President Xi attends commissioning ceremony of first Chinese-built aircraft carrier

China’s military buildup continues at a
startling pace the country on tuesday commissioned its first-ever domestically
built aircraft carrier now watchers say Beijing’s move is sure to challenge
American dominance in the Pacific making matters even more concerning for
Washington a third and even bigger carrier is already under construction
near Shanghai Ethan Jiang reports Chinese President Xi
Jinping attended Tuesday’s commissioning ceremony of China’s first domestically
built aircraft carrier named after Shandong province and eastern China the
Shandong 17 was delivered to the People’s Liberation Army Navy and docked
at a naval port in Sanya in Hainan Province the Chinese leader boarded the
50 thousand ton carrier to inspect the various high-tech equipment on board
decommissioning is likely to pose a threat to America’s presence on the Seas
especially in the Pacific with the Shandong 17 and its first aircraft
carrier the Liaoning China will be able to project power throughout the disputed
islands of the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait a move that is
being closely watched by the United States and other nations including
Australia and Japan with the commissioning of the Shandong 17 China
now joins a small band of nations with multiple aircraft carriers on top of
that China has already begun the production of a third aircraft carrier
at a shipyard near Shanghai but reports also suggest Beijing is already planning
a fourth this would make China’s second only to the United States which
currently has ten aircraft carriers in service the Shandong 17 is modeled after
the Liaoning which was purchased from Ukraine in 2012 and refurbished by China
however the allow Ning has not yet been tested in combat operations easing J
Arirang news

Michael Martin

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  1. It’s only a copy of the Russian design. Obviously they cannot steal and copy the war experience of the US Navy accumulated over 80 years of carrier operations. But being Koreans you are scared so I suggest tightening your diapers

  2. yes ,it just a copy .but copy so fast. ctrl+c, then ctrl+v. as experience, maybe we are more clever , we just need surrender TAIWAN , no more else.

  3. The low-quality Paper-made china's carrier is not a concern. It will fall apart when sailing in the real sea. Think about these China-made goods in the dollar tree, then you could have a basic understanding of what trash china able to make.

  4. Indians and Chinese fight, I will help the Chinese, because I am Chinese, Indians and Americans fight, I will help the Indians, because they are all Asians. Americans and aliens fight, I will help Americans, because they are all Earthing, Japan and aliens fight, I will help aliens, because we are all humans

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  8. China's 1st home made and it's like end of the world, yet US is rolling out carriers like toilet papers everyone thinks it's for the movies

  9. every. single. thing. china. does. has. USA. backdoor. and. frontdoor. viruses. trojans. and. injected. code. china thinking it's got a leg up on the USA is laughable.

  10. Hardly poses a threat lol hope it breaks down in the middle of the pacific, which most likely will, and the crew starve

  11. This is a result of excessive steel production capacity coupled with internal power struggle among top officials from coastal area, where there are big ship building docks sitting idle. They are trying show off to people where the official is from.
    And the big worry is whether carriers are operationnal at night windy rocking seas. Saw many carrier based aircraft operations videos on youtube but none was recorded at night time operations  Someone post here please if you have such video of night time Chinese Navy.

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