Ready, Set, Go: Episode 1 (Wedding Welcome Bag)

– This is Ready, Set,
Go where we’re gonna put your DIY skills to the
test in today’s challenge. Let’s meet our contestants. Tell us a little about yourself: Your engagement, your wedding plans, anything you want our viewers to know. – My name is Allie. – And I’m Sam. – And we’re gonna be married in September. And we’re from Halifax,
Nova Scotia, Canada. – My name is Lillian. I’m actually getting
married September 28th to my high school sweetheart and I’m super excited about it! – My name’s Curissa and I
got married on April 28th to the love of my life, in a
New Orleans inspired wedding and it was perfect. – Ladies, in front of
you, you’re going to find everything you need to make a
perfect wedding welcome bag. But, there is a catch. Not only have we placed
some rogue and random items to throw you off in the mix
when you’re stuffing them, you’re also going to be
timed during each stage. We’re gonna give you one
minute to decorate those bags. Choose a cool theme, choose a cool style, make it really reflect you. And then you’re gonna
have only ten seconds to stuff those bags. Finally, it’s not over yet. You’re going to have to pitch me on why your wedding
welcome bag is the best. Is everyone ready? – Ready. Yes! – Ready, set, go! Decorate! – Dang it! – Wait, I don’t need to add that. – Guys, does anyone have a strategy? Is anyone willing to talk to me? – No! – Or are we just heads down? (laughs) I feel like some of us
came in with a plan. – That’s long enough. Ooh! It worked! – Ah! – One pair of scissors! We’re getting creative. – That’s not what I instructed you to do! – I messed up! – [Allie] What the? – Sounds like a divorce
is coming over there. – [Sarah] That’s it Alright, time! That’s time! – I didn’t do it right apparently. – The bags are decorated,
now it’s time to stuff them. You’re gonna have only ten
seconds to stuff those bags. Remember, it’s a wedding welcome bag, so it’s for your guests. Ready, set, go! – It’s so silent. – Where’s the Advil? – Just the finishing touches. Don’t forget, I know one
of our teams wanted to add one finishing touch on their bag! – Time! Ugh! – Your bags are completed,
now it’s time to pitch me and let me know what’s in your bag and what makes it special. So, Allie and Sam, why
don’t you start us off? – So you had a long flight, a long day. You arrive at your hotel. You’re probably a little bit stinky so you grab some deodorant. – Just in case you forgot anything, we want you to have those basic (mumbles). – Yes! You probably need
to brush your teeth, so you have a toothbrush and toothpaste. But if you’re not, if you
don’t need to brush your teeth, you can also use mouthwash. – [Sarah] Wow, you’re wedding guests are gonna have fresh breath. – They will! – They are probably also a
little bit greasy from the plane, so they have – Shade to the guests. (laughs) – So you guys leaned
into personal care items. – We did, but we also– – Some gum – Put in a few little nice
gifts like nail polish and a bracelet. – You might need to
refresh with a sheet mask. – You’re implying that they smell. – You might be crying at the wedding, so you need some tissues. – Love it! – Also, you can’t get
hangry before dinner, so there’s a couple little
snacks to keep in your purse. – I need that. – Some Band-aids in case you
get a blister from your heels. Some Immunity things for the next day. – [Sam] It’s for the next day. – [Allie] No hangovers. – Like it. – No red wine spills on your dress. A little snack. Finally,
some Pepto-Bismol. – That’s the smallest
snack I’ve ever seen. – It is the smallest snack! – And another Band-Aid
for your other heel. – Well, perfect. You gotta have two. Can you guys walk us through
the design of the bag? I see some details on the sides. Tell me your thought process. – Well, something blue. Something borrowed to
mimic Grandmother’s pearls. (laughter) – Yes! – Okay, alright. I understand. – Something old, some ribbon. And something new is the bag. – The hashtag. The hashtag’s new. – Alright, thank you Allie and Sam. Next up, we have Curissa and Lillian. Can you guys walk me
through your bag, please? – Sure, we’re gonna
start with the outside. You know? Simple and elegant. We say “welcome” in this
beautiful handwriting. And our wedding hashtag is at the bottom. Wattsoutfortheyoussefis
my maiden name is Watts. – Mine is Youseffi – That is very clever. – That’s good! – And only 45 seconds. Wow. The ribbon was a last minute thing. – Last minute touch. – Just a little touch to make
sure it’s completely closed. – So inside – We start off with water first
to make sure you’re hydrated throughout the day. And then obviously mouthwash. We want to make sure
you have fresh breath. Just in case necessary,
we also have a toothbrush. – A Batman (laughs) – We wanted to show our
personality, you know, so we through in a Batman toothbrush. – [Sarah] For any age. – This is for the end of the evening. We all know how it’s like
to have make-up all day, so you could just use this
on the way you go home. – This is a new lipstick
from our line actually that we are surprising our guests that we are coming out
with a lipstick line so we wanted them to be
the first to have it. – I love it! – When you’re ready to party, when the lights go down at midnight, everybody makes sure to take them out. – And you will need sunglasses
and Advil for the next day because our wedding’s
gonna be such a good time. – So if you could pick,
what’s the theme of the bag? I feel like Allie and Sam’s self-care. – Ours is party, you know,
party and preparation. – [Sarah] Party animal. Okay. – Make sure you’re ready to party, party, and then you’re ready afterward. – A little Emergen-C because
we don’t want you to get sick. You know, after a hangover,
you need your immune system up. – I love that stuff. – Snacks (mumbles) chocolates, sweets. Can’t forget the toothpaste. And then, for the men, if
you want to wash your beard The girls just can’t wipe their makeup off You have to take care as well. – Also, this is from our new line. (laughter) – Wow, lipstick and a beard wash. – Something for the guys,
something for the ladies. – Yeah. – So the bags are done. Now, it’s time for me to pick the winner. Drum roll, please. I’m going to have to pick Allie and Sam for the most cohesive bag. – Wow! – Good job, good job! – So we have these gorgeous
macaroons. I hope you enjoy. And then, our second place, guys, you’re not gonna go empty
handed, two gold stars. – Wow! Aw! – [Sarah] Congratulations and
thank you guys for playing! – Thank you. – Thank you. – Thanks for having us on the show. – Thanks for watching! Be sure to subscribe and check back in for more episodes of Ready, Set, Go! And, leave in the comments
below, who you thinks bag should have came out on top.

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