SALT PARTY: Super Mario Party

overcooked cute very cute nice nice little now now now the true game serious shit serious shit it was also is this that you didn't win no this was scheduled this was on the docket by the way okay okay okay oh by the way there's the thing we have to take things to make I go anyway welcome class uh yeah the Arrieta oh there's also a rhythm minigame as well see there's a whole rhythm of the players no like it's a whole mode it's not on the board oh it's a whole memory player there's multiple games wait oh yeah oh yeah shake it shake it yeah it's very all the time we'll ever have teamwork what's the point of it it's just like if it's a three versus one in the three-way you know like high-five bullshit crime alright bullshit I'm okay so ten is way too short twenty is gonna be a long-ass Bowser bring up the rear you know the one we all know the 100 boo or at it who is also in a way superior to be honest the aura of smug and confidence like coming from Jill in this moment Daisy Stern so see you can swish so very very ah you've got lots of threes and fours yeah so Daisy is like middle of the row so fun fact thing to pay attention to it tells you how many spaces you are from the star on your right all right so I got you're also small pores hmm but they really convenient if you're trying to avoid a spot so you know what you're pretty much anything yeah you guys are gonna not move we're gonna move forward Wow Wow big ones it starts now Bowser Bowser my boy has a super risky block a one eight nine ten and to start this off yes there a pattern okay it's not random it doesn't always work so bad it's not random we've just established this is not random at all I'm sorry I feel this way I see the problem is if I get the wrong there's a certain thing I'm looking for and if I get the wrong one I get minus points it's 10 or minus coins there's a thing I'm looking when you there is a rotation it's it's a rhythm it's literally an audio cue looking for so it's a race to uh who's got it [Laughter] let's go that's not all I have to click it first okay so first we go there we go all right faster observe ation observe [Applause] [Applause] / who the target for all true target yeah Jill because she's actually dangerous okay so still on the way yeah all the same path just throw them oh this all the maze yeah you like as Bowser I have a huge disadvantage Wow oh my god those those bananas it's a little rough it's trickier than it looks a little rough can I do that right now not enough fun you don't have enough coins okay I'll just take some coins are free started now it's through a trade competitor would go random to be truly unbiased but I mean or the one who has the star who's clearly in the lead I mean find another still say that but she's elusive and true Bowser ooh the balance star and is close to getting a second all right well I'm just saying you know white chivalry chivalry dictates everything no it's appeal from the rich I get it I get it it doesn't matter rich always wins you're supposed to question if they think this is a fucking game so pay attention this one this one's really a jerk oins yeah and then you battle it in a rumble mini as a practice to the rumble yeah so you got a practice chest and then oh it's little bit too true yeah oh okay high rumbles no I do want about coins humble they holy shit remember this fucking linked mentally I didn't say I mean I don't know hey you know what I am I am honest and I know you gotta can you oh I see okay so let's just you know oh yeah we're look at that hey I didn't pick it yeah so no bad karma baloney hey that's must not I have absolved of all sins yeah it's fine and so and then and I suppose you think that's not gonna make me hold any less the anger and retribution yes that's a good one there you go there we go – sighs Team YouTube I kind of lost it on that one you does you really get that one now I really do our until I'm sure that was just a bad I'm sure that was just a single bad deep yeah it's okay no we love those bad news this this is not this is not okay get in the game let's go it's just like real life and the hug on the background as if that wasn't super real does he have the highest like dice I've killed us all you've killed us all yeah I've killed us all halt yeah divorce the kiss guess what I'm on divorce and you're gonna see I'm not there we Gucci baby we could see we could – 12 – you know what do you don't have a lot of honestly it's nice thinking that bad it's way more traumatic than it actually is but it still it still it's still funny Oh going I love this one fine oh you just like yeah okay grandmother's when they're having stars or when you reveal the stars beside people exactly you don't want to be the one grabbing the one over this yeah it's not to go pancake axes yeah every every turn you don't grab one you're lost a point yeah one fuck further back everyone I will say the three be ones are yeah I love it they're nonsense there's yeah this is only jackoff yeah hold you hold the top button and pull it down yeah you Jack you got you gotta go through that I think it's the rhythm lifter you have to let go of the button you hold the button going down okay you like this is gonna be really eye-opening Oh Beth I'm Oh well get with my strokes nothing to say about that one [Laughter] I was bowed to and then I realized no I still have a glass we haven't hit that face yet serene oh yeah does it can you do that before you move it is again honestly the best drag is to use it don't wanna last like savor the last three when you get your stolen story it's pretty broken it totally has begun and again in a game that requires no skill it makes no sense yes it's it exists say you're still winning sir yeah for now diplomas as I said I got the first star therefore I'm coming in last wait feel the rumble yeah right okay I think we might have big money big money mundo are you using your nose to feel the rumble wars that we all need a v8 there okay wait wait how do we do that we got no instructions Rumble you're feeling so versus they never really give you instructions so what I do I think holy shit that's garbage that's actual trash Wow okay the thing is at least I'm going home with the winner but like oh yeah or now I've played enough to know