Porter vs Ugas full press conference | PRESS CONFERENCE | PBC ON FOX

Michael Martin

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  1. Lol who dressed these guys. One looks like a prom suit from the 70's the other looks like a crocodile trying to pass as human.

  2. Man it bothers me so much that the translator does not translate accurately. Put somebody that will. It's like he summarizes what Ugas says. Not fair at all.

  3. Good fight, a lot closer than the odds suggest, regardless of who wins this fight goes to a decision. Porter has the big fight experience so ill lean to him. Ugas def will keep him honest though. Porter decision.

  4. Errol Spence done cleaned up the division without having to fight anyone, After this fight Shawn Porter going to the NFL, Thurman hiding in another country about to retire and be a pastor or motivational speaker, Danny Garcia back to picking Cherries, and Terence is Hiding with Bob Arum, smh no smoke here 154 next.

  5. It's going to be an ugly fight yeah some people hate Sean style but that constant spurts of aggression will make this a good fight

  6. ugas s more dangerous fighter then Garcia , Spencer , Thurman ,this dude find his stride , focuse, thrill, compete, hungry n Shawn never c a dude WTH so much thecnique like ugas ,I can c his worry , very worry hw talk

  7. I give Porter mad props for taking this fight.. I have Ugas winning this fight by split decision. Clean Punching=Ugas Defense=Ugas Effective Aggression=Tie Ring Generalship=Porter. So Split decision Ugas!!

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