Promotion ceremony for Capt. Rhine Hejran

good afternoon and welcome to the
promotion ceremony for captain wright has wrong your attendance at today’s promotion
ceremony is greatly appreciated today bit image in a moral the army
surgeon general will preside over the ceremony promoting captain has drawn to the rank of major at this time which in is in the world will receive
the lady from specialist to rio foreigners with their wisdom and
unwavering support for me behavior of health ladies and gentlemen at this time lieutenant general will
come forward to present captain has room we see how do you know that interest you weeknight saldivar brother is virtually
care without some on his on down general calibers actually blackberry and selma we want to welcome him to the
promotion ceremony at the system he came into this country dates thirteen
and has worked his way out he had all of a global marketing company and it just really shows without used a
forecasting huh of their families and so we’re very very
honored to have him as part of the ceremony hand i cannot tell you how honored i am a part of the ceremony i am recently redeployed back time after solving her country have been able to
travel four thousand miles across afghanistan so when you talk about her story when we
talk about it a little bit she has been an individual that has
really i think it’s embrace the american dream she was born and raised in kabul afghanistan superfamily salt importance of education in the importance of a woman getting an
education she went in and obtain turn arm degree
as a physician from kabul university and then when the russians and they
don’t like changed dramatically afghanistan we all know that and what happened and his has repeatedly then congress started tend to leave
afghanistan because light stand her ability and their wavelength dramatically change they wait to see the magazine toward an
end up at disney and warner she had to go over the run countryside she had her life endangered newman beyond individuals that we dont moran notwithstanding lineman to remember network content handed warner that shows the knife and really get democratic vote that she when she graduated to be given position
and really be in the back during the regardless of the intended regardless of
their race regardless of this verb family came over to afghanistan she
stayed there for a while when she came into she was able to come in and practice says she had a start up all over again she’d exactly the medical boards and and
pass the boards she also got her masters that somehow
psychology and realize that that really is where
her mother’s and wanted to be able to practice that that crap and understanding the impact that our
physicians can have in the psychological help those that they had the privilege
to be able to serve she then went and got her com psychiatry
degree magic reply and were successful in passing that and
then make the decision to join in united states army an army medical
department this is an individual that i think really when you talk about the american she is someone she is someone who is taking hold hers and has really info none wanted this time memorable message and challenges that they have right now where we want to help them to get back to normal race education they embrace diversity industry about what we usually in america today that’s
what we’re trying to help she is that strategic from what she’s doing here today in
helping our warriors that have been putting their life in the mind for her
country backing out and i i just can imagine another story reserved parking tickets what you’re doing each and every day system individual his family on really embraced in american and it’s worked their way up system to be productive citizens in our
country disconnect the line continue to make a difference in our
money department of she hiking represent community yourself and is making in pain wonderful
opportunity the knowledge that she instant challenges that are worth
fighting for i am not just so honored in actually carry very humbled to be part of me so without further ado international
gallagher to come on out and we can actually usually see publishing of the workers ditching orders the president of the united states has
repulse special trust and confidence in the patriotism ballard fidelity inability staff captain
run his own in view of these qualities in her
demonstrated potential for increased responsibility sees therefore promoting
united states army to the rank of major by order of the secretary of the army
with an effective date of thirteen june two thousand twelve john in the queue secretary the army not like that happened of her graduation big round-the-clock ktg out a long time and offers that major brian has your own definitely needs and gentlemen detention on her own home brigadier general got it down deputies sergeants major and this thing lands i’d like to let let me onto this
promotion ceremony my greatest appreciation and to be a on
ad bob lieutenant general ho ho ho brigadier gentile galat kar could not be bold and major parry idea kindness and giving me the on out being promoted by them to be next level in my career my special engravers happy she shunned do staff sergeant comment on like it’s kind it’s might have been the quoting me and coordinating this promotion ceremony i’d like this ad staffs are doing right now five contacting this ceremony my family was not able to join us and she had this happiness with me but i’m proud to have my email at any
sisters and brothers tried being here and sharing this jury found mom and with me to be it’s an important the off my life as i would be promoted to the major rank but i also understand that this promotion and comes wit many responsibilities and many many challenges i will come these challenges as i always have and my life when a girl bat years ago when i was still leading in afghanistan do you think these during that time that people had as
simple and comfortable life it never crossed my mind that some the high you may be living in the united states being a u_s_ citizen and we have more than anything being uh… u_s_ office are n u_s_ army the russian invasion of afghanistan changed my life n_d_r_i_ itself afghan nation as a whole for political resend i have to leave and more specifically i have to escape
the country walking alan b de fax and mountains handy and tasty facing extremely dangerous moments being shot at are being kept and mind explosions walking towards in and certain destiny d moment that i’d crusty board uh… in entered
the land of taxed on was the most memorable moment for me as i had to say goodbye to my homeland and maybe for ever my destiny brought me to the united states deal and uh… freedom inland off
opportunities and the chapter began in my life i’d have to start my life from scratch i have had in our mass number off challenges and have given so
many sacrifices to make a living to learn the language and culture and too be accepted as a u_s_ medical doctor and morsel as a u_s_
psychiatrist and to be i am celebrating another sexist and my
life that on well i’m i’m going to be promoted as a
rankles major ends i am very excited about this moment and
i a m really really happy to have my medically sisters and brothers with me as a look back into my life i’m glad heated up for
light to enhance my carreer and my t_ p_a_
shan into the field of forensic psychiatry to be a bone to serve this nation and as much as possible i three fugi sex itself our fellow american soldiers in
afghanistan and destroying the taliban and bringing peace like that innocent people and especially gendron who had never seen a to lead and the
allies but machine ganz and bomb explosions i pray for our safe return off american troops back to their homeland and once again i thank you all being here and this importante a band off my leg serving it here fixed took these intimate usually stand for the
playing of the army song applied the and hear days really love out of all he had done one natalie at heberts pro the halat the it well lor ladies and gentlemen this concludes
today’s ceremony please come forward with the official
party to congratulate major his room please join us for the reception really
following thank you all for it in cut

Michael Martin

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