Roshad first experienced homelessness after a bad divorce.

– [Interviewer] Roshad,
you’re homeless here in Traverse City, tell me about it. – What can I say? Traverse City’s the best place to actually get help honestly. Most people would treat
homeless like dirt, when we’re stuck in situations
that are out of our control. I work from time to time when I can. My car broke down, so I
can’t make it to work. And I struggle with emotional issues and it’s hard ’cause I travel a lot. But no matter. – [Interviewer] Now where’d
you sleep last night? – I slept at a friends
house, luckily, on the floor. – [Interviewer] And how
often are you outside? – I’m outside, usually, in the
last seven years all summer. And I’m at Safe Harbor all winter. But these last few months
I’ve been fortunate because of a ton of us banding together and we kind of find places to stay and all pool together resources
to find floors to sleep on. – [Interviewer] Wow. So you’ve been homeless for a while? – Off and on. – [Interviewer] Yeah? Now how do you–
– Non solid. – [Interviewer] How’d you
first end up on the streets? – A broken marriage. – [Interviewer] Relationship? – Yeah. Lost it, I have emotional
issues I couldn’t deal with, car broke down. Ran into the wrong people at
the wrong time, got robbed. Lost pretty much everything. – [Interviewer] What’s your future like? – My future life? – [Interviewer] Yeah,
what’s your future like? – Oh, my future? Oh, this is when I get
out of here some how. I plan on going to school, I’m a poet. I gotta get my car fixed, it only takes a couple hundred bucks. Today I need to take a shower,
that’s in the near future. – [Interviewer] If you had three wishes, what would they be? – Sorry for my silence. – [Interviewer] It’s all right. – If I had three wishes,
my first wish would be that homelessness would end. Because we spend so much
money on war and shit that is unnecessary in my views. Why go every where else when you take care of our people here? My second wish would probably
be to cure my addiction. ‘Cause I’m an alcoholic. My third wish would be
to have my wife back. – [Interviewer] Well thank you
very much for talking to me. – All right. Thank you, Mark. (soft music)

Michael Martin

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  1. I pray that this channel and its entire contents goes viral a thousandfold. The homeless have never, and will never, be invisible to me. I always look them in the eye, and offer them a bottled water, or a meal. I'm disabled, so I rarely have appointments or a schedule to keep. I budget $ each month for the homeless! Both of my brothers are homeless. We look at the outward appearance, while God look upon our hearts. God help me to always have a heart for my fellow man.😇👍🏾🙊🙉🙈

  2. What this man said about the war and the government is 100% true. Unfortunately their goal is not to help people but the contrary. They burn our money into useless wars just to keep us in poverty, forcing us to work non-stop, and once you're in trouble you're fucked. The so-called State should help people like this man, otherwise it is completely useless and even dangerous. Such a fucked up world we live in.

  3. Geez, what a sweetheart. Poor guy. Still loves and misses his ex wife. Damn alcoholism- happens to the best of souls. My high school sweetheart became alcoholic, I knew him before during after. Salt of the earth.

  4. Starting to see a common denominator that drastically contributes to homelessness on these videos: Women. Shitty women.

  5. I was a faithful husband who did most of the housework and everything outside on the home

    My wife after 22 years wasn't happy and I couldn't afford to buy her out
    So now at 60 I'm living with my mom otherwise I'd be homeless and she owns her own home in another state
    When I met her she didn't have shit
    I worked on a work comp settlement for her and she got 153 thousand dollars
    Funny thing is she still isn't happy

  6. sorry sir but that 3rd wish got you homeless. if that wife of yours will watch you be homeless she dint live you no more. 3rd wish should be for a better woman. the king cant move without the queen

  7. 3 wishes two of them were reasonable the third one is the one that got him in the first place forget about having your ex back don't be an idiot.

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  9. I'm so afraid. My mom and dad are getting divorced and the house was gifted to my dad from my grandparents and I'm afraid they are going to give her half of the house because they already favored her in previous court cases. I don't want to have to move out because my house is my home. I'm sick and tired of my mother having the ability to lie to the judges and get all the sympathy because she is a woman.

  10. That's why i never god married..and still own my…you name it 😉 Women aren't worth spending your life on the street to survive. I hope this guy is in a better place now..

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