QA Commons event in Indianapolis, June 8, 2018.

towards continuing education oh sorry yours is national they don't count same class same teacher same syllabus same exams same everything and that's what we're wondering about this does it get down to the fact that some programs could produce extremely qualified graduates with really good employability skills so the Quality Assurance Commons project is an a really innovative new approach that I think better aligns with where we need higher education to go in order to make sure that whatever credential one is getting it's really delivering on the employability outcomes that most Americans are really seeking when they are pursuing a post-secondary credential more and more people have come to question what is the value of a college degree and is it really worth it if it costs this much amount of money I think the days of saying well it's higher education of course it's gonna be good for you of course you're gonna have some outcomes are passed we need to make sure that what we're offering it's part of our higher education curriculum is worth it to the student to actually gain access to a job that's going to sustain their family and give them choices this effort is really going straight down to the program level and asking are all the students in that program actually getting not just technical skills but also what the project is coming to call these essential employability qualities these employability skills what employers have been telling us for a long time that they need someone who can critically think someone who can problem-solve someone who can communicate someone who can work with people from different backgrounds things like professionalism and communication cultural competency a spirit of diversity a spirit of inquiry we have to take those and be able to say that in higher education that we're providing students with that and they know how to use it the essential employability quality certification is really important because it helps bridge the gap between institutions and students and employers so making sure that institutions are creating their programs in a way that students are getting what they need to be able to go out after graduation and be employed by the employers the certification is something that allows employers as well as the graduates themselves as well as the graduates families to know that they are actually prepared for a workforce they're prepared to hit the ground running day one wherever they're hired you don't just come out of college saying I learned how to do that and I can tell an employer I learned how to do that you say I did that I was boots on the ground I know what a workplace looks like it's really important for us to know that when our students exit into the world of work they have the beginning steps but they also have the steps to move beyond to get the next job it to be flexible and adaptable and to be able to be promoted I'll really they're also doing some other unique things they're really taking seriously the employer perspective and actually partnering with employers to make sure that the programs continue to have currency and to be designed in the best possible way for the current requirements of the work the public is demanding farm from the system alone a foundation is really committed to working to remove obstacles to getting people to the finish line while also assuring that they're learning the things they need to learn along the way I think the time is really right for the kind of effort that quality assurance Commons is working on you

Michael Martin

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