PM Imran Khan, Iran's Rouhani Address Joint Press Conference in Tehran | 22 April 2019

as I shall say Shobha made the addition per dust cup Geeta creeper just got a valium aapke saath but I had asked a shared quarter he said to show back a holiday Pakistan or Iran Kader Mian mostly finale at cafe or nod after a sulky hvala sadhana melodic acoustic integer robot or vassal tea is the father a silken a jetty or Pakistan or Iran Kader Mian she had case shall be made degradation per dust cut key yet the creepy who Cecil snaky a career Donna Maliki Alec I added in a memo to the Pakistani liaison Imran Khan or Iran cathedra Hassan rouhani bahama to attend jab ke digger Shabbat or the digger Don America Shamu kid Hamid ever be a Brahma to T or Donna ma'amed Academy on embankment and Akkad joe isidori key havana segrand bad content i am you get a hominid Casillas Imran Khan Kaduri Ronco in the hi Ambika humble Katya Jarrah high blue kazoo siddhanam America the man vomited wat de Jarrett or lack Ibis alcohol key for a clear policy Vasily Montana may be thirsty in Cache Valley in Sinatra M John O'Connor in the presence of the Honorable president of the Islamic Republic of Iran and dr. Hassan rouhani and his honorable guests honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan mr. Imran Khan and we are going to sign a memorandum of understanding therefore on the part of Iran and dr. Sidney McKee the Honorable Minister of Health and on the part of Pakistan and dr. Zafar Mirza the Honorable Minister of Health of Pakistan drop health of Pakistan or assert up Kogarah Hank is the crib man decoration buried the skirt Keoghan hey Donna my mother gave us a today at Geauga Johnny say or Pakistan or Iran to be honest a head case Shobha me – should I had Afghan sulky have a let's say near the coalition in the hammock ahamill have a serious and dark on is what they obtained or Iran me hey or Tehran is what module 10 Iran or Pakistan Academy are ahead kill show Bekaa Valley CA degradation edges per the Scottie attack repay or domo Maliki Allah padded sweating upper module a Iran case ahdre Hassan rouhani or Vaziri Azam Pakistan Imran can be you have remote Yuta said case over may is the tradition key signatures adorable man Academy on say had cash Obama Bama Tov on K for all K of an essay in the high AHA mr. froggy order America to stake a table at CB s the father a hassle car second game misstep and ever serious on here on con a Terran pointer to Iran Quezada Hassan rouhani nunca but pool or Valley Hana is duckbill pikia Pakistan or Iran today me on a top-level leadership team rocket hey Marcus I think eval a shirker I am a citizen in Ron Khan or sod Rossano Chanukah demand for food kiss a taboo bocce togi surprise prime minister and accompanying entourage i would like to welcome you and their common interrogation well today we had to private and also public meetings and there were managed to raise the issues for discussion so I believe that this is a new step that we have taken the relations of both countries we had very successful meetings and I feel that at the end of these meetings we would be able to take a new step towards the improvement of relations yozma voice this your Mohan Ramada one of the important topics on the agenda of today's discussion was the fact that the two countries are determined to expand bilateral relations and we also emphasize the point that no third country is able harm death brotherly enclosure relations of Iran thank you sir an impact in the way the two countries are keen on developing relations and we both emphasize that no third country is able to influence the brotherly and friendly relations between Iran and Pakistan they shall border security was another topic of discussion adversely in the past months we've been witness to some tension on the border area created by terrorists who acted in a savage manner was also discussed in our meetings unfortunately in recent months we witnessed some tensions in the Buddhist and the terrorist did some attacks we're pleased to say that a Pakistani side different to blood stat are marking on any humane activities in the back Salman has called them and labeled them as terrorists and will treat them well seek an agreement to boost security cooperation border guards the intelligence after both countries and also Rapid Reaction Force joint resurrection force will be operating for the two countries to fight in security times and we also agreed to set up a joint Rapid Reaction Force in order to guard our common borders great official achievement comes to trade in commerce between the two countries the