Same Day Edit of Billy & Sally – Holy Matrimony in Khayangan Estate, Bali – by The Big Films

Michael Martin

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  1. Even I dont understands what are they saying. But I can feel the love ♥️ I love the songs of you Billy. Congrats Bi/Sa.

  2. Congratulation for both of you BiSa. this is really sweet. God Bless You Both, God Bless Your Family

  3. Congratz Bi Sa.. May u fullfill God's purpose in your life
    Fil 2:2 karena itu sempurnakanlah sukacitaku dengan ini: hendaklah kamu sehati sepikir, dalam satu kasih, satu jiwa, satu tujuan…

  4. Yeayy bahagia sekali aku liat video clip wedding kkoh and cce.. Happy wedding ya koh Billy and ce Sally. Tuhan Yesus memberkati keluarga kalian 😇😇🤗

  5. I've just spent 7:35 minutes of my life! And that's amazing! From this moment on jadi punya couple goals! Hhahahha

  6. Omggg so sweett bangettt 😍😍😍 ad yg membuatku nangis terharuu ohhh . Yeyy congratz ko billy n c sally 🙏🙏🙏 GBU

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