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I came here to speak an very important matter with you. (Not even letting me to have a juice) Tell me Darshini This is related to both of us but i don’t know how to convey it in this place. Just a Minute Related to us, Restaurant There is no chance for that! Why do you have anyy problem? why will that be a problem for me? Then do i have any problem??? hooo , Break up !!!! I just thought something else! (BGM STARTS) if you had earned atleast Rs 2 lakhs and had a bank balance It could have been easy to convince my dad. But now even we cant run our life easily So,try to understand and let’s break up mutually. Look at this bank statement, i had earned 5 lakhs for her and kept it as bank balance, but still she broke me up. she left you even after earning 5 lakhs But she dint knew about this 5 lakhs Why? Why because it’s a surprise to her. Look at this chain i brought this for her. Why din’t you give it to her. Before that itself she broke up and left me alone. look you are also leaving me alone and going!! Tell me darshini what’s the reason for calling me? Bhaarath yesterday in sheelas birthdday patry everyone spoke with you in english but you were standing idle. I felt embarrrased I feel guilty to call you as my boyfriend at certain times. I feel like i was in a hurry. I think… I think… I Need some space… I Need some space… I need some time… I need some time… so, Let’s Break up.. Let’s Break up.. Don’t you get it. Iam telling let’s separate. ooo Break up means to get separated ok ok i couldn’t understand this one specifically but i understood other things clearly ok. In next party i’ll just blabber it as it is. Ok…. Bhaarath i spoke to my dad about our love. I tried to convince him a lot but i dont think he will accept our love. I cannot disobey my dad So please let’s breakup. Bhaarath iam sorry. Tell everything now Actually That’s not my intention. Please don’t speak Hello Yes buddy For evening show just get 2 tickets not 3 tickets f&(*&er are you playing with me. she is coming now and telling me breakup Give phone to her. Do something and sell the ticket (deiiii) Don’t thik bad darshini As you said before I booked corner seats. If we sit in middle and watch the movie it will be good and it’s a 3D movie. Be serious Bhaarath it’s not a game. What’s the problem? Each and everytime we are misunderstanding each other and starting to fight As of now it’s fine. After marriage at a point if i feel that i have commited mistake then what will i do. While coming here from my home itself i came with a decision. Let’s Break – up. Biii Darshini!!! Darshini from now on can’t we look at each other. No Atleast can’t we speak in the phone No.. Not possible can’t i come to your home ? Iam telling you right we can’t see and we can’t talk in phone also then for what sake are you asking “can’t i come to your home”. Darshini my headset is in your home… Mi Headset. That jack pin only can fit my mobile Can you please give me that? Are you pregnenat? I dont want to drag this,

Michael Martin

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  1. I think I need some space, I need some time, let's break up
    oh break up na pirichirlamaa, ithu mattum tha puriyama irunthuchu…

  2. Keep rocking guys…manasu vitu sirika mudidhu…bhaarath dharshini n Krishna keep rocking along with ur team…

  3. Yo unga videos la ippatha parka aarambicha unmaya solra ennoda kavalayellam maranthuduthu
    Automatic aha serippu varuthu athuvum bhaarath sense irukke phaaa super ya

  4. Anna neenga neraya videos podunga plzz Anna unga video pakama ennala irrukamudila …unga channelku big fan

  5. Bro's length video la poda solranga but vena bro ,ipd konjam konjama podunga adha interesting ah iruku..lenth ah pota boar adichidum

  6. Enakku first Micset , Nakkalits, black sheep chennal dhan pidikkum…ippa avanga ellaraiyum vida neenga first …i live your team bro…thanks for BHATATH, RAJ AND all DOODS 💕💕💕

  7. Dharishini …nan unga fan …ungala yanku romba pudikum …cute and lovely ..😍😍😍😍

  8. 😱 ivlo naal unga vedio pakkama enna pannen chaaa OMG damn gud kandipa unga vedios la paatha noi kita kuda varathu osm guys semma semma mass pandringa first tym periya comment pandren😍

  9. acting super …👍 but antha aunty ku makeup over ah iruku nxt time konjam kammi pannikonga ..😂😂👍👍

  10. Semma bro. Onga videos yellathaium paathutan bro semma… Super aa irukku bro. Different aa irukku. Like you bro

  11. unga channel la ivlo nala miss.panitan bro….sema mass…yellam youtupe channelkum sema tough kudukaporingaaa😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣

  12. Bro script epdi different ah yosikarenga, Dialogues sema , yosikave mudiyatha maari yosichu irukeenga😂

  13. Bharat anna😍Finally subscribe panni achu…inni innum konja nalla la 1M subscribers..apram 2M, 3M….ithu kandipa nadakum intha comment ha note panni vachukonga…bharat anna😍

  14. Ellarum nalla note panniggala break up endu sollurathu ellam girls than 🤨🤨🤨so boys 😏😏😏😏

  15. Semme 😂😂…love to watch ur videos all…just 2 days ago started to watch all ur videos…keep it up…nice work guys

  16. ஒருத்தரோட முகத்துல கூட நடிப்ப கண்டுபிடிக்க முடியல ……

    எல்லாரும் வாழ்ந்துருக்காங்க …..

  17. Team…… You're rock…. I loved all videos…. I like your BGM… I want to make it as my ringtone. Please give a download link yaaarrrr

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