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welcome to our slash relationships where Opie has to face the hard reality that yeah he's probably cheating on you this subreddit is a bit different from the subreddit that I usually cover so I'm very curious if you guys want to see more of these videos or if you want me to stick to my normal content let me know down in the comments our next post is from throw it all away I'm a 27 year old female and the Friends of my fiancee a 27 year old male have tried to convince him to leave me due to my disability I am finding all of this very overwhelming so I will try to keep it short they've been our shared friendship group since we got together eight years ago I've had a disability for about three years I recently found out the read members have tried to convince my fiancee to leave me on multiple occasions purely due to my disability they basically said they don't see the point of staying with a disabled person and they want him to be happy he assured them each time he is happy and it is his choice to stay with me they are all acting as though it is normal that they would try to convince him to leave and that I'm overreacting by being upset they've also stated they wanted what was best for both of us which I think was pretty obviously not true I'm just trying to get some clarity here because I'm feeling very confused and worthless I have myself given my fiancee the option of leaving many times and said I wouldn't blame him but he always said he wanted to stay is their behavior normal is it okay for me to be upset well Opie their behavior is perfectly normal if you're in our / choosing beggars or our / entitled people but for the rest of us who don't live in crazy land those people are seriously messed up the way I look at it is if a person thinks that you aren't deserving of love then they aren't deserving of being your friend the only two opinions you should consider and whether or not you should be with your fiance is your opinion and your fiance's opinion honestly everyone else could just go F themselves our next post is from GRU dias my wife and I have been together for five years mayor for for she had a bad mayor's before me and had a child I had no problem stepping up to the plate to help her raise her child the father wants nothing to do with my wife or his kid to the point I had two friends that I've had since I was 16 they were both female and I had dated one of them for four years but we split up a green that we made better friends in an actual couple which never happens in real life apparently she's always been my go-to for advice and I made our friendship 100% transparent for my wife when we first met and never had anything out of habit my friend and I still said we loved each other but more of a platonic love we both loved our current partners and never wanted anything between each other however after a few years this took a toll on my wife and she asked me to stop telling her that I loved her so I explained this to my friend and she said she understood and would have no problems doing so another month or so I still have 100% transparency with my wife as to make her feel comfortable I got deployed and my friend had just had her baby and asked me if I went to FaceTime to see her I said yes naturally happy for her and her husband after a nice chat and meeting her new son I got a call from my wife a few days later asking if I had talked to her in FaceTime I told her that I had and why also telling her what we had discussed my wife then didn't talk to me the rest of my deployment when I got home I explained that I was sorry it hurt her feelings and wanted to make things better she told me to never talk to her again I tried to explain that it was just a friendship and that neither of us wanted a relationship my wife took it upon herself to call her and tell her that if she didn't stop talking to me forever that she would tell my friend's husband that we were having an affair she did not tell me any of this I quickly noticed she had blocked me on everything including my number I had no idea what happens so I confronted my wife and she told me that she was certain I was cheating on her and then my friend and I were having an affair she then told me that she had called her and only asked her to not talk to me anymore I was slightly upset but stood by her decision and held no Grudge i feel like this event led to the breakdown of everything she started to have no trust in anything i did constantly going through my phone and she would constantly lock her phone or lock herself in the bathroom talking to someone on the phone she started blaming her job for her unhappiness I told her that I could pull extra hours at work if she wanted to quit to find a new one she quickly quit her job and made no attempt to find work again I wasn't listed at the time she said she hated that I was gone all the time so I offered to go reserves to be with her more she said that would fix it so I got a civilian job that paid decent but we had to move the job is stressful and I'm not very fond of being a civilian she has now come to the conclusion that I need to get out of the military and quit my civilian job and we need to move again and that's the only way she'll be happy I feel like I've given up everything for her to be happy I'm trying to show her the logic that there is no way for us to survive if neither of us work I love my wife and I don't want to divorce but I feel like she will never be happy and I'm not sure how to fix it she blames everything on me and says that I'd be happier with someone else or says she's leaving again I'm currently deployed again and the last week I was home she wouldn't talk to me or spend time with me and our daughter she would lock herself in the bedroom all day then at night she would call me names and say I don't care about her and never spend time with her I'm very confused because I'm not the best with emotions I'm a logical man and I see no logical answer here any thoughts or advice would be great thank you Opie when a significant other starts acting really weird and starts accusing you of cheating that itself is a red flag for cheating if I had to guess I would say she probably stepped out on you while you were deployed and either her guilt is eating her up or she's realized that she's totally miserable and is looking for escapes any way she can find them in any event you are absolutely correct that quitting and moving will not help anything kind of sounds like a spoiled brat who's always making demands and is never satisfied she kind of seems like the type of person who literally doesn't know how to be happy what do you guys think is she cheating let me know down in the comments our next post is from I am a starfish every year my 21 year old boyfriend and I a 22 year old female go on a break because he doesn't know what he wants my boyfriend and I have been together five years we've always been great together and there's no one else in the world I'd rather be with we make each other laugh we like the same things we have our own hobby so we don't drive each other crazy and we've been through so much as a couple I'm in graduate school I stayed away from him about a four-hour drive we went into long distance fairly easily so it blindsided me when he suddenly told me that he didn't know if our relationship is what he wants he's always struggled with a fear of commitment something I've tried to support him through by trying not to pressure him into moving forward the problem is that every year for the last three years he's gone through a struggle with wanting to be with me he wants to take a break from our relationship and be separate for a while which I have agreed to the last two years every year so far he's come back to me saying he was being stupid and that he regrets ever being on a break we talked things through and move forward I thought after last year we'd be done with it but today he gave me the same speech he's always given about wanting a break and wanting space I put us on break this time because I didn't want to beg him to stay with me I am blindsided by this whole thing and I'm so confused about where it comes from we're so great for 90% of the year and then the end of March comes around and he freaks out and wants to break up with me he says he loves me and always will but doesn't know what he wants if he comes back again do I take him back I don't know what to do alright viewers what do you think's going on with this story you better decide quickly because Opie posted an update it's been about four months since my first post and I thought I'd post an update looking back on this post I can't believe what a difference four months