potential was listed and we exchanged views and the two sides agree to expand trade ties there are very good economic and trade capacities between the two countries in our meeting this morning we listed these capacities and we agreed to expand bilateral trade and economic relations to meet the requirements of a concern when it comes to oil and gas also to take necessary measures regarding connecting the gas pipeline to Pakistan the part of the run all measures have already been taken the oil and gas needs of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and also the Iranian side has taken all the measures with the cost to constructing the pipeline to the border with Pakistan and necessary measures should be taken with regards to linking d-ring and gas pipeline to Pakistan today power bi exists from Iran to Pakistan and today's meeting we told the president sir that we are ready to increase these exports like 10 times and today I said Prime Minister that Iran is ready to increase the export of electricity to Pakistan 10 times greater than the present export so regarding the promotion of the commercial ties we discuss and we try to form a varchar Committee written document rissalah exports and imports could be exchanged with neutral countries and some kind of balance could be created this way accounts could be sold a barter committee so that Goods and needs of the two countries are exchanged and a bottle account is cleared two majors each other are and Grutter of port cities we are keen for these two port cities to have better relations and so that we could connect the two ports by creating a railway and we are interested in in establishing closer relations between two ports so that these two ports could be linked through railway in order to benefit issues related to region and also the need for further cooperation between Iran and Pakistan towards peace is secured in Afghanistan as well as some other regional issues we exchanged views and the necessity of cooperation in order to provide stability and security in Afghanistan we also discussed other significant regional issues some inaccurate measures have been taken by the u.s. in this region especially as regards to goats they sure to the Golan Heights and also insulting day Islamic Revolution Guard score with also in particular we do pass to the holy boots the jolyn Heights and the recent insult by the American administration Tiger son and Turkey the founders of the ACO and relation among these three countries have always been really good and today too we are keen to see expansion of the three countries relations and the Rayleigh from Istanbul it'll be like actively linked here it's all about so that Europe could be connected to Pakistan and then China in the past the three countries have had very good relations today we are also interested in expanding trilateral cooperation in particular and we emphasized I'm pleased that the Prime Minister has emphasized that he's not taking part in any war coalition it will never do that and the two countries are determined to say peace of security prevail in the whole region directed that Pakistan is not going to join any military called coalition or war coalition and the determination of the two governments is based on establishing peace honesty mr. prime minister also extend an invitation to me for an official visit to Pakistan I've accepted that invitation and hopefully in due time I will be able to make your visit to brotherly country Pakistan also pay a visit to slow I'm confident that this visit by mr. prime minister and his accompanying entourage will serve to be a turning point in an expansion of relations between the two countries and once again I would like to thank him for accepting my invitation and visiting Tehran a first before Tehran has already paid a visit to the holy city of Mecca proving relations between our two countries and once again I have to appreciate his Excellency mr. prime minister to accept my invitation and visit me in Tehran and also for visiting the holy city of Mashhad bismillah r-rahman r-rahim now first of all I would like to take this opportunity to thank mr. president for the way we have been received here the way my delegation and I have been given hospitality respect so on behalf of my delegation I want to thank you and then I want to again say two things before I talk about our relationship that had it been had the British not coming to India in eighteen hundreds you would not need an interpreter because we all used to speak Farsi the court language for six hundred years in India was Farsi so we would not have to go through