Planning a Wedding : How to Create a Budget for Your Wedding

Creating a budget for your wedding is one
of the most sticky situations you can get into. Because you want to have a nice wedding
but you also don’t want to go above your means. Make sure, whoever is paying for the wedding
does set a budget. Because things can get out of hand, very quickly. So when creating
your budget, think of how many guests you’re going to have. Because that really will set
it. Because catering does cost a lot. Whether you’re going to have a sit down dinner or
a buffet. That will really, really chose, what your budget’s going to be. Also consider
location. If you’re going to go to a place in a park, it might be a lot cheaper. Then
going to a place like a hotel. But also remember, when going to a hotel. Everything is included.
Sometimes going to certain places, you have to spend a lot more money to create that atmosphere.
Than going to some pace that already has it. So creating a budget, you really need to pin
point everything you want in your wedding. From flowers, how much you’re going to spend
on flowers. To how much you can afford for a photographer. You need to decide, is a videographer
important? Or is it not for your occasion. You’ll also have to consider, what other things
like your attire. How much you’re going to spend on a wedding dress. So these are things
to consider and never spend over your budget. And try to stay away from credit cards. Because
that can really get even to debt, a lot more quickly than anything else. You don’t want
to start off, on the wrong foot.

Michael Martin

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