Planning a Wedding : How to Choose Wedding Colors

Choosing colors for your wedding is one of
the most important things to do because it really sets the tone for the whole wedding.
If its a fall wedding, you might want to decide on some autumn colors to really bring out
the beauty and the natural aspects of it like what the leaves changing to is. Like the autumn
colors, like the oranges and reds and really like the burnt orange is really, really a
pretty way to go. Also if you’re having a summer wedding, go with lighter colors. Peaches,
soft pinks is also nice for springtime. Winter, keep with the whites, don’t fall into the
trap of the red and greens around Christmas just because those are Christmas colors. But
really develop what a winter white might look like because snow and all those types of aspects
really do punch. Red is a beautiful color to use because it really does pop and red
roses represent love. So using red roses in your color pallet with your flower coordination
really does make a really nice wedding. Choosing a color also should go with choosing a type
of flower. If you love the light blue hydrangeas, sometimes they’re hard to find at particular
time of the year so make sure you do some research on flowers and colors that you might
like. Also pick a color that you like because mostly everything in your room from decor
to dresses to pretty much everything including in your wedding will be in that color. Make
sure you really like it. Don’t pick the color purple because you think you look good in
it because you’ll be wearing the color white. Make sure that everybody in your wedding party
it really complements what their skin tone is and also make sure that in the location
you’re at that your colors do flow. You don’t want to pick a color that does not complement
the type of color that’s in the ballroom if you’re using a ballroom or if you’re outdoors,
make sure it really does have a natural feeling because you want to make sure everything does
complement each other instead of, like the colors battling each other. So just keep in
mind the time of year, the colors that you like and what flowers you will be using.

Michael Martin

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  1. I love fall & fall colors.  My fiance loves spring & spring colors.  The only mutual color we both like is red.  I would like to have 3 colors, I have red & gold.  What should be the 3rd color?  For fall look I would add orange but for spring i would add aqua?  What is a middle ground between aqua and orange?

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