Planning a Wedding : How to Decide Which Meal to Serve at Your Wedding

When choosing what meal to serve at your wedding
it’s really dictated by your budget. Don’t try and do a sit down meal if you don’t have
the budget for it. A lot of the times you’ll have to do something like a buffet but also
think about what type of food you’d like at your buffet. A new trend is to have your hors
d’oeuvre reception. Where it’s just a lot of little appetizers but a lot of them so
people do get full up and it really encourages mingling and dancing which would be a lot
of fun. You also could choose something like a breakfast or a brunch that might be a little
less expensive if you want to have an afternoon wedding. Sandwiches that are less formal wedding
is also a good idea. Because it really does fill up everyone but it doesn’t cost a lot.
Using things like appetizers, and a buffet would really keep down your budget. But if
you are really, really set on having a sit down dinner, make sure your guest list isn’t
out of control. Because if you have over a hundred people at your wedding and you have
a sit down dinner, a lot of people will be eating at different times and it really, really
slows down the process of the reception where the cake cutting comes a lot later and people
don’t really get up and mingle and dance as much. So just remember your budget, your amount
of people, what time of day it’s at, and what you can afford.

Michael Martin

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