Review of Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness Program – Is It Marriage Counseling?

Some people have asked if Marriage Fitness with Mort Fertel is a scam. As with any internet program, skeptics may question the validity. So is Marriage Fitness with Mort Fertel a scam? A scam artist is eventually found out. Almost by definition a scam is a short term phenomena. You can’t take advantage of people
continually and not get a reputation and if you are a scam artist that reputation will ruin your scam. Over time there won’t be anyone who won’t be suspicious of you and you will have to move on to a new scam with most scam artists will do. In this case it’s obvious that the
opposite is occurring. For the past eight years the Marriage Fitness Program has helped people save their marriages and Mort Fertel’s reputation and the reputation of the success of the
program means that more and more people are
using the program every year to be specific over the past eight years over one million people have used at least one of the Marriage Fitness services. So far in 2011 consumer use of the
program is up over thirty five percent compared to two
thousand and ten. That grosth rate is actually low compared
to most of the previous years and every year a greater percentage of users come from word of mouth. When Marriage Fitness first became available the program was the little guy new on
the block and no one knew much about it now it doesn’t take much Googling to realize that Marriage Fitness with Mort Fertel is the premier marriage help program
available the one with the highest success rate and the most popular one by far. There are some people who have published
mean comments online about Mort Fertel and or the program. When you deal with over a million consumers
you’re going to meet a few people who are are impossible to please. Some people are just angry, they want to hurt you and their mission is to cause trouble. they’re failing in life and they want everyone else to fail too. Their rare, there’s a few but when you deal with this many people
they are impossible to avoid. I feel bad for them. If you read what they write you can see why
their marriages are failing. They are angry, vindictive people who think the world is out to get them and they obviously didn’t understand what the program was teaching them. it’s all about character and character doesn’t discriminate. Their character runied their
relationship with their spouse and it destroyed their relationship with Mort Fertel too. When it come to the question of whether
or not Marriage Fitness is a scam I thought I would refer you objective
sources that can help you research that question. The Marriage Counseling Blog is the number one,marriage counseling website in the world. Just google marriage counseling and
they’ll come up number one at least they do at this time. The Marriage CounselingBlog is relied upon
by millions of consumers and professionals world wide and has been for almost ten years. In 2009, The Marriage Counseling
Blog voted Marriage Fitness with Mort Fertel the best marriage program. You can read the full review here (see slide). There are numerous independent reviews
including the American Marriage Advocacy Association which ranks Marriage Fitness the number
one marriage help program. I encourage you to check them out. Here’s a partial list (see slide). The Family Marriage Counseling Directory
also reviewed Marriage Fitness. You can read that review here (see slide). In addition to the online reputation
Mort Fertel has been a featured expert on ABC, NBC, CBS PBS and the Fox News Network. Mort Fertel has also been a guest on
hundreds of talk radio programs and the program Marriage Fitness has appeared in many publications including
Family Circle, Ladies Home Journal, Glamor Magazine, Library Journal, Women’s Health,
Denver Post, Baltimore Sun and the Toronto Sun. How could Marriage Fitness with Mort Fertel
be a scam if it has been featured in the media like this? Let me tell you that these places do
their homework before they let you come on their show. They’re very careful not to associated with anything that is not legitimate. You can find a more expansive list
of media appearances here. Last, let’s do some name dropping. For anyone who knows who Steven Covey is then this should settle the question: Marriage Fitness has been endorsed by Steven Covey
copy His endorsement is printed on the
back of every copy of the book. You can see it on If you have any more questions please
don’t hesitate to be in touch or check out

Michael Martin

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