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hi today's topic is marriage ceremonies in Christianity in this lesson I will provide a brief description of what marriage ceremonies are cover her marriage ceremonies illustrate the principle list of Christianity explain the significance of this practice to both individuals and the community and I'll finish off the lesson with two recent news articles that demonstrate the contemporary context of the practice so what are marriage ceremonies and how do they work in Christianity the right of marriage is a sacrament made by Jesus used to celebrate the union between two people together in holy matrimony and their relationship with God as they become husband and wife a traditional Christian marriage ceremony is usually structured around these rituals the structure of a wedding will vary between every couple and denomination however they will always contain prayers and readings from the Bible there are various symbols and rules used in Christian weddings that represent Christianity's beliefs for example since it's tradition that the couple say sex until marriage the bride wears a white dress and veil to represent her purity a marriage ceremony must be held in a church or place of worship so that God is present this is represented through the lit candle that represents the light of Christ the Rings being circular symbolized that love has no end when in the trust of marriage so that's basically what marriage ceremonies are now to explain how this practice illustrates the printerr beliefs of Christianity the main principles of Christianity are as follows the divinity and humanity of Jesus Christ the death resurrection and ascension of Jesus the nature of God and the holy trinity revelations and salvation these beliefs of Christianity are represented continuously throughout marriage ceremonies today I'm going to provide you with just some of the more prevalent examples of this that may come in useful when writing an essay the beliefs surrounding the divinity and humanity of Jesus as he died resurrected and ascended for us are expressed within the ceremony when the couple are given Eucharist which symbolizes the body and blood of Christ this ritual allows a couple to recognize Jesus sacrifice for us and acknowledges his place in their marriage some denominations also tie the two rings in a red hankerchief this symbolizes the bond that's being made between the couple to the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ who is the third partner in every Christian marriage the belief in the nature of God and the Holy Trinity is also represented in Christian marriage ceremonies as the Trinity is constantly referenced through the entire ceremony whether this be through the sign of the Cross the taking of Eucharist to symbolize Jesus sacrificed or in orthodoxy where the holding of elite candle represents the presence of the Holy Spirit shining on the couple during the ritual the presence of this belief in the ceremony allows the couple to connect with each other and with all parts of the Holy Trinity for Christians marriage can often be used as a means of salvation this means that through the act of confession humans have the opportunity to be saved from their sins in Catholic weddings the rings of marriage are blessed with holy water during the ceremony which clears the couple of their sins and acts as a reminder of the sacrament of baptism many Christian couples will also go to confession the day before their weddings so that they may be completely free of sin and pure for God in their wedding day these are just some of the beliefs that are illustrated throughout the practice of marriage in Christianity now to analyze the significance of this practice who wrote the individuals and the community of the Christian faith for individuals the right of marriage gives the couple an opportunity to publicly express their love and devotion to their partner allows the individual to reconnect with God through the reading of the scriptures and presence of the eternal light through candles frees the individual of their sins through confession and being blessed with holy water and signifies for the individual the next step in their life with their loved one and allows them to make a public commitment to remain faithful in sickness or in health till death do us part for the Christian community the Rite of marriage is significant as by listening to the reading of the vows the community are encouraged to strive for a similar relationship with a loved one and God community can celebrate the love of the couple the adherents get to reconnect with God through prayer and the reading of scriptures community witness the work of God as he has connected the couple through love it also gives adherence in the community a chance to reconnect in the presence of God so that's just some of the ways marriage ceremonies hold significance for both the individual and the Christian community the last part of this lesson is looking at news articles with demonstrate the context of marriage ceremonies in Christianity both articles address the ethical issue of same-sex marriage and discusses the Methodist and Anglican church's views on this issue the first article is about Anglican churches in Sydney which have recently been same-sex marriage on hundreds of church properties the article basically talks about Anglican adherents wishes to keep some traditions alive in the church and as a result same-sex marriage should be banned as it goes directly against the request of God and is an insult to his creation this article is evidenced that some Christian denominations are less inclined to change and therefore cause controversy due to their conservative beliefs causing discrimination against the diverse sexual identities presented in society in contrast the second article shows the Methodist Church of Alabama taking a more dynamic approach as they host a screening of the homosexual Arthur episode where mr. Ratburn gets married after the television company refused to air the episode the leader of the church has said that she urged the denomination to allow full inclusion of homosexuals in the church this article is an example of a Christian denomination that is evolving and changing response to society and as a result promotes inclusiveness and accept an acceptance through the Christian community these two news articles demonstrate the current split in Christianity as several denominations said different religious views on the issue of same-sex marriage so that's it for this lesson on marriage ceremonies in Christianity I'll see you next time when we cover how to ace the HSC

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