interpreter then I also want to gain stress that I came here when I was still studying first time to Tehran and I I want to say this that because this is what I want for Pakistan I I saw in 1972 a big difference between the rich and poor a big cultural difference between the rich and the poor and since yesterday I have been seeing that Iran has become a very egalitarian society there's much more equality in Iran and I think this should be appreciated because this is what the Revolution did and inshallah the Revolution which we want to bring in Pakistan when we say knee up Gaston new Pakistan this is what we want to see the people the the weaker people the poorer people coming up and the rich and the poor difference decreasing Addison it has in Iran a shock or economist Genova very soon before today tadam neva Z K as in Johnny Behan channel Al Hamra torchon a bonamo and Egeus a Atta Pakistan as atole Kamala Tasha corridor am in cavora de minuto Geneva shington octoroon awesome Mohammed Annette Matata Tory are spoken an Uyghur key in delici ha that's a azor Ahai shot behind nyamata boudin and on Modest invisible forces of at Meharry Medical Bay mutiny me asana boot knocked a dopamine has caiman and there's a Monica Tony shoe budem and our soul is another half todo safari robot around Austin moon Simone de Beauvoir shake off f ing emilio been a for at all well Anthony or maloja z'ha'dum ammo and take it the rules I am Bruce Bochy Shmona Adam and Edom k in Chekov best service your cohosh middle candy bar in the hotel by the cotton elevation most more harm as enveloping on Himalayan Kunene mom Channing their Pakistani jadid Mohammad Ambala Hampton and the lobbyists Inc for said earlier for a robot in your ocoee Schmidty the the most important reason why I'm here you know mr. president is because I felt that the issue of terrorism was going to become a divisive part was good to increase differences between our countries so it was very important for me to come here and come with our security chief that we resolved this issue in Pakistan we have suffered more terrorism than probably any other country in the past 12 – thirteen years we have lost over 70,000 people to terrorism and the Pakistan military and Pakistan intelligence agencies full appreciation must be made to these to our security agencies the way they tackle terrorism in Pakistan and overcame it we are much luckier than Afghanistan were despite all NATO strengths and despite despite upon security forces they could not overcome terror militancy the way we did in Pakistan but what we have decided in Pakistan and this is the entire political spectrum in Pakistan we have come to the conclusion that we will not allow any militant groups to operate from our soil we have this government for the first time in Pakistan is dismantling any militant group in our country and this is not from outside pressure it is a decision made through consensus across the political spectrum and Pakistan that we will not allow our soil to be used by anyone against anyone when Korean Dalila suffer demand generation boot kabandha Sasuke damn tiger must alleged terrorist Bainer dr. Schwab Oh Juna dodge after love water fresh made dynamic ad buy in masala Terrace basketball sa aftershave the law for today Mohan boot c'mon Andrews and baramos afar bakken mhmm Rahim andré sá Amiata Pakistan who judo Remo and our Pakistan as terrorist ranch me very much oil and cash for abortion Commission Iran's terrorist boarding tell you that was the since oligos ashtray have thought heads or telephoto Johnny Romano streamable yet Muhammad Ali as artists versions for yet alodia Pakistan borough immobilize the bottle is Chekhov Economo masloff honest honest in Cavazos Ouray near Ohio North Omaha in Salvation Army at season Hannah's not honest and career-wise been burnt vamo dr. Otto fr one erode on mobile is able to restore steam back noon tomorrow you face your cedar Pakistan being a teacher resident key more novel yet it was evident a bruja a machete Nozomi as Hakim oh la hey la jolla de Geer battery on drama at da matta to DC it's just a few days back three or four days back we have 14 of our security personnel were killed by terrorists and in in Balochistan and I know that if Iran has suffered from terrorism which which are from groups operating from within Pakistan so the security chief will be sitting with the his counterpart here and today they will be discussing ways of cooperation and so that we have trust in each other that both countries will not allow in and so that we have trust in each other that both countries will not allow any