where this is going the fucking dishonesty okay they know but I was gonna I was going time let go as soon as someone else pause was my planet except we all okay okay all right [Applause] it's like it's like a wait you chose this I did this is my choice I agree marriage at risk really kind of this like OVA and below kind of unbeatable yeah it is the best poker oh oh why oh that's gonna be yeah oh boy so just go straight for the bottle now yeah when I'm recording I'm gonna say right now peak peak music production is 2:00 in the morning and just knocking back a bottle of wine yeah I'm Italian which it's pretty pretty look here are there any recordings of life that you listen to the next morning and go fun fun facts fun fact is a double sky sorry battle cry on Kenny Omega steam I heard @wo nothing with you the next event is tonight which I said and I heard it without lyrics after hearing the Derek so and literally went fuck this and wrote lyrics during the match yeah fuck this this is not right and then I wrote lyrics and then before them on the Monday the next day I just went like Kenny hold all press you please let me get this and then right first day yeah just literally just went no no no no no no so there you go to everyone watching that's still that's why there wasn't clear except the first at the first show because there wasn't lyrics yet hey that's fine pick on the winners clearly the winning couple is you know we don't establish it so I have faith in Mario Party and its ability to completely and utterly bullshit the game when it gets too mad oh yeah the minute a little bit less bullshit yeah a little more kid-friendly yeah wait up it's always just been like toss it the fuck up you're alright well at this point we do I need chit chat channel your energy please but this time I'm in actually moves oh you picked okay yeah oh sweet and you have no control over that oh my god no oh my god so what were we just saying about bullshit okay oh yeah now you want the mistakes happen sometimes you can encourage I mean again she's now in second you're still at first right keep pointing at me yeah I dearest I do because you are the most terrifying at this game I've seen you come back from every spot in the list oh my god Oh fucking kidding I still we are approaching well we are approaching sabotage mister mister watch out for Daisy she's gonna win yeah I mean she is gonna win one more started let me just grow a sip from this soil of this delicious wine I'm just saying aah dog skills defense mechanisms okay good we good you sure I wonder if we can push each other into the path oh yeah that's that might be a thing we didn't wait to talk you can definitely get oh yeah well it's still a competitive game right what a great you know what good job feel good good good yeah good job yeah we feel good we did good oh this thing the line it's right there what's this there's a line right I'm right in front of it it just moves you across the board yeah to the left corner yeah guess which guess what I have now two or three spaces from it yeah I'm two spaces from it watch me fuck this up pretty big one she cannot win okay it's Mohammad yeah oh this one okay we got up we got a pic take a corner and then pick the white line up I'll take the bottom react to the white okay I'll take the bottom three we have to split up into thirds okay just whatever run towards it okay yes to strategize to see Steph Steph take the top three willing to make the corner the three in the corner ahead run around this corner yes not good okay ball you can get there fast if it's closer I'll got it oh no oh no it's too accurate on the curve I'll grab the ones down below this oh my good really blame this on you guys you guys miss that with big lips big lips for big boys now what did I say holy shit this is getting really bad like she's disappearing onto the horizon at this point Yugi I fucked up coins are nice but darn chance I realized I fucked up and I had to yeah awesome where's your great returns Larry turns left okay well guess it's honestly I my personal goals just go so that isn't you know what you have 30 coins oh yeah you get a real you know when the beginning of the movie tells you exactly how it's gonna end yeah and then you just kind of go yeah but it's look at all it's like it's your stand it's straight up like I don't know how to play this game I'm just gonna play it you and I win every time it could be a board game a video game to be a newer game it's like she just like twins yeah I need a good name for Jill stand of Otto winning even though he doesn't know the game go ahead this is still Mario Party okay +5 – my dice roll yeah of which if I make it at least the 2 and we are going to be good oh you may have fuck yourself by grabbing her star she might win even harder now mm-hmm interesting let us see how this plays out then shall we maybe your status can't get no satisfaction yeah I got the star and stole the star in my firm all of you all of you is win is gonna is gonna activate and Jill is just gonna win what does she know all I do is we do another one I literally got a star and stole one in the same term and she's still doing it yeah you're on three turns so you're gonna get three stars oh my god I told you know didn't believe me but I told you it's not it's a spanner II from the John what I'm five stars you would it's a fuckin step see what guaranteed it was when you stole a star from her yeah that was it yeah it was [Applause] good thing conspire against you shut you scared me for a minute and you brought it back the true number was on a peg and then the fuckin you know somehow broke through the scare the shimmy Thank You cat let's saw the real number and then the fucking oh top unit yes and then and then fucking yes you did the computer decides killed myself and my allies in the first this turn is fuck Jill over or she went entirely and utterly everyone team up on she's at the top of the staircase we have to make it up the stairs exactly why can't I get up the staircase what's happening we have visibility we have to throw each other after on the staircase well I mean what do you get this boy what no way don't forget the final item smack the controller away always valid we saw minigames I mean really there is no there's no choice there's