Please don’t rap for Pivot Gang at any parties. Ever.

we want to have for the pivot gangs we have bench players oh we're about to play would you ride and you're playing would you rather with a fader a.fader game and we playing with Bob of course I love Bob Ross but I gotta go weel smif like what's going I'm saying it's tour we got to think like business people what's going in pack tickets knows nothing to do with ticket sales at all for me it's Will Smith Wilson I'm a liar so much game from just topping it up yet Smith in the green it doesn't have to do a day but you know I'm saying just logistically I guess music is the thing we're doing oh it's a lodge any other answer is the bar Solange gonna bring the everyday I'm have to go with the bottles don't follow your heart Joe don't thought use your brain it's the last fire Fergie is fine you know I love you I'm safe alive bro I'm saying I gotta be some Bob being black first all southern like blueberry jam with my oh you still with the first year he he Catholic he owned the thinking shit you're not going on jump ships good what definitely bro nipple clamps I'm just gonna let Joby to created the Alonso from training day would make an amazing manager wait we are in every venue we come on bro we run we run rap yeah but he might do something why would he gonna do some well like that would be crazy it's like signing a death row essentially is what we do it I don't see myself living past 30 if I sign out Lonzo realistically but my impact is gonna be worth it and now we're back to Will Smith I really hate when people just disrupt whatever the hell I'm doing at a party any that's rapping for you at a party not not necessarily they just want that's what I was gonna say they probably trash but them breath is gonna smell those two verses that's a lot yeah not just one cuz after the first one you know you could be like I heard damn that's what's up I'm gonna take that though I personally would have somebody rapping me first of all somebody usually rap for me at a party I go to anyway which is one of the ready don't go to parties the IG live thing I feel like that could just people go ID you live just to get people to talk about the racket you know so like much rather do that then have somebody trying to talk to me and rap at me what I don't want to hear you're not even on beat you might be on BtoB [Laughter]

Michael Martin

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