Premarital/Marriage Counseling Activity: Love Languages

Hi. Thanks for coming to the YouTube page
of Wedding Night Bliss. I’m Driana, The Blissful Wife. Today’s video is gonna be about premarital
counseling. If you’re a Christian couple who is planning to get married, you definitely
need to be looking into getting premarital counseling. But there’s a couple of things
that you can do at home and I’m gonna give you a good tip that you can do for premarital
counseling on your own, at home. And today’s premarital counseling tip is about the five
love languages. Gary Chapman, I believe, came up with this concept of five love languages
that everybody has a specific way that they feel love. Sometimes people will do something
for you, and they mean it as a gesture of love, and you just don’t really feel it that
way. A perfect example would be, like, a child. You know, sometimes you’re at the park and
your kid will pick up a leaf, and they’ll give it to you, and they mean it like, you
know, “This is a gift that I’m giving you.” And they mean it so sincere, but as an adult,
I mean, leaves are just not that valuable to us. The value of the leaf is not the same
as how the child meant it. And sometimes that happens with husbands and wives, boyfriends
and girlfriends, relationships in general. You need to learn your future spouse’s love
language. So for me, my love language is quality time. And so if I have not been able to spend
time with my husband I start freaking out. Like, I really need that time with him. I
need us to be together. If he gets really busy, he has to carve out time for us to spend
time together, because that’s when I start to feel like we’re distant. For my husband,
I would say that he’s a mixture of acts of service and physical touch. Of course I’m
cuddly, I love to cuddle, but if I get busy or something and I’m not focusing on that
I need to make sure that I’m giving him lots of kisses, lots of hugs. And when he comes
and hugs me and likes to cuddle, I need to make sure that I’m letting him, and not saying,
like, “Oh well, I need to do my hair.” Or, you know, I need to give him those ten minutes
to just lay in the bed together or just stop for a couple seconds and just hug him and
give him my full undivided attention. The other way, acts of service is just doing things
around the house. I’m not super into household chores and that type of thing, but my husband’s
love language is acts of service, and so when I put forth effort to make sure that I keep
things nice. And if I just do something really little, then he really appreciates it, And
so a lot of times if I’m really exhausted, I’ll just try to do one little thing, like
make sure that I make the be the way that he likes it, so that he notices that I did
that for him, and that completely makes his day. And it doesn’t have to be perfect. He
knows, you know, what my strengths and what my weaknesses are. And so he knows this house
is not going to be like Martha Stuart. But when he sees that I put extra effort into
doing certain things with the household chores, he really appreciates it. And so you have
to go out of your way to do what the other person likes. I can’t, you know, spend a whole
day with him, but not do anything with the house, and expect him to feel extra loved,
because that’s just not the way that he receives it. And so make sure you’re not putting your
own expectations on your spouse, or doing what you think is great to feel loved, because
they may not receive it the same way. So that’s it! That’s this week’s premarital counseling
activity. Now, I talked about relationships and premarital counseling today, but what
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