Russell Brand Talks Marriage, Fatherhood & Recovery

our first guest is an actor and a best-selling author his new book is called recovery freedom from our addiction it's available now please welcome back to our show Russell Brand does your back hurt you're walking are you in pain oh gosh anyway we go congratulations on your marriage thank you thank you before we talk about that I just want to give Russell Brand shoe cam did you just take these out of the box no down here Russell Russell milk it milk it make love to the shoe can so who's the lucky girl ah the woman I married is called Laura we've known each other for a very long while we know what we've got now a human baby right came out of that it's been nothing but demanding from the moment it emerged well wait the baby's 18 months now 11 months yeah like a may well of Concord new territories in my heart and shown me love that I never thought possible but it's a vicious little thing vindictive creature okay but before we talk about her and then you can't drug them it's a rule there's some sort of allergy medicine you're supposed to be I used but apparently it's wrong isn't it just got put up with it well before we talk about um how fatherhood has changed you know who's I want to go back to Laura what does she do for a living and and how did you know her for so long but you never fell into one another's arms well I think like a lot of people I looked at love as something that must be some undulating space of peaks and troughs and terrible glamour many people I think are attracted to people that possibly are destructive me though my particular tastes were a buffet of endless flesh a carousel of limitless love well some people are cheering at that Wendy well you know what it's like to be hurt do you yes I do but your Lord here I don't know it's like to sleep with a thousand people oh it's exhausting Russell you're asking me about the bad back on the way I pour spine he's been through hell so the young lady she's not an actress this is a very low-key relationship Russell I mean you were with the biggest pop star in the world oh she was lovely Katy Perry that's right guys we married yeah we got married and it she's such a lovely person I've got nothing but love for her was that a rollercoaster though two famous people oh yeah like it's a very bit difficult to tell what's going on in such a situation but it was a very very wonderful time uh-huh uh-huh where you do that with your tongue for what do you mean oh ha ha ha corner to mouth sign if we're playing poker right now there's a tale that is a tale you need to work on your poker face love is it true that you had to really win over a Laura's parents oh actually I mean Laura's parents they obviously have to have the patience of saints and very broad minds where because I'd gonna have their daughter some years before and when I got Laura and I got back together I didn't have to go back and say oh I didn't know that what do you mean no I thought you were friends with her I didn't know that you went and you dated her several years ago we went out with each other we loved each other very much but I was in life I thought the world was like sort of an amusement park made out of orgasms so I didn't know how to sort of sit still I was too excited if you seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory you know augustus Gloop imagine him with his trousers down the greedy one jumping into that chocolate lake with his mouth Nina didn't even mean that to her mom and dad know that you were an admitted sex addict hey just say you've been I'm not gonna bring that up in a family conversation what to Bernhard he's a professional golfer yeah if it hard to be faithful not really not my timer life you know those days I still have like the power the urges by try and put those powers and urges towards good causes now spend a lot of time in soup kitchens and I keep washing my hands you know you try and use the energy for good cry and surf people you have lives not easy you live on a farm I heard you raise chickens you have bees not farm windy there are some chickens but they're not really cooperating where do they live in the basement where are they living there in the garden there and I've got fees thousands and thousands bees I've not taken their honey I've not taken the chickens eggs I'm like a farmer but I won't interact with them because I worry about it I'm sort of vegan curious you know so like with it the eggs get laid but I've not taken them the honey is there in great wads but I've not taken it from the bees yeah so I have the animals but I've not yet got around to exploiting them how is fatherhood changed a fatherhood has changed me in that it empirically proves that I'm not the most important person in the world like I always knew it before in my mind but when that little screaming punching violent lunatic were you in the room yeah I was there did you luck oh my god I was front line and center I was ringside and I used that word deliberately and like there's a lot of things people didn't tell me I didn't know that the whole area comes forward on a mound before anything opens like a souffle like a cake rising men need to know or same-sex partners also so and then like then the open WC a sort of a coin face bit and then the head comes out on its own and the baby wears its mum like a sleeping bag there's not enough information available so Russell um Wendy what do you think of that Katie on American Idol is she that twenty five million dollar woman I don't know much about American Idol and things like that and I certainly think that she's probably a very good judge so I certainly wouldn't comment on how much he's earning in the negative I wish her all the best in all of their endeavors do you watch TV not very much not in this day and age who does hi beerus i [Laughter] watch it from time to time but i like i'm not really into it like well like see see meet look check it out when do you want to know what like I mean uh no as a chat show I know we're being that off but listen I'm doing a degree in religion in global politics I'm trying to improve myself we're living in this crazy time you're a reader you're not a TV watcher it's the way I want to talk about your book and the movie yes I do wa all right then go on maybe pump myself up on a cushion and relax all right tell us all your views you are no well no I want you to tell me what's inside the book you are an admitted you've been sober for over a decade now 14 and a half years what's in this book that's gonna help others well I'll tell you what's in there is most of us are unaware that we're living hypnotized by our culture we are already living by a program a program that tells us that we're not good enough that we have to consume that we have to wear makeup that we have to better ourselves by the clothes we wear and what we purchased constantly bombarded with consumer messages I think certain people can't live like that the addict population those of us that are crackheads smack-heads Wanderers and losers alone in this world this book is a code to unite us with our true self and to unite us with one another so we can imagine new worlds together this book and this principles within it took me from a streets makkad to a person that can turn up on a velvet sofa with a damn fine-looking woman what I love about Russell is that he's very badiy but he's very smart so you were really good friends with amy winehouse I heard but you were loved Amy very much you were great for him you were recovered at the time that she you know met her untimely demise do you do you think that there's something that you might have been able to do to help her I tried my best and I blamed myself when Amy Winehouse died as anyone who loves a drug addict always will but I bet everyone in this room and people watching this no way it's like to love a drug addict and it's very hard to reach them unless they are ready I felt very broken when she died and I wrote about it and it was one of the things that helped me to recommit to my program of recovery was seeing such a great woman prematurely lost so of course I blame myself but I know that my power to help others is only limited and all I can do is try and be an example if someone has broken as me can succeed in this crazy world then there is hope for everybody don't go anywhere everybody because we're going to quickly walk off in the hot seat yes Russell you ready yes ma'am and this is very very easy arraigned we're gonna start with a 40-degree question we work our way up to 102 this is a mere 40 degrees anybody's rump can withstand that okay you did a movie called get him to the Greek obviously yeah coffee yeah I'm Puff Daddy Coons what is if you could recall what is the craziest thing that perhaps the two of you did during filming Batman dragged me to Vegas on a private jet and he insisted that I wear a very very long scarf for reasons I don't understand yet and he wanted it to be Lila so a sauce the lilac scarf he took me to Vegas on a private jet to watch Manny Pacquiao do a boxing match in Vegas once we were there him and I believe jay-z lept up on seats when ricky hatton an Englishman was very badly beaten up I myself was embarrassed but it was a lovely evening in Vegas with Sean Puff Daddy okay he took me to a pugilism contest pugilism it was so attractive do you think dan and I were talking about that so I commissioned me saying we're saying you you've got that certain thing the vibe yes okay Hill is the most famous person you ever sent a nude photo to that would have to be Jason Segel from Forgetting Sarah Marshall I like to send him regular daily updates just so he can check on developments perfect where is the strangest place that you've ever woken up after a night of partying oh god I'll accidentally woke up in a room full of refugees I mean I don't know how I ended up in there it was very difficult because I've taken a lot of drugs the previous day I woke up and everyone else in the room was a refugee so not only did I have a terrible headache I was confronted with the economic realities of a corrupt capitalist system very tricky okay Wendy Williams and alas here's our hundred to be read question this is our last one war aren't you lovely before getting married there's a rumor well we talked about sleeping with her over a thousand women that's what you keep saying I didn't keep track on the polite gentleman I was in the moment to enjoy myself at the service of the goddess energy of the woman well can you name three celebrities on the list and they can't be English celebrities but perhaps we don't know how dare you insult our culture Ivanka Trump Donald Trump and Malana Trump the Trump's it was a terrific evening there you go thank you for being here what's of your book is called recovery freedom from our addictions it's in stores right now