terrorist activity from their soil and we hope that this will build confidence between us it will help build a future relationship where we have complete confidence in each other's that we will we will not allow any damaged being done to another to your country from our soil Chandru's the tappety mo that eh ameo te tiras cede our estonia bag which estonia pakistan cost resident and more me to nankai iran ham as terrorism grandma very bad workers go to hawaii kazakh pakistan astir for the eminent and ranch mover abraham Italian man in a resume at raha Marauder modem cable harm Troiano foolish maloha trailer for hot dogs more in a tomorrow Boyard burger all becoming Baba hamburger at a Motor Inn caja de kirchner it was enemy danke Shoen alayhi wa rida garavato a normal tourist es affordable che Mao's mandate amatzia B star borrow yarmulke reader who's the volume of the left arrow and Asti and then the issue of Afghanistan the four decades of war in Afghanistan has affected Pakistan and Iran Pakistan hosted at one point four million refugees today Pakistan has 2.7 million of one refugees in our country I know that Iran also I think you have almost 3 million refugees in Iran it is in the interest of both our countries that there is peace in Afghanistan and if we will cooperate with each other in helping there being a political settlement there and I know it is at the interest of both of us because if there is peace in Afghanistan not just that for offer honest people of Afghanistan who have suffered for four decades but it is also help Pakistan and Iran in in our trade once there's peace we will have trade employment for our people better a standard of living for our people so we will we decided to cooperate on that – on helping there to be a political settlement in Afghanistan Jose yeah funny son heung-min que ahora hasta que upon a standing beside me very bomb our dome Afghanistan that holy Rajasthan mo-larr focused on pay zero a johor million pan of joy a phony hosting but that Iran Harman hello door and kill say million panel to Yvonne Evo to Turin ban over in bed I had the kashfaris kiss all that up on his own baba yaga be she more Amadeu ham koribo Iran has seemed to that will remove zoo Afghanistan and have a suit a a crow I hardly see or see he'll be a Cherokee our soul that upon a stone marker or Boucher not on hobo you madam Afghanistan coochie he'll soul has that ranch and more food for hot food Balki we're not done with Pakistan by Iran ham more feet hardwood Cherokee mommy to name there's a writer for the Moondogs with him a shovel Zoe Bocconi Matt on and have a suit a a crow I hardly see or see hand Bechet Uyghur soul that up on a stone marker or Boucher not sang-ho borrow amalgam upon his own kitchen soul has that ranch has done more food for hot food Balki para llamar dome with Pakistan by Iran ham more food haiku Cherokee mommy to name there's a writer for the moon our search with him a shovel Zowie Bocconi my son daughter is in the giro Paulo everybody man over in more that chalice a.m. ruse has negative simcha and borrower a sedan big actual hand se hace para llevar garages so both are Afghanistan I'm Cory Bocconi and I feel strongly that without justice there is no peace and a huge amount of injustice is being done to the Palestinian people the Israeli decision to occupy the Golan Heights making Jerusalem the capital violates international laws is an injustice to the people of Palestine it will lead to further problems in the Middle East unser uncertainty in the Middle East similarly in Kashmir the United Nations resolution clearly declares that the people of Kashmir will be allowed to decide their own destiny and unfortunately in the last 30 years the Indian security forces brute force had been trying to oppress the people of Kashmir and oppressing them from stating they're having their right to decide the destiny over 70,000 people in Kashmir have died every day the security forces because of their action Kashmiri czar dying I feel very strongly that the only way is not military is not true force but through dialogue and through a political settlement and once Kashmir is settled the whole subcontinent will will move forward trade benefits of trade for the subcontinent and then Iran also if for Iran Pakistan Iran having access through Pakistan into the Indian market to the Chinese market so the whole area will develop but the bottom line is that we have to have peace and stability and that will only come through a political dialogue and not through military means this is the same in and as for the people of Palestine and is the same for the