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This is a no-brainer. Bye! Boy bye! *Laughs* Ok, so dating is more complicated than ever right now, yes so I hear- It is. So we’re here to answer your most complicated questions- It’s hard out here for a pimp That’s all I’m sayin, We cannot promise any miracles, no, there are none, but we can promise some opinions. Okay, let’s go. Speak into the microphone What’s your recommendation on how to- Get the mic so we can hear this- You know what, I would say- Do you do costumes? No, I don’t do costumes. You know, once I- Little schoolgirl? Once I- oh my god. Once I tried- Do you play nurse and he plays bad doctor? No, no, no Once I tried- once I tried this, this is so many years ago And I got the hold negligee thing and I’m standing at the stairs when he comes in and he literally comes in- Stedman, walks right past me and says, “What are you doing?” I got- I got one better Wrap myself up with saran wrap- No, you didn’t Yes, I did When I was married, put on the trench coat, he came home and ta-da! And he went “what is that?” So, that’s not good for your ego. So what’s our question- what’s our answer, Oprah, about spicing things up, Cause I hear the young people today wanna spice things up So I would say Ask him- Yeah What would be spicy because you can be standing there in a- Saran wrap- in saran wrap or you could be- you know- in a nurse outfit- Wrapping yourself up as a pretzel, you know doing calisthenics- You can get limber Yeah, you could get limber and he’s like “what is that?” So you’d say “what would be the sexiest thing that I could do or what really turns you on?” For me, I gotta say making corn bread kinda serves the purpose I made some corn bread yesterday and you would have thought I stripped myself buck-naked Like a little corn bread and black eye peas goes a long way in my house. There you go Do not give up your passcode Why do you say that? I think you should have your own passcode For your own phone and your personal things on your phone I think you should. I say people who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. To me it’s no big deal if your significant other has your passcode. Does Stedman have your passcode? Stedman does not have my passcode, I do not have his. I don’t have your passcode. I have yours. If Stedman asked you for your passcode,
would you give it to him? Yeah Probably See, that’s what I’m saying! Yeah So, my thing is if you- if you trust him, great But I don’t see anything wrong with giving up the passcode. This only works if you’re okay not making a commitment But if you want a commitment, he doesn’t after two years, I could see why you broke up with him. You need to break up with him. And you also need to harvest your eggs. If I was a 34 year old woman out here in the world where it’s hard out here for a pimp As you say, I would be harvesting my eggs. I used to say to my mother, “If I haven’t met anybody by the time I’m 32, I’m gonna go to a bar, I’m gonna meet somebody, I’m gonna take him home- while I’m ovulating, and I’m not gonna tell him that this is what I’m doing” and she would say “Don’t tell me that” but I meant that. Yikes! Run! Oh my god This is a no brainer. Bye! Boy, bye! No! No Oprah, are we old? No! Cause I’ve actually- Well, we are old, but- Why buy the cow when he can get the milk for free? Not that we’re cows, I’m not saying that, but I just think it changes the dynamic if a guy knows you’ll sleep with him on the first date. Now if you ask guys, they say that they don’t judge you if you sleep on the first date I think they do. We sound very old. That’s okay. We’re not old. We’re just experienced. Yeah We’ll just say this- I hope this advice helps out. We are not experts. I have been to five, five therapists when I was married and nobody and I do mean nobody, was better than Oprah. I’m not an expert. I don’t have a degree. You know, I’m not Dr. Phil, but I will say that interviewing one-on-one over 37 thousand five hundred and eighty four people, but who’s counting? How many? 37,000 people one-on-one and seeing in real time the human dynamics and seeing how all people make the same mistakes over and over and over again, I’m really pretty good at advice. And I would say you guys have really have you know, some somewhat sticky situations, but in every situation, even the fact that you’re asking this question, you already know the answer. You already know the answer. Especially- with the brother who’s getting up
and pretending to go to work. You already know the answer! Why does he have to be a brother? Why can’t he be a white man? Brother in any- I meant, I meant white brother, Okay Asian brother, Latino brother, Brother, brother! Tell that brother “bye” Boy, bye-bye! Oh, no. Oh, no. For more videos like this, head over to:! But I thought that’s where you were right now? No, but they’re saying that you can go see more we’re just reinforcing where it is. That’s all. Okay Thank you

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  1. Im sooooo feeling a voice for my generation !! Women in their 40's who still got it yaaaas ladies come though !!!

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOOOVE The OG chronicles!❣❣❣ The name is ingenious and seeing the Chemistry between Gayle and Oprah is refreshing! You all would be my favorite hang out partners! But Gayle gotta call you out… kind of contradictory to say you won't do it on the first date, but will go to a bar to let a random guy father your child! Lol Don't stop what you're doing this is a success! 😁

  3. It's funny how these two think their what? experts about relationship advise?…Oprah let Gail try this one alone…even though I enjoy watching you two try to be normal.😆

  4. Over 35,000 people interviewed by Oprah Winfrey ? OMG this woman has human beings at her finger tips .

  5. Hi my O G family
    Sisters your doing the damn thing… Love it love it love it thanks for sharing 💋💋😘💕

  6. 4:30
    "Bye" ? Where does he get his money? He is getting ready for work every day. Maybe he had been steady looking for a job, collecting unemployment because he had always worked. Maybe his pride was hurt. Maybe he is about to break through as an artist finally. I thought she was going to say she found out he has a wife. Now that's bye. Otherwise ask some questions! Frankly I'm not mad at somebody who gives up and gets ready to go to work everyday. That's somebody's prepared for success.

  7. just from comments i thought they were talking about Stedman ! Snake oprah's very well paid escort to make it look like she has a man in her life but it isn't a man , it's gayle !! these 2 need 2 just go AWAY ! they are nothing but USERS AND LOSERS !! # MUTE OPRAH #MUTE GAYLE

  8. I so want to hear every word you two smart joyful ladies have to say! Could you please loose the background music, it's super distracting.

  9. I am a hairstylist. Early on in my career I realized that while an individual may be going through something difficult in their life their story is not new. So what I tell them is this. It seems difficult right now but the hope that I offer is that others have already gone through what you're going through and they survived. Everything's going to be okay.

  10. Oprah said, “but I thought that’s where they are now” 😂😂 It’s 2019 Mama O, you gotta leave us with a call to action to make stuff happen. Otherwise we just move on to the next person’s video and forget this even happened

  11. Common sense is not "old." Sex always changes the relationship. Give yourself credit and respect. You do not need to have sex on the first date.

  12. I just want to say that I'm a black American, living in France for the past 8 years. I grew up speaking "standard" (loaded word) American English, but any time my humor comes out, I switch to African American English. Being that most of my American friends are white, they made this observation–that my speech pattern changes. I realized that since my humor comes from my family (African American), I never learned humor in "standard" American English. Watching you two reminded me of this.

  13. Oprah! A movie you have to do STAGE COACH Annie! A black woman who did the mail in the 1800s the native Americans Indians would not let whites through but she go through !

  14. Get all clean, smooth & well groomed. Wear your birthday suit with red lipstick & high heels on while sucking on a red sucker. Be waiting on him. Or strip for him.

  15. Oprah’s HAIR 😭😭😭😭😭😖😖😖Somebody please tell her I need it?… And 1000000 million dollars only 🤞🏾😅

  16. guys definitely judge you if you sleep with them on the first date. they’re gonna say they don’t judge so that you will sleep with them 😭 and then never call you again

  17. I love watching these segments, informational…..Gayle and Oprah are hilarious together…and Gayle?…grrrrlllll….it's hard at here for a pimp…you are funny.

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