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hi guys welcome back to my channel yeah I'm back your God is on break I watched like a gnome would perish not perish words keep your head – you're safe keep it we don't need that bad energy here yeah so yeah you're back while I was away I have to do what cause it's young so if you don't know about my podcast I'm going to link down below in my description box you happen to be quite special folks more elaborate and do not talk inequities forgive me I'm sorry so on my podcast for the past two weeks I have been a three-part series on relationship and friendships so yeah which summarize those three paths on the identity and maybe add something that I might have missed out on those episodes so I talked about 30 times I suppose we both yeah so stay tuned for before we do go down below read person doesn't subscribe yeah quick it's also Adele VRP area ssy you to be notified doesn't take much data for you to get executions so crickets and I lose my money for more videos come out please give this video a thumbs up comments what I wish we don't help you tell me what you want to hear what I base meet and I will be short to releases I'd I want to give you a teaser on what's going to come up next after this at the end of the end I love this video soon don't you and it's now state sweet so that is what I'm thinking about is what I mean is not what solution to a friendship a new introductions more how to identify you being a toxic relationship and how attracts good friendships I think maybe after emailing after the media which you going to attend or if what I see which would be about how to keep relationships and finish cause the litter box in Simon's actually difficult in this business in sports let's get it's not in dispute put in there for that words because how do you do that to learn about switching clubs okay that's bikini so first I was I spoke about how I identify toxic relationships ultra-light acquaintances appreciations okay a scenario where you are your friend an enormous you guys from the beginning of relationship first one second moon why every yeah of course but then as time goes by else we do too much slower as in things we choose your career path or whatever I mentioned in life and then first we start to walk up lots of smoke out stereo cozier sense now she's not and then that's your friend no it's an apprentice mood Justin Upton went to school industrial goods emptiness I'll just one just but summation of ya Shimon don't bloom your friend it works but thankfully things are not sweet industry in the relationship you know it we are States you guys obviously have a lot of some noodles and then we need to back to that your friend concern no feedback you know through to belong to an overachiever are could you still be bouncing identity to the future oh love first of all I didn't ask for munition did not want out of your life to and the absolute speed is important tetramand recently it yourself gets of adversity to earth yes so obviously things are become toxic from the dead wood because this person like me show you are going to moisture witness we are not supposed to do this lon what cute young nobody's to your man was an accident has come fools I know how to achieve this image one of Panama children when you are boosting ago sorry Gina to set him apart is just a machismo a mistake with it my trade is number three times got it work yeah that's what I want to talk about those creatures so base adversity toxic relationship possibly some series is to be shunned we're all your friends you've your boyfriend your girlfriend your wife your husband I see a notes world looks differently money lost dog shampoo before in shopsite ah you starting to see when you talk white very different think of successful nobody my death sports not life hours but it is ostomates Markie so when your friends was meant in your friend since to slow down and achievement dues or when person does mix with the person's like everything pacifies fortune everything I have been involved in such a situation I push the choke young boy touch on cool be like Kanye delicious picture now I'm like white leather couch Oh puddin I don't like it I'll do this boy what an admiration so dance to die father to anyway thought that you did smell a detective so thank you next or did not think I wasn't half a school this is attended to and I'm still doing to bake you can see I had a problem I had a mental situation that's got to be cold I would like being in a relationship and I am not at fault he is the one abusing you and then I was too late my days are baby for what she needed did not do wrong then you need to leave me to eggs because it's not the one for you no it's not yes because please you are not the I understand a situation where attended an argument you have to accept defaults at peace but then distance can't or come all the time because or the temporary did you post a picture doesn't read and play too much Brits and there's no brains told me which breast is called birthday but stop blaming or you possibly choked man that is our friend Eva perón's multi-person but some black know deleted all you do have it is to call of you brush animal began to take a backseat to control or whatever space are taking charge of nobodies who sucks much power over you like that is to t2 toxic and then make bigger sometimes that we have arguments and then he comes up on your leg yes be cool hmm is that love is that James Bond or small admit that I did it cause we should break up brush the other mentally gonna fix it yes then that is toxin and then also not only like having boyfriend-girlfriend she's not OC OC your friends where everybody else's supports you giving you vitamin you will see the shine your friend does that : spectating no no hype like share me like hope you share this me certain Cassidy's your