Royal Wedding: Idris Elba, Oprah Winfrey, More Arrive At Windsor Castle | TODAY

Michael Martin

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  1. Best wishes from the Gordon Hussars, the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants of the Punjab, the High Commissioner of Singapore and Malaya, the Anglican Diocese of the Windward Islands and the National Beekeepers' Association of New Zealand.

  2. More than likely Oprah set them up for that fateful blind date to exploit multiculturalism and diversity into racially troubled England, never underestimate the powerfully connected Hollywood jews in their craftiness against a lonely man's sexual desire

  3. I was wondering why Oprah was wearing such a simple dress for this wedding, but after hearing the dress code no no, I get it. Nice job.

  4. The weather was so beautiful in Windsor. It's a myth that it always rains in the U.K..Perpetrated by Americans who have never visited the U.K

  5. To answer the question the commentator had about hats: In the bible it says that a woman's hair is her glory and when she is praying her hair should be covered. And a man dishonors God when he covers his head when praying… So that's why women are required to wear hats in church and men take their hats off. The queen continue's to hold this biblical tradition. The fascinators are not head coverings (like a hat) it just represents one….It's also biblical to dress modestly.

  6. Who wouldn't want Oprah at their wedding, you get a car, you get car, you you you and everybody goes home happy

  7. Oprah was invited because she did an interview with mother Doria. The paparazzi shot fotos of Doria leaving Ophras house. However, the the palace did not yet confirm if the interview will ever get leaked.

  8. Oprah, thinks she is sitting in the back. She is "right up front". Almost like someone who is able to see right behind the scenes. I am sure she was happy, with this… Oprah, Represents, "Peace" Harmony, Kindness, in the world. She can be a very supportive person, to Meghan, and Harry. The world needs Oprah, to "do more" for Africa, do more, for the Poor, and Do More, for humanity. When you are worth, several billion, starting "one school" is "not enough. She can, and should Do More. She needs to remind herself, she is no loner poor. She now needs to help Africa, much, much, more, as well as the poor and needy in America.

  9. Meghan look beautiful. Wonderful that Prince Charles walked Meghan partially down the aisle. The only thing that could have made it complete is moving Megan's mom to sit with the Royals. This way she wouldn't have sat by herself. Beautiful wedding.

  10. Oprah muscled her way in and does know either side of the family just like she muscled in on Michelle Obama trying to become the first lady. The women has no shame.

  11. Such a Special day and some of the comments..smh. Oprah know Harry, He's close w/Obama's but cldnt invite bc changes trump. I not know that bout hats, so thanks to those in comment sect who educated me n the ignorant others. I knew the Crown of Glory-not story behind that. BTW- I'd dress was beautiful as was her hat. All looked-CLASS ACT


  13. Didn't they invite a lot of people who were very active philanthropist? Oprah is very much a philanthropist and has a lot of ties and does a lot of charity work with Africa. Same as Harry and Meagan. Why was Amal Clooney there, perhaps her and George's philanthropy. Should be asking why was Victoria Beckham there?
    And Oprah's dress was remade and finished the day of the wedding,mbecause she felt the original was too close to white.

  14. The nerve of Idris Elba to bring his woman to the Royal wedding and not inform her of the Royal dress code! She wore a non traditional dress and tacky hat that looked like she was throwing out the garbage as oppose to attending a Royal wedding. No white bags allowed, only high tea hats, and pastel colored dresses.

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