Rowan Atkinson Live – With friends like these AKA the wedding from hell

Michael Martin

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  1. THIS is British comedy in its purest form:

    Ribald without leaning on profanity…brutal, devastating insults delivered with poise and class… brilliant, yet subtle sight gags…

    Like Python, Rowan Atkinson combined broad, accessible buffoonery with surgically precise wit:

    You could laugh at his goofy voices and exaggerated expressions–if that's all you want out of comedy…

    But if you have one, don't shut off your brain–you'll need it 😉

  2. When you got used to the fact that when Rowan Atkinson played as "Mr. Bean", it kinda feels weird and odd to hear him talking.

  3. That last line is classic. It reminds me of those no squatting signs they put in toilets to 'advise" the multicultural benificiaries of recent national residence on the most political correct way to use a toilet. !LOL!

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