a storm hits Adam because for Jill that's one less than why I got it you know that's one bullshit are away from robbed woman whispers in your ear plus five plus five and if you lo at least the two guys I might all right give me I never know any of an ally right Psaltis and use the plus five and you can do anything now we'll know what wait wait wait probably this one's the same yeah because you're still gonna get up possibly a plus one to do but if you get that one you get that one that one maybe even get the plus one from the Allies once again that's a second EQ you would absolutely kick you out of the tournament at this point bonfire lit [Applause] someone's of all salty you can only use it on Val you know yeah someone's a little bit salty yeah well you need so you need to not move you need to hold that spot see that was just thousand insurance poisoning hmm you know just in case wasn't necessary [Applause] Wow that was like the net like tomorrow morning I will but I'm still gonna poison my when I win this one so every one of us has to watch different things okay so basically we need account weighting of the things the team side wins if only one of them makes it through all three of the solo players questions all right all right yeah [Applause] [Applause] all I do is win win win no matter good I'm in the bathroom I won't you I learn on my watch gonna win oh wait freedom we saw the ending because yeah because of the 34 coins a single block away from buying that up actually punch mom we need to have a talk yeah let's work this out well you know me you know I'm all like oh I'm under me I don't know how to play I just really bad so I've been hiding it all of these years like like the complete I don't I don't know I can't call it what what it was I don't know it's just like just rotate the thing to make the thing that's in my brain on a 2d map okay okay okay okay yeah yeah we're so good aza Robert says no sarcasm stuff I did enjoy seeing you on stream it's always fun to see so when that is not as immersed in all of this enjoy themselves a sense of joy and enjoyment is not exclusive anyone can look I met I met the sarcasm of you winning not that you enjoyed watching me I think yeah thank you thank you thanks for in my life I'm keeping track that means we've won and then Jill one which means we still keeping track you would do what try everyone that's a shoe for to score between with party party time is party time I don't know chats not keeping score who's keeping score each at definitely if we get married there's a ring coming don't worry losing Walter for this way if I lose I will never hear the end of it Oh God thank God we're not using the lab mics we got some distance on this no I just I know so there anything worse than chewing some people love it I can't like just when I think it was right after he um Susan wachowski on YouTube just did the tour of a bunch of youtubers and going like hey we want to talk to you and figure out what you guys want they put a mukbang channel as the first as the as the number one trending video and it was a woman eating lobster with a friend yes just like oh my god like I mean if that's dude if that's your fetish fine that's totally fine but that's number one trending there is like this channel of whatever it is we're like the thumbnails are all just as dude with like just a couple of pasta and he's like crying and he's just like oh like shoveling it into his face and it's just like the epitome of everything awful and gross and I'm like what yes this is what it comes down to like yeah some people I think it's based on like a sort of like a Korean like we enjoy watching you eat thing that we don't have well it's based on it's based off of a familial like family unit thing of like everybody's commendably a table right but again if that's again check if that's your kink not kink trending right only fine I get it but why does it become why does it become like elaborate dishes like watching your family eat elaborate dishes what part of it adds up there I don't get it I don't get it also like crab is like such a not worth thing to eat that's a lot of work thank you right you scrabble sure are the worst I'll take Nana's trash I will deal like lobsters fine because a lot of the times it's pretty much set they pull it out for you halfway almost the crab thing you get like a fucking tool belt and then they're like all right here you go engineer your way into this thing so there is a place back in Calgary where you get buckets of crab and huge plates of steak and I was let and everyone kept fighting over the crowd and I'm like that's fine you guys fight over the crap hominy the motherfucking steak it was fake it was steak and crab it was it was again Alberta being triple a beef basically like a super high call Mike that's fun you guys fight over the shellfish I'm gonna have killer high quality steaks yeah you guys you guys struggle to eat and I'm just gonna consume and get stronger it's just so not worth that you work and work and you get a strip of meat and like that's it you know the garlic butter is yeah unstoppable yeah that's how you do it it's not even fair because like like lobster and crab get have elevated like three points because of the garlic butter so show us this rhythm game yeah you would like us to play right did I know you said you were into drums – so you should be pretty good at this you have a DJ right there right there I'm looking at it now when I fail you can all laughing oh absolutely mercilessly ass literally please hold this over my head that's a hundred percent how this goes there that the musician loses to a fourth oh really standing it really okay we'll do our best but we've had I know where it is don't worry you've been gonna work this is gonna be bad is this gonna be horrible forget it [Applause] oh there's like the grease yeah you can go early and get less points yeah how does one I'm like why did I got I didn't miss any okay hold the table for oh okay so far yes Oh Jojo it doesn't really care what do you do Oh God oh my god Jesus Christ I know what you do I don't think I crushed it I think I crushed it but we can't see our number no I yet big reveal is I'm also black Oh goddamnit token all racism aside that is an act that is a joke no choice you

