Rafael Nadal press conference: Roger Federer, injuries, and more | 2019 French Open

Michael Martin

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  1. Again the moronic Italian journalist asking the dumbest questions and always jumping in first trying to sound important and entertaining. Players cringe every time he holds a microphone. Please have some mercy and get rid off him!

  2. I want to please almost everybody who comments. Nobody talking about dopage as french people (for all sports dont worry). I will see english post instead of french, you seems me more right

  3. Alvaro u are right. I do not know the committment that RF and Rafa hv to visit children hospitals, but I do know that RF has a foundation in Africa and Rafa a tennis academy in Spain and that he generously pledged one million during the floods. Sorry but all this has no relevance to his being The King of Clay.🏆⭐🙏

  4. Some people don't like Rafa beacause he is waay too honest, he says what he thinks and that's good. What an incredible guy. The best Tennis player for me.

  5. What makes him unequivocally the biggest, bestest sportsperson ever – Honestly, you cant be frustrated all the time because the neighbour has a bigger house than you or a bigger tv or a better garden, I don’t see life like that !!!!!!!!

  6. While I am a huge Roger fan and do believe he is the GOAT because of his greatness on different surfaces, diverse shot making ability and so many one of a kind outstanding accomplishments – Rafa is amazing on clay and his desire to win is truly undeniable……plus I really like he appears to be a genuinely nice and humble person.

  7. With this win, for me, he became the best overall tennis player of all times.
    Federer is the King of grass for sure.
    But even on grass, Nadal is amazing !

  8. Nadal is the all time competitor in tennis . He plays every point as if his life is on the line . The only other player in tennis in my opinion that was similar was Connors and he's a distant 2nd

  9. Just 2 GS less than Roger and he has been out of around 15 of them because of injuries, imagine if he had been more lucky in that stuff

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