Pink talks about highs and lows of 11 year marriage to Carey Hart

very excited because I am here now with pop superstar pink number one on the charts almost instantly but it's not just her music making headlines it's also her honest candid approach to life her family and what we're going to talk about that a little bit first there is no comparison when it comes to a blockbuster live performance dazzling feats of acrobatics while singing live more than 42 million albums sold multiple Grammys and now a new number one smash hit that's on everyone's playlist right now what about us what about but pink doesn't just make headlines for her music this moment at the 2017 VMAs played big when she accepted the mtv video Vanguard Award we help other people to change so that they can see more kinds of beauty now pink here live and your music touches so many people but your speech that you made made such an impact were you surprised by the reaction I was I never know what I'm doing but I was I it was beautiful how many people reacted to and it was also really sad because for that many people to resonate that means that's how many of us are actually going through that yeah and so it was sort of bittersweet you know you you are so authentic and I think that's one of the many reasons why people love you and you put out a documentary with your new albums I did yes and if you had your husband carry their and your kids and you get candid about your relationship also making a lot of headlines anywhere okay which is so relatable because anyone in a marriage has experienced the same thing yeah why is it important for you to be so candid I don't know how to be any other way sometimes I hear back the things I've said I'm like oh wow that's a lot how does he feel about it um he's used to it he has a really thick skin and a really good sense of humor but I think a lot of the time he's not actually listening that was great babe hey did you hear what I said listen so you all are going on tour yeah the whole family yes what's that like it's insane there's a lot my dressing room looks a lot different now there's lots of cuddly plush shaggy things but it's really fun it's beautiful there's beautiful moments there's hard times and there's beautiful moments and there's not you have to get really creative on what can be done inside of a hotel room in the winter so cute you said beautiful moments beautiful drama yeah number one very much like that world right and so what inspired I am the title I'm assuming what you were just describing yeah I think honestly life is really traumatic no matter who you are some for some more than others but I try to hold on to the idea that there's a lot of beautiful people in the world that want great things for others and you know there's joy to be had still and I have to hold on to that ya have to who you bring it I mean what about us I mean I feel joy every time I hear that song it's so good but it you you would think it's about a relationship but what is it actually about good think that I don't like to tell people what songs are about just because it's whatever it is for you like for one of my girlfriends for her it's about love for me it's about how government has failed us and it can be about all of it yeah really that's the beautiful thing about that song because it can mean so much to so many people but I just love listening to it regardless Pink's new album beautiful trauma is out now

Michael Martin

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