Pick a Pearl ceremony at Mitsukoshi in Epcot’s Japan Pavilion

Happy Friday everybody! Today we’re
talking souvenirs!Now one of the best souvenirs I ever got my girls at Walt
Disney World was when we did the Pick A Pearl experience at Mitsukoshi department
store in the Japan pavilion. The way it works is this. You pay a flat fee, which
is about 17 dollars, and they give you a ticket. When it’s your turn you bring
that ticket up to the counter and then you cash it in and you pick this oyster
out of these little pond like things they have in there. And then the
attendant will take your oyster and open it up and whatever pearl is inside there, you get to keep. Now at that point you have two options you can keep the pearl as is. It’s just a plain old raw pearl. Or you can bring it over to the jewelry counter
and pick a setting and have it made into jewelry. The video I’m going to show you
is from a couple years ago but not much has really changed they have added a
video projector behind the cast member so that the people standing around can
see her opening the pearl a little bit better. And they’ve done a little bit of
painting and touching up but the experience is pretty much exactly the
same as what you’re about to see in this video enjoy. You remember that exactly. We say San, Ni, Ichi. So don’t foget alright? San, Ni, Ichi! Let’s see your pearl. WOW. Right? Very big sized Pearl! Let’s look at it closer. Looks it’s a very very shiny beauty, pretty pink, it’s such an elegant pearl. You did a great job! How about this one. Alright are you ready? Okay, so San, Ni, Ichi! Open. You have a very, very big sized pearl. You are very, very luck. Princes… You go twins! Oh My Goodness! Princess! You did it! How many pearls do you see? You two pearls from only one oyster. Lucky-lucky two. Congratulations! How did you find it? Do you have a secret? No? Really? I just picked one. You just picked one? Tell you what your daddy told you. Congratulations. My Dad said the ugliest oysters have the best pearls. We love that. Perfect. Yes sir! So let’s measure you pearls. Six and Half Milimeters. This is our average size for a single pearl. Six and half, seven, seven and quarter, seven and half, seven and three quarters, oh my goodness! Eight Milimeters. Eight and a quarter, eight and half milimeters! Oh my goodness. Eight and half milimeters. This is our giant pretty sized pearl. Congratulations. Oh my goodness! Princess, I think you are all so lucky. So very-very lucky. Guess what? Eight and Half milimeters is today’s biggest! Congratualtions! Oh my goodness! You have the twin pearls, and you have the giant! How lucky family is! Lucky You! So this is 6 milimeter and is our average size for twin pearls. Six Milimeters, six and quarter milimeters. How about the other one? Six milimeter, six and quarter. Perfect! The same size as the first. Let me write down, six and a quarter milimeter. Perfect. Same size! Lucky two. Princess, Congratulations! Since you have three pearls, I will give you… What is this? Mickey Mouse Ears! Congratulatios! Congratulations! Amazing Good Choices! Let’s cleanup your shiny pearls! So after this experience will went ahead
and had those mounted and the reason I say it’s the best souvenir they I’ve
ever gotten them is because they still wear those. It’s been a few years and
they still wear the jewelry they’re always wearing it to different things
and going out as held up really well. At one point I thought there was…the
earrings were kind of changing colors it actually turned out there we starting to tarnish a little because they’re real silver. So a little silver cleaner
brought them back to life and made it look nice and shiny, bright and pretty
again. So definitely a really cool experience. A unique gift, unique souvenir, that is actually practical something that they can keep and used for years
and years to come. That’s gonna do it for me today hope you
had a great day thanks for watching. I appreciate it very much. Go ahead and hit like below. If you like this video subscribe. If you have some comments, you to leave below go right ahead. I’m happy to interact with
all of you fine and wonderful people. You have a fantastic weekend see you back next
Friday. Take care y’all you

Michael Martin

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  1. Another cool video my friend. I just pushed you into my current Small Channel Intro this morning. It is the Tiki Room Video. I hope it will get you some more exposure. Keep up the good work.

  2. AWERSOME video Bubba Ray Biscuit, I knew this happened but never actually watched the ceremony, Really enjoyed this, Next time im there I will look out for this

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