. The image factor, the likability that as a white married women with children and in high society, and office it should be believable. So they amplify their rhetoric enough and ppl don’t bother to check the validity but accept and believe her words wholeheartedly.

    How many times have the all righteous men/women of the cloth preaching to be the messiah of truths while hiding behind the teachings to their church congregation a big hoax to collect their money and to feed their lifestyle . Only to know they never practice what they preach; translation “do as I say not as I do” and will continue to lie seek forgiveness wearing a ministers collar should exonerate them automatically is like an immunity to blatantly fooling the ppl nonstop. That’s been her mantra, big talking points, nonstop.

    If only when we project the future it would forecast to suffer consequences is the teachings are violated that include: them of fornication, abuse, theft & committing a crime to be held accountable .

    She’s been nothing but a bad example of a wife, mother and a politician; one wonders what part of her upbringing coming out as an adult exhibiting such blatant & reckless behavior to thinking others will not notice.

    However, proximity by association i e. husband must have gone through the ordeal with patient had enough of her shenanigans to call it quits. Eminent domain cannot be more clearer and easy to see the mounting problems but only to quit and have peace of mind which no money can never buy. Besides who wants just to be a shadow husband like an accessory in her life for optics. She chooses someone to outshine him further use him as a prop like some white women will marry anyone as long as it’s on paper as a confirmation of their timeline in life. A binding contract of authenticity is always the key.

    Kudos to him for hanging on this long to really weather the gale winds of that storm which is always the reverse. Am sure he can appreciate the burn, psychological issues emotional turmoil and other inconveniences that other women have gone through for having to raise children alone decades forever. Knowing being patient this long isn’t always a virtue when you tolerate such abuse. You break free your silence it becomes exhilarating to let the world know how suffocating to breathe through it and function that the grass is not always greener on the other side anymore than you can see Russia from their vantage point. When one leave things this long to linger and fester it’s very unhealthy and so far is his breaking point.

    However, who the main harbinger of this revelation is really an eye opener thats not everything that glitters is gold; ( toute ce que brille n’est pas d’or) This is the reason why media always dig deep gets curious to know about some of these figure heads who proclaim they are righteous to put them to that test, she’s failed miserably in marriage and her political endeavors are not even viable enough to talk about.

    Good luck to Todd hope he can find peace knowing he’s not alone both sexes suffer the same abusive pattern it’s an epidemic hard to clinically fix bc it varies from different couple.

  29. Imagine trying to have an intelligent adult conversation with this women around the dinner table.
    A complete mental fuck head!

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