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  1. In this installment of Woolie X punch mom VS The little V duo. The little v’s show their skills in the game that strains the purest of friendships and pits the strongest of bonds against each other in the successor of the ancient saltybet

  2. It's very cool that you got LittleVMills the guitarist to play Super Mario Party. He's one of my favorite vidoegame cover artists of all time.

  3. Not that my input matters at all, but I'd totally watch every episode of Woolie Vs. Mario Party as a series (with full players of course). I really enjoyed the SBF playthrough of MP9 back in the day, and this ep of Super Mario Party had its moments as well.

    Also Woolie, that was a great maniacal laugh 😀

  4. It is 100% random woolie, people have documented it on video showing the number on the face switching the second the die is hit. V’s just trying to fuck with ya.

  5. Woolie would have invented veganism in the old hunter gatherer days. "You chase an elk around for a whole day, you spend all your time prepping these tools, and what? You feed a few people for a day or two before it goes rancid? You could just grow an apple tree and eat apples all day. Unlimited apples. Make a whole orchard, do no work except take the apple and eat it. No skinning, no cooking, no hunting. It's too much work to hunt."

  6. If you dont play team mode with Donkey and Diddy Kong in a team and exclusively using their special dice, you havent truly played this game

  7. Well, Little V and Jill are clearly the superior couple in this
    Is it because Woolie doesn't believe in love? Are chemicals the true villains here?

  8. Jill's got the same OPM shirt I wear to the gym… don't know why I got such a kick outta that but there you go.

  9. Had to put the volume at 4-8 from all the screaming. Jesus this is one of the loudest videos woolie ever made.

  10. Crab and lobster were originally considered peasant food until some rich guy said "no rich people eat it not the peasants"

  11. Shy Guys though. When is Nintendo going to make Shy Gals canon.

    Edit: I typed this before I heard Woolie say it, I swear.

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