is made after posting it I read my own words and realized that the relationship was over I was making excuses for him and justifying staying miserable in a relationship because I just loved him so much we had a talk when I visited my hometown and broke up we both were emotional but knew that it was for the best and I was content thinking we were going to spend time being single and discovering who we are as individuals after being so close for so long unfortunately that wasn't the case I found out he had been cheating for at least a couple of months before telling me he wanted another break he began officially dating the new girl about three days after we broke up and he moved in with her after a couple months of dating he has always been super resistant to commitments before so that came as a shock my self-esteem took a huge hit now things are different I discover new things about myself every day I spend time with my friends who make me feel loved and important and I'm truly happy for the first time in a long time at first I wanted to start dating again and I told myself I was ready but the truth is that there's so much I don't know about myself yet and I want to get to know me before I focus on another relationship anyway thank you to the people who commented and let me know that something was going on as obvious as it was to them I was completely blindsided I'm just so grateful to be out of the situation and I'm excited for what's ahead as someone who has read hundreds possibly even thousands of our / relationship posts there's one universal truth that is almost always true 99% of the time if your gut is telling you that something's wrong it's usually because something's wrong Opie's gut was telling her that something was seriously off about the situation but she was just too close to the problem to realize what was wrong so the next time your gut is sending off alarms listen to those alarms our next post is from busted him what my fiance and I have been together a year and a half we moved in with one another a few months ago lately he has been a bit distant I've been cheated on in the past and have been really insecure with his change in behavior he has assured me he is just stressed about work and because his car broke down a couple weeks ago and he hasn't gotten a replacement yet I couldn't let the nagging feeling go so I did a little investigating I didn't snoop in his phone or personal accounts but I made a fake profile on a popular dating site and found him there he was last online July first and for context Opie made this post in the second half of July I don't know what to do how do I confront him what do I say can our relationship be saved do I even want to save it I feel like I am a wreck right now and then Opie posted a very unexpected update I posted a few days ago because I found my fiancee on an online dating site I took reddit's advice and catfished him a few hours after I set the bait I found that his profile had been deleted when he came home from work I showed him the screenshot and asked him what was up long story short he was hanging out with his coworker and the cowork was frustrated with figuring out how to navigate the same dating site my fiancee signed into his old account opened in 2013 to try to help his friend figure it out apparently a lot had changed on this particular site and he realized his knowledge on the site was too out of date so he logged out and that was it a few days later he saw in his email that he had gotten a message from a woman on the site and he then deleted his account he obviously couldn't show me his dating site account but he did volunteer to show me his email account with all the alerts from the site the only woman that had messaged him recently was clearly my fake account he also realized when we were looking through his email that he had an unused old profile on another dating site he signed in and deleted that one in front of me I fest up about catfishing him he wasn't upset at all said he understood completely considering my history he was more upset with himself for not realizing that his behavior would make me so insecure I apologize for not trusting him in catfishing he apologize for being so distant lately and not deleting his profiles ages ago he offered an open phone social media email policy between us in case we ever stumble upon another trust but verify type of situation man after reading all these choosing beggars and entitled parents posed it's kind of refreshing to see someone handle a conflict like relatively sane adults I mean the catfishing was a little excessive and elaborate but I'm just glad that for once we have a happy ending our next post is from the sweaty cheese gross my fiance and I are getting married over the summer we've been together for years we decided on a very informal courthouse wedding and the two of us decided to elope and honeymoon internationally after well this was heartbreaking to our parents and my mom threw a fit and tried to bargain and bully her way into getting her way I gathered all of my strength and the spirit of past our / relationship posts and put my foot down I had a change of heart a few months later though I have a good relationship with my mother-in-law and I wanted her to be able to see us get married fiance and I decided to invite the parents for the weekend of our courthouse wedding we planned some photos and simple dinner and that's it my mom of course took this as an invitation to start planning a wedding for us with a fancy cake and extravagant dinner I just let her make those plans and not acknowledge them instead reiterating my own it seems to be working so far except when it comes to the dress backstory my mom has always used money as a tool for emotional manipulation even when I was a child she would spend her last dollars on something and bring it up forever she would talk about how she was poor and didn't have any clothes without holes in them because of me and my medical bills or things that I wanted she would tell people on the street that she couldn't afford a haircut or dental work because of I separated myself from my parents financially as soon as I got to college and have a lot of debt as a result I really couldn't handle the constant guilt trips even if it meant working full-time my freshman year I stopped asking for anything at a young age and I still have a huge aversion to asking anyone for anything or receiving gifts a few years ago my parents took a page from Wesley Snipes his book and are now in a pretty bad financial situation this makes my mom even more of a martyr when she sends me unsolicited gifts the first time I told her about the wedding she said I don't have any money but the dress is mine meaning she would buy it for me she talked up the experience and is clearly looking forward to shopping with me I don't mind the shopping aspect but I don't want her to make this all about the sacrifice she made for my special day I will literally have to hear about this for the rest of her life remember when I spent my last few pennies on your dress I had to eat rice for a month afterward and I couldn't afford my medication but you look so lovely I don't want to think about how much of a freaking narcissist my mom is every time I look at my wedding photos I started doing some preliminary online shopping and found a sample dress on sale for $100 down from 500 I ordered it and it's arriving today assuming it fits and looks okay this is the one here's the problem my mom is coming to visit for the first time in a year and dress shopping is at the top of her list I'm so stressed out about what to say I know I need to tell her that I bought a dress already but I really just want to lie or avoid this whole situation anyone who's dealt with a narcissist knows how she's going to turn this around on me so I'm the butthole or blow this whole thing out of proportion I never really developed a healthy relationship or mechanisms to deal with her and I just avoid situations like these to keep peace my best idea so far was to tell her I found the dress of goodwill what's wrong with me I know I need to tell but what's the best way to approach this with the least amount of explosion how do I stand up for myself without being a total dick I believe in speaking my mind and doing what you want I just don't want to deal with this fallout I think I might actually sympathise with the mother in this situation I mean when Opie was a child why didn't she just go get a job like a responsible adult and stop demanding that her poor mom buy her unnecessary things like food and shelter that was our slash relationships and let me know down in the comments if you want to see more of this type of video

