Planning a Wedding : How to Choose a Wedding Dress

When choosing a wedding dress, there’s a few
things to remember. You have to really take a look at your body and know what your body
type is because there’s certain dresses that fit different types of body types. For a petite
person, you want something that is not going to be overwhelming, especially because a very
big poofy dress will take away from you and you want to make sure it’s something that
fits close to your body so it really does bring out what you look like. An Empire waist
dress is always nice for someone who has a little too much in the stomach area. It really
covers it because it brings the eye up, because an Empire waist comes right underneath the
bust line and flows out. That’s great for a pear shaped person. Someone with a little
more curves could get away with wearing something that really shows off their curves. This type
of dress is really traditional. This type of dress really works well on most body types.
If you have a body type where you might be a little more athletic, don’t be afraid to
show off your girlish figure and pick something that you really enjoy. There’s also different
types of fabric. You’ve got stuff like lace, that really works well on a close to the body
type of dress where it hugs all of your curves. There’s also silk where this works well on
an A-line dress or anything that is very flowy on the bottom. There’s also types with tool
and chiffon, and there’s so many different types of dresses, you can get bogged down
in. A great way not to get bogged down is to look on websites. There’s also magazines
you can look through to get that certain type of dress you really, really want, so make
sure before you go shopping, pick out a few styles you like and make sure it fits your
body type.

Michael Martin

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