QANON You Are Witnessing The Largest Mass Treason Event In Living History

Michael Martin

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  1. I can feel it coming in the Air Tonight.
    No Sleep in DC/ Let the bodies hit the floor. #Justice4All

  2. I always love your musical montages. I was going to ask if you take requests. I would love to see some to the tunes of:
    Outlaw Shit: Waylon Jennings
    God's Gonna Cut You Down: Johnny Cash
    For What it's Worth: Buffalo Springfield

  3. Patriot Hour…You did it again! Outta the ball park! Can't wait to see their faces in GITMO! USA wins, Deep State loses!!! #WWGONEWGA

  4. All patriots have been banned from you-tube / facebook/ etc etc breibard /infowars/ Mike Adams/ en 100 more ,maybe that's what you feel coming in the air ,…right ? there will be no arrests ever. its all bull S… ! I won't let you down ever, said Trump to Alex Jones… well he is down isn't he ? and Trump does nothing about it.

  5. For those Americans who are still asleep, in denial and/or brainwashed…..

    Turn off your televisions and WAKE UP!!!!

  6. I feel it coming in the air really soon. Let the bodies hit the floor. When their bodies do hit the floor and all their bones break like glass.

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