Rapid Fire | Convocation Edition

I feel accomplished. I mean it’s been a wonderful journey after two and a half years. I met a lot of friends like my peers from all over the world, so that’s amazing. It’s a really great uni to be with. We are from Tourism Management. So our classmates are from different countries and she’s from China and I’m from local. I’m so happy and proud We are opening our own business. Something like patisserie and coffee Super duper excited! very happy! Uhm, Speechless! Yeah. Uhm, actually already started my future plans I’m already pursuing my Master’s in the UK under a scholarship. My most memorable moment in Taylor’s, me and my friends would come to the lake, especially late in the evening to just relax here. It’s just a really nice place to unwind you know? Studies can be hard, can be very stressful I know it was very stressful for me my last year, but if I can do it, so can you, right? So yeah, just don’t stress out too much. Just stay chill, and do what you do to get it right.

Michael Martin

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