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  1. Welcome to reddit, where recluses can come together and pretend they're the best people dealing with such shitty things

  2. The one with the dress is an easy fix. Just explain how the deal was too much of a deal to pass up. If the mother is always talking about saving money just take a tip from her play book and use it as an excuse. Not to mention its also totally true.

  3. You have one of the best reddit reading channels on this platform. Most just have robots and you have actual emotion and tonal changes in your voice. Also the small breaks to give your opinion makes it feel as though I am with you which is amazing

  4. It depends on her disability. You should never stay in a relationship with a 'disabled' 'bipolar' or whatever other excuse evil people use to explain why they are pieces of shit.
    EDIT: i should clarify ive dated two 'bipolars' and my brother is 'bipolar'. thats just a clinical diagnosis for a selfish piece of shit.

  5. Go dress shopping with your mom let her buy a dress that she LOVES on you. Show up to the wedding in the dress that you ordered and before she might looses her shit surprise her with the dress you two went shopping for that's made to fit her for whenever she wants to renew her wedding vows with her husband or if she wants to get married again.

  6. Explain the situation to a wedding dress shop so that they plant the dress somewhere in the store and when u have to pay for it just pretend you’re paying

  7. Ah blanking hell you made me fall asleep at work and I'm dreaming bout food at work someone help

  8. Good question for those who are in these kinds of relationships, did your partner bombard you with flattery when you first meet and up until you settled with them. If so, you've been love bombed. It's a common tactic by Narcissists to get you to get into a relationship with them. I reccomend reading Psychopath Free for those who want to learn more. (There's a website of the same name)

  9. I don't get it when people say "I need to get to know myself" how do you not know yourself? You are living with yourself 24/7

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  12. I can relate to the OP in the last story. My mom isn't a narcissist, but is huge on guilt tripping and playing the victim card. Everything wrong in her life is, in her eyes, someone else's fault, not hers. She blames so many things on her misery without even considering she's to blame. Or maybe she knows and has too much pride or shame to admit to it. Growing up with her wasn't easy and it got worse as she aged. Nowadays, she lies about me to family members behind my back and won't talk to me about any of her issues with me. She just keeps silent and acts like everything is peachy, while also being emotionally distant. She drives me nuts. I hope the OP was able to stand up to her mom. I know exactly what she's going through with not wanting to say anything in order to avoid a confrontation and keep the peace. –– I have gotten my feelings off my chest to my mom before, but it only leads to her asking why I'm "treating her like the bad guy". –– I give up.

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