Reiki for Improving All Types of Relationships

Hi, this is Lourdes Today's Reiki video is to help improve relationships. So please sit back and let the Reiki flow to you. Thank you. Thank you for watching this video. For more information, please go to
Thank you.

Michael Martin

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  1. Hi Lourdes, this really brought tears to my eyes, thank you so much. Will this also help to channel this energy to my husband also, even though he is at work? We have been having issues, and really need this. Much love, <3

  2. Thank You, How Wonderful. It felt like I was in a warm pool of electric water. Best Health and Great Fortune….e

  3. Today when I came home, I felt like doing a whole playlist of your videos, because I didn't know the exact one that could help. I had an "argument" with my boss. He has Parkinson disease, detected a few years now, and I see it is affecting him more and more. It wasn't exactly an argument, but he made me feel pretty bad, because we know each other for some years and we have always had an excellent relationship and he has always praised my work, and he always says he trusts me a lot. Never, ever we had any problems. First he told me off about the behavior of a new employee that he left in charge of me, and on other point of the conversation he said that I didn't know anything about my area of work. I don't know what got into him, if it's stress or it's his disease. Part of me is angry about what he said, but the other part is sad about him. And I got a weird vibe from him, a very negative one, like he turned in someone different for a second, since he is always very nice. I also feel it affected my energy, it drained me and made me feel down and blue.

  4. Found the emotional blockage one very strong felt it mainly in my feet which were like electric currents and heavy thankyou your reiki really helps me a lot.

  5. Lately I haven’t been doing so well in my relationships.. I lost my best friend over a personal issue I had to overcome and I hope to reconnect with her again. My boyfriend and I are doing well now, but I lied to him in the past about something and I can’t forgive myself which causes me to think I’ll never be good enough. But I hope to forgive myself one day. Your video has helped me so much. I felt tears coming down while placing hands to receive the reiki. And I haven’t cried in so long.

  6. This really works, especially if you pair with positive memories and pink light! My wife and I have been going through a rough patch and she's on military deployment for another two months (has already been gone since June). I used this once yesterday and once this morning, unsure what else to do from this distance. Five minutes into my watch this morning she messaged me three long messages, for the first time in a while. So grateful for your healing energy.

  7. hello ma'am. can I use this video for removing some unwanted persons from my life who are troubling me?

  8. Hi Lourdes and thank you for this pure act of kindness and love. ♥ Your hormonal healing Reiki has done wonders for me within 1 listening, and for most of your videos, I can directly feel the intense energies from it.

    Without demanding (I know you trust your intuition with requests), I would like to suggest something – if it's not on your eternal list already. 🙂

    -> Reiki for healing the shoulders (pains, trapped nerves, correcting unhealthy shoulder blade positions)
    -> Reiki for conflict management (release conscious and subconcious fear of conflicts, release feelings of guilt for avoiding them in the past, accept the nature and role of conflicts)

    If there is something like this already, it would be great if you could let me know – in this case I've simply overlooked it.
    Once again: Thank you, thank you, thank you. ♥ As someone who would love to learn how to help others heal themselves as well, I'm trying to send you my best intentions and gratitude with this posting. 🙂

  9. can you upload a video about clearing menstrual problems in abdominal pain,heavy or light bleeding and irregular periods

  10. ma'am will it be fine if we play the video and go off to sleep or engage in some other work? I want to use this energy 100% and I don't want to go it waste.
    what is the energy exchange after receiving it?

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