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  1. He was absolutely amazing during this whole interview. He had absolutely nothing but lovely things to say about his ex-wife. Why she kept bringing her up, I don’t know..that was a whole lifetime ago. They are both completely different people now. She kept trying to get him to turn into that flirty overly sexual person he used to exhume as part of his whole character..that just isn’t him anymore. He seems to have fully embraced marriage and fatherhood, it only seems natural that that would happen, to evolve to something more than one night stands and an excessive life style on every front. He has changed. I would sincerely hope that after 5+ years, we have all changed & evolved into something MORE. You should check out his posts now, he seems like a different person who has started finding true answers to why we all tick.

  2. To much topic swapping. Russell was talking about the birth of his child and Wendy went back to the topic of his ex. That was disrespectful and then to bring up his friend Amy's passing. Just punch the poor guy already. This was a painful interview to watch.

  3. 😂 there are some chickens but they're not cooperating! Like I know this guy doesn't do the Jesus Christ thing but I can't help but to love him

  4. love Russel but occasionally his interviewers seem to be working overtime to get his attention. im all for controlling the frame and get what hes doing but it gets a little exasperating to watch sometimes. still love him. genius

  5. It takes a personality like Russel to really make and break a talk show host. And Wendy oh Wendy u don't got it. Sorry. This was almost cringing. He's the real deal and she wasn't ready!

  6. Absolutely love Russell. So honest, so sincere, funny, intelligent, quick on his feet & witty. Just a good person as well. I don't get the obsession with the Katy marriage which was years ago?? BTW, I know I'm late, but buying that book

  7. Really nice guy although I couldn't imagine him being in a relationship would take you to have a pretty thick skin

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