Putin, Abbas, Erdogan attend Moscow Grand Mosque opening ceremony

церемонии открытия нового комплекса московской соборной мечети принимает участие президент государства палестины махмуд аббас президент республики турция раджаб тайип эрдоган ок президент российской федерации владимир владимирович путин хаматора из владимир путин хаматора is our дуга ас хабар ха ха ма-асло подавляла гнали его сада сын и норы копать фактор левое nissan marine ns дар дверями торчит 5-тонный collar down our channel или а еще на вилле реально ралли на долю четверная candy ci коран гласит стремитесь опередить друг друга в добрых делах россия всегда была многонациональной и многоконфессиональной страной она так и создавалась в взаимообогащение культур традиции религии заключались и заключаются до сих пор и своеобразие и сила нашей общей родины россии вот

Michael Martin

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  1. it is funny how Russia has 20 million Muslims and you never hear Russian people ou government complain about Muslims

    yet American all always complaining about Muslims even that they have only 2 million and American Muslims are the most peaceful Muslims in the world according to research centers

  2. Beautiful Mosque and historic meeting. World leaders must work together to improve humanity, stop wars, no human lives forever, what's your legacy?

  3. Allahu Akbar God is Great. Absolutely no doubt God existing in human being hearts united people in Faith

  4. True believers always respect each others Faith's and places of worship, Putin & Erdogan are leaders with visions of a world peace based on trade, mutual respect and friendship.

  5. Muslim holds ancient key to Jesus tomb site in Jerusalem for centuries..

    Christianity scholar in Palestine said having Muslim families in charge of the key of Jesus tomb and the doors helps somewhat in keeping the peace between the denominations.

    And their brothers and sisters in the west are just too arrogant and ignorant..

    Its so overwhelming to see Christian and Islam stand together..

  6. Thank you President Putin, crusaders are destroying muslim countries and you are gifting mosques to Russian Muslim population.

  7. Oh wow look at russia 🇷🇺 working together with muslims really respect from morocco 🇲🇦

  8. I learned about this through YouTube!
    Social media used to be neutral!!!
    Not any more!!! Now, we have to read/watch Facebook or YouTube to get real news!!!

  9. Damn, reason why the Russian Orthodox Church (at least today) is no longer truly Russian Orthodox, now that Traitor Putin is invited enemies of Slavic Christians (Turks) into his abode. It just sickens me that the majority of my country still thinks that Putin and Moscow have interests of Orthodox at heart.

    Orthodox and Muslims are NOT friends. The TRUE Russia fought against Muslims, and liberated my country from the Ottoman inbreds, until some Mongol-Jew named Vladimir Lenin destroyed the glory of Russia and befriended the Turks.

    Please, don't even tell me that "Muslims are part of Russian history" blah blah blah, they tried to use Islam to separate Chechnya, then they tried to use it to break apart Yugoslavia, and now the Russian Orthodox Church wants to play butt buddies with Muslim inbreds?

    Don't get me wrong, I support Palestinian freedom, but the people fighting for "Palestinian freedom" are trying to establish an Islamic state in Palestine.

  10. From today I will make Dua for Russia and Putin after every salaat. May Allah exault Putin and Russia over all the kingdoms of the world.

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