Post Game Ceremony

in New York thank you so much I think I would start with giving out a few appreciation shield to people that is possible and yeah nobody again everybody knows Auggie I'm gonna announce a few people a few shields I have that we have to give out your prevision to all the sponsors that make this tournament possible I would like to begin with mr. Hafiz yes Anwar and I would like dr. comer to give appreciation prostration again I would like to invite I would like to invite or Robby give out the next shield for providing us the wickets also we are also sponsoring the man of the match for today's game I would like to invite me a survey to be but the next shield the shield goes to the person that doubting green line and [Applause] the next she goes to rather than our local hero mr. Bob Rooney [Applause] I would like to help to give out the trophy to one of our main event sponsors main title sponsors mr. commercial H&S construction the last shield I have is for doing the title sponsor white Danny please come and get the shield to be on duty men enjoy Christmas for three years the easier the prize money and keeps growing [Applause] now to move on to the individual trophies I have four individual trophies as well as a cash prize of $500 for each one of them international tournament we all are taking a lot of wickets but one boring Johnson 11 weekend's 18.3 Johnson from Yankee Royals and he is not here next is the tournament MVP and I don't think any confusion in this only one man who kept taking wickets and kept scoring runs that's none retarded from Ricky Jones [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] it is short for 20 and he picked up on the big wicked yatra nobody seems like that [Applause] [Applause] that was the conversation in your camera when effectively run appalled that was what are you take away from this experience having come up short when to run short in 2019 presumably the cricket zone strikers will be back in 2020 what do you take away from this tournament the first time you yourself personally had a tremendous performance in the semi-final you scored 65 from 25 goals as you overcame strikers be posting a hundred and ninety four five of their 20 overs and year yourself for your team in a position to win by 2.1 overs with with by 5 wickets and forwards and brows to spare based on your performance coming into the final refugee overtone your team in terms of the approach in facing so the final question for you in terms of your experience here in the green 2019 know for the championship the champion all right [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] the other let's solve it so now it's off to perhaps 40 54 for the loss of one wicked at that point you still hung in the game continue to apply pressure what was the discussion out on the field and what was the approach through the middle overs with cricket zone strikers seem to be ahead in the game but then you effectively pull the game back to where you were back in contention and ultimately you ended up winning but what was the console around the time when cricket solar off to a flyer all right so now that you might say unexpected win given that only one which is the score on the surface that you would like to everybody from our bill to Jesse Jesse who took responsibility was setting the right feeling all right so excellent you ended up winning the championship here nowhere does the progress team go from here you have some games remaining in tournament play you have all the Royal Premier League which you're a part of that that's upcoming for us to see the back row Steve go from here well you know we like to fit in totals that we are participating in our field as well so we'll be playing that and then come Labor Day we might organize organize a tournament then we go to Boston every year which we have one for five years the first team was the were the champions here any last words some more in terms of a very successful tournament in 2019 you came here to say I think you didn't end up making it to the championship to championship play but this year you've turned the tide any last words before we head out for 2019 I just want to make two small announcements one obviously Greenline independence cup 2020 it will be bigger and better than this and I think that we are launching soon is a Pakistan Premier League thanks to a fund Malik from strikers so we'll throw some new details about the Premier League soon on on our Facebook page [Applause] standpoint the presentation on behalf of muchacha lineage a bar called and we'll see you back here in 2020 for the 2020 independence cup championship and so congratulations once again in order for one reply everybody good with one the other man here the mad one

Michael Martin

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