Prime Minister Trudeau delivers remarks at the Opening Ceremony for the One Young World Summit

THE RIGHT HONOURABLE JUSTIN TRUDEAU (Prime Minister of Canada): Thank you so much for joining us on Parliament Hill as we kick off the One Young World Summit in Ottawa!
(Cheers) I’d like to start by saying thank you and
congratulations to the roughly 1300 delegates soon to be ambassadors who were selected for
this year’s summit. Thank you all! (Cheers)
And thank you to all of this year’s inspiring counsellors for sharing their stories and
expertise with us. And thank you to Kate and David who have spearheaded such an extraordinarily
important and worthwhile organization with Young One… Young One World.
It’s a privilege for Canada to host this summit for the first time in our capital. I hope that you’ll have the chance to take advantage of all that Ottawa has to offer. You know, every time I talk about leadership and change to young people, I always come back to the same point. I don’t think that you are the leaders of tomorrow, I know that you’re already leaders of today!
(Applause) And that comes with enormous responsibilities, but also with extraordinary opportunities. You have some exciting days ahead of you. You’re going to have the opportunity to listen to some exceptional leaders and talk about ways we can make real and lasting change all over the world. You… You’ll long remember your discussions about mental health, peace and security, Indigenous issues and innovation. You will also be meeting people you’ll probably remain friends with for the rest of your lives. As future ambassadors, you have access to an unparalleled network of forward-thinking
progressive leaders from every corner of the world so make good use of your new global
community and do something great with it. See, not just as Canada’s Minister of Youth
but as Canada’s Prime Minister, I’m reminded each and every day just how much potential
lies in our young people. Not just here in Canada but right around the world. Your generation
is politically engaged, educated, innovative, inclusive, and progressive. You need to harness
that potential to make the world a better place.
And I know that every person here tonight is committed to doing just that in one way
or another. Because, after all, you’re each here for a reason. You’re here to be part
of something so much bigger than ourselves. So to everyone in this crowd and to young
people everywhere, please remember, what you do, what you say, and the choices you make
have the power to change the world. By working together as citizens, governments,
and public and private partners, we will create a future that we’ll all be proud of for
this generation and for generations to come. And if I may, I would like to talk to you about an initiative I’m really excited about. Our government has just launched the Prime Minister’s Youth Council. We just launched this morning the Prime Minister’s Youth Council. It’s a group of young leaders…
(Applause) This is a group of young leaders from diverse backgrounds who are going to keep me informed on a regular basis about the issues our country is facing, and working with me to build solutions. This is a new way for young people to have a direct impact on the policies that affect them today and in the future. And to the young Canadians here this evening, don’t forget that you have until October 7 to put in your applications for the second round of recruitment for the Council.
So remember, in the coming month, you will be able to apply yourselves to be a member
of the new Prime Minister’s Youth Council because we need extraordinary young people
from right across the country. I need your ideas, your creativity, your experiences,
and mostly, your belief in a better future for us all.
So, my friends, have a fantastic summit over the next few days. Stay ambitious. Stay focused.
And to inspire us all and to inspire me, it now gives me great pleasure to call up in
front of you the inaugural members of the Prime Minister’s Youth Council from all
across Canada, Erin, Ashley, Alex, Chris, Donovan, Elyse, Gregory, Hani, Joseph, Marc,
Moustafa, Misoma (ph), Rachel, Sarah, and Sylvia!
(Cheers & music)

Michael Martin

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  1. Mr. Trudeau would you fund me in a degree of public affairs and policy management at Carleton so i can come and work for you on parliament hill? i have been your supporter since you started running and spread the word…i support all your policies….carleton is very accessible to me…and i am on odsp with schizophrenia and a reading disability…my wife has severe anxiety and cant work but is very capable of taking care of our kids when i am gone or busy with studies…i study very hard…but i never pursued my dream of following politics and working at parliament hill because i was worried about job opportunities…now i am going to pursue it….and your support and help would mean the world to me….i am very very hard working and have only once ever been fired in my life and it was because i didnt have my glasses…i only ever left because of my mental stress and my family or working conditions…and was always begged to stay…despite my mental illness….i would do anything and am very smart…just speed search all my youtube posts.

  2. Not very long ago from this Video,now as I love to watch Prince George and Princess Charlotte then recall her Majesty Queen's conversation with Mr.Trudeau:"I am your 12th Founder".And this is something to count on for Canada security.

  3. All Canadians and Youth Council Members are invited to attend the World Youth Congress in Hawai'i June 17-25 to create a bridge across the ocean and the world. Please apply asap at

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