friend this is your friend and this is everybody posting posted post every when you're sick post on your friend that's real life get rid of that first so yeah I hope you understood how to identify some solutions anybody does not looking up paying for this forgetfulness anybody that is not happy with any focus on recognizing toxic so yeah out of solutions in real life like this if you haven't if you have more now that's going to pass down learn how to identify toxic relationships hmm how a chart in France so I don't get involved with such people salts how analyst you just do two mindsets people like I said my podcast everything has to do with your mind has to do with your personality has to do to altitude and manages yes dressing the truth of the matter is that the first appearance of whatever the first appearance I give someone the first Archie black before now searching due to a dresser so you have to be careful with how you mix clothes I'm not saying you have to you know like total Nick DiPaolo sticks gloves no my dear you are so cocky boy you can't look nice kind of hot and sexy box you know for some people yeah cuz they matter how much we say any name Julia if I brought a comma for you can dress any harm nobody you Georgie point this country want to make good connections and everything your parents actually matters in loads you have to distance in this country yes five by judgment I just want you so you have to be very careful what words do not want to do they are certain between yahwah as an angry on speaking about angels situations yeah we have some one dress a dress so that's number one number two you attitude I'd ask what she's sure people you have to be nice to our chart nicely you can't always be a depressing or depressed person and it seemed formed like me become a mix you know way the postcards what am my leg my slippers my feet I put on my head and run away cause nobody can take this day nobody so yes even if at times yeah some of us have this resting HP's black and people think I mean but then at times you have to let you smother itself so that we can be more approachable if we want to network and connect better and then you have to learn to stop hiding your beautiful personalities like a lot of people because they want to attract good people they think that you have to take it to the make it don't fit your personality be who you are are going to endure echt person that means for you friend or boyfriend or whoever I refer you to come into your life with your loudness with your you try to shine whoever I before you into your life no matter how your personality is so I can stop okay be nice be to be comfortable express yourself because is a fake image but not you know me to put that out when we find it from your personal it's like wave and then when you start to be friends you have to keep you take all the time you should on boring fashion he died so pleased to be of yourself whenever I want never I have never parties never I went to work to scream surely those or graduate university something about yourself please but they're $20 to bits to be 12 so I got job you won't crowd young and then number three speak every day before you step out talk about kind of people you want to see ultimately code please direct my footsteps to white people let me meet to the right person well I'm serve I serve God and his best vintages yes mom I myself if you are washed with the universe whatever you I miss him no matter what we do John you are toast seek guidance for me the other person your higher person that's please die my footsteps to do this today to do touch me and trust me you seek good results yes oh it's a scuffle like I remember when I wins or when I looks like we list about you – my school best thing is going they stay on school for beautiful miss I'm good actually they just gave me the best meets anybody cannot school everybody now step aside we did your fights and yes shout like it's a rule twice laughs I should have bought cheese no come on let everything pass both last books whatever a friends require good and I know each other coroner puts in action you know it here and to be bitten ourselves we have never slap each other I'd not point you toward us while still the same if it means and everything is beautiful a collection ship I'll let it miss those guys who's not what is their core some of them analysis and Houston is different tutorial for the rest of them so yes pray house called see code for carry-on son huh okay Jesus Christ another I see Tydeus sick of how is done and how to discern between experience color which I tell the truth people fake it – that is not a cure person I used to fake that this landed see do organized I'm this I'm that five minutes later that of this family event I understood so Osborne what please don't mean the wrong question this one as I step out please direct me to my destiny hope a direct which might just mean changer directly with people that would help me and assist me to become a better person direct me to do that I want you to meet me yes so I hope you guys have learned something to this one to this with you thank you guys think she actually enjoyed making through this material actually testing for whom I collected watch this one is way too good so thank you guys so much for listening and enjoy I'm excited because I am back and things are going to be lit so yes I have a surprise for you guys next week I went between his sister tag I don't know where like this to any judicial she got for you continue here on my podcast but it's just the ready for my sister tag my I hope my sister Elise okay Shannon quadruple sheesh I vomit OC o happen yes I promise you guys insist on my style needs you enjoy its battery battery oh yeah thank you guys mature subscribe comments like and share thank you guys

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