people of Kashmir justice will bring peace not force a sauce mikonam kaiba do netilat soul he barani heart should alone ba da da da costa de la hamartoma Philistine Dodge Ariane has baby je Taslima strawberryish Holly volunteer hyojoo lon Mahajan in a long cotton or chalean bomani poit after a straw ilk in Donoho's bajo possible nene big normal Ali has bahuka Philistine Horo and Zoe inconceivable esta be savatya – Dada hvar mio name shaman was he at home – nooooo – tora ratnamma sauceman a melon hat beta inside nourish the Kashmiri horrible as new action of the AMA who do the season husky nirahara Hindi my model Kashmiri shawl nirenberg Horus our coop Nick Ananda Salizar Kashmiri taco noon coach – Odin Bonnie Lou Holly and Nia ta hand rules on a today's the audience Marco Mukesh Nero but artemisinin Rohullah Nozomi and darkish meal cost of Cooney's money Osmond a dear Lord but your planner or Honda COC has team I got ki Malika Schmidt Hal – a cool – epic or a fish report card but hey Jerrod but they're all Fahad should battle yet Ivana Pakistan her Mohan has gained at the foggy of the Cherokee Iran a sterile Pakistan which enables other hand watching muta selfish a Bahama nutrient husky solve a support a starry rag of the gooiest IOC by dialogue vanaroja Lena Sami Barbara Bouchet Kashmir ham ham anonymous way Palestinians and finally we discussed all ways of cooperation between the two countries how we can improve trade between our two countries which will benefit both of us in particular we are interested in in the way since the Revolution the Iranian government increased primary health care Iran has one of the best primary health care in the world and we will we brought our newly appointed Health Minister to understand how we can benefit from the Iranian experience of primary health care apart from that in energy in other areas science and technology we can benefit from each other so we have we have brought our team we have brought iron minister especially of Industry and Commerce how we can find ways of increasing our trade and cooperation because at the moment we have very limited amount of trade with each other and inshallah the idea is that we once we improve trade both countries will benefit from each other so I want to again thank you mr. president for for the hospitality and way we have been treated here the way the talks have gone I want to especially again thank you for this resident cottage or at then after hard occasion for hot puta boy admin or supportive so DF so HP doc animo a la Vermont has seen by Iran me – nincada on that was the home of telophase genre and there was a mole of Avatar Valley abate Austria ket vector in Nizam Horo as ammonia doradito chambre de novo damo Elohim and has sinned cast as ovae rendezvous ze more gravity available tortillas affordable Cooney dar Jose energy vamos ahora de garage on illumise on ovary ham Timmy Julio ham loaf Adama boredom Mozilla Sun advatage or at in Jogja sky between la vie she met RC boat zero burro yet vamonos sabotage or if adobo conventional or emotional health watcher Genova very strong mood board I give it 4 VJ oscillatory Tasha quorum quorum hotel ma Manabu ziba a zero Yahoo [Applause]

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  1. I have a question.
    In which part in this speech he spoke about Saudi Arabia and UAE and said without us you would vanished during Hussien Sadaam time.

  2. any body herd joke of the year that Japan and Germany share border ….
    Bhai UPSC ki class join ker imran
    Its ok imran khan is also human but its not ok when you representing country ….

  3. Imran Khan: "I want to say two things before I talk about our relationship. Had the British not come into India in 1800s you would not need an interpreter because we all used to speak Farsi. The Court language for 600 years was Farsi, so we would not have to go through an interpreter".
    The interpreter is either uneducated or a British SPY as he did not translate this part "The Court language for 600 years was Farsi"….. What's going on?? The interpreter must be a Spy (Ei Koskeshe vatan foroosh do your job properly)!!!

  4. حسن روحانی کو بھی انگلش آتی ہے لیکن عمران خان کو بھی اردو میں بات کرنا چاہیے تھی

  5. عمران خان غدار ہے اور آرمی چیف کو اس غدار کو پھانسی دلوانی چاہیے.عمران خان غدار نے پاکستان کو ایران میں ہونے والی دہشتگردی میں ملوث قرار دے کر پوری دنیا میں پاکستان کو بدنام کر دیا ہے.لعنت ہو اس غدار خان پر.
    پاکستان زندہ باد

  6. No wrong statement was made by pm Imran Khan ,both countries should control cross border terrorism.

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