Sarah Palin: On Bristol's 2nd Out Of Wedlock Pregnancy

sapiens gonna sit down with CBS correspondent Tracy Smith and she's gonna ask about Bristol Palin I remember scaling of course Sarah Palin's daughter she's the one who was getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to preach abstinence and then oops she had a child out of wedlock I guess that apps and his speeches didn't work on herself and then oops again what was that Britney Spears song oops I did it again she got pregnant again out of wedlock so now way to me this seems like a little hypocritical doesn't it well good for Tracy Smith she asked that question let's see the answer Bristol's pregnant again yeah can't be how you saw this playing out and Arielle pregnant again no because being a single mom is oh my goodness Mike my heart goes out to the single parents you know I can't wait for about 45 more days and I'm gonna have a little baby Korean daughter and I'm happy about it you're looking at it like a blessing absolutely yeah of course there are those who say come on this goes against everything you stand for well that the cool thing about putting your faith in God is a he certainly is a God of second chances in third and fourth and fifth chances I screw up all the time oh if you do it you're a welfare queen and we're the father's here are some bootstraps if I do it a second chance a third chance of fourth chance a fifth chances really God's a God of fifth chances is that what you do and what you preach and what you practice when it comes to the poor people in this country the middle class in this country that average person in this country no you judge you judge you judge right oh this is what's wrong and it's a family cultures breaking out when it's you oh I knew it is a blessing really all right now one more from Tracy Smith's because I enjoyed the way that Sarah Palin framed this hey you remember you guys kind of lost in 2008 Sarah Palin had a documentary made about her from friendly people what was it invincible or something like that undefeated pretty sure they were defeated in 2008 let's see how she answers that after the loss in 2008 did you come back here to kind of nurse sure wounds came back here man cuz gotta get back to real life you know did you feel like a loser well sure I mean either win or you lose and it's like dang I wish I could've added more do you feel like you're to blame for the loss in 2008 because people do blame you well it takes a team to win so it takes a team to lose I was part of the team that came in second out of two so yes yeah I mean it's semantics okay words matter you either win or you lose we lost that makes you not a winner at that time I doubt that we came in the second place out of two I'll let that speak for itself

Michael Martin

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  1. I'm rather surprised that Mrs. Palin didn't blame this situation on President Obama too. You are well aware that's what always does!!! Just saying.

  2. This is terrible. She never gave abstinence speeches, she gave SAFE SEX speeches, and said that the ONLY way to 100% prevent pregnancy would be abstinence, which is medically true. Should she have gotten an abortion? This is disgusting

  3. Christian bitch Hippocrate proves again why only Muslims will go to heaven. These vermin Christians dreaming of heaven is a joke

  4. If it makes her feel any better, there were minor party tickets in 2008 so she and John McCain came in second out of five or six.

  5. How anyone could have chosen this simpleton as a running mate for President is beyond belief. I wouldn't let her run a kindergarten.

  6. TYT generally always on point telling it like it is. Everyone always tries to act like they're the best and uses quotes to back up their bullshit. They're all politicians. 99% of people have average intelligence. The few of us that are truly smart, aside from knowing book smart is irrelevant, hide our claws and don't waste time with the majority because they won't understand us at all.

  7. Bristol is grown woman and she can make her own choices.  Obviously Bristol does not like taking the pill and she is OK with guys not wearing condoms.

  8. Trig is Bristol's biological son possibly from non-consensual relationship. Trig's birth is an enormous hoax. Bristol adopted Tripp to continue the hoax.

  9. Bristol is very popular in Alaska, she'll probably be governor one day, because of how giving she's been to so many of the people.

  10. Maybe someone should explain to the Palin's what Abstinance means. I think they"'ve got it backwards. Do you suppose Bristol collects benefits for hers?

  11. All her criticism about poor people and single mothers. Karma is a bitch. She has been such a bitch her dose of karma is going to be paying for a long time. When she did this , the drunken brawls, wife beating,and more drunken brawls along with father and son fighting were still to come. This from her oldest kids. Such a awesome example for the younger ones. It could get loud.

  12. Will Sarah Palin give 2nd, 3rd, 100th chance to others? Poor people? Single mothers from black community?
    What is the colour of hyposciry ?

  13. So what weird Palinesque name did this kid get? Just thinking of viable names for future Palin babies: Twank Palin, Drip Palin, Draff Palin, Twak (or Twax) Palin, Spazz Palin, and Spank Palin. Anyone have any other ideas?

  14. I hate that woman with a poisonous fury. She represents everything that is wrong with America. The self righteousness, the hypocrisy, the smarmy "I'm such an American" garbage, the faux military worship, the fake "gushy" personality, she is just everything awful wrapped up in one package. She is nothing but a hustling, blatant opportunist, who would cheat her dying grandmother out of her last $5.

  15. I thought that was kinda funny. Like she was trying to be sarcastic, but people can't tell. If you were just walking with her out in the snow, I'd imagine she's not a bad person. I try to give the benefit of the doubt with people who I don't agree with b/c no one can read minds!

  16. She reminds me of that show "Northern Exposure" where every character was a little bit 'different"I will leave it at that.

  17. Prisons are full of people who have made mistakes that were illegal. Profiting from fraud [like trump university] is illegal, she should be prosecuted, but she is a hypocrite with privilege.

  18. wow how to libtard it up. not like she's hoing it up not knowing who the baby daddy's are to even be able to hold them up to their responsibilities. now she even reconciles with her man and has another baby. girl got her shit together, always did

  19. Did she feel like loser? … she's a born loser. Palin blew any chance of John Mccain becoming president….too bad…cause I think Mccain would have made a decent President.

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