Pharmacy Students 2021 – White Coat Ceremony at ICPH

when I think about starting the pharmacy
program the thing that excites me the most is the endless possibilities that
are ahead of me and what I can actually do with that degree after four years
what I look forward to most starting the pharmacy program here at
Shenandoah University it’s probably it’s the first stepping stone towards
starting my career so I’ve dabbled around the pharmacy technician business
for a while but I’m actually looking forward to move up to become a
pharmacist and I can do that starting my program here at Shenandoah the most exciting thing about
starting the pharmacy program is to learn about medications and the side effects
and drugs interact and also learn how to counsel patients and improve the quality
of their lives being the first class in Fairfax is actually we’re going to be
working with different faculties of course we gonna give them different (unintelligible) to improve this campus and it’s going to set the good foundation for the rest of
the students who’s going to join us, after us I am very excited to be part of
the first class at Fairfax I think that having the opportunity to influence how
this campus grows and changes is one of the best parts of being the first class
here there’s so many possibilities with this campus and when we came here for
the first time they told us of all the plans they have for this campus and the
possibilities and it’s exciting to be able to know that I’m going to be a part
of that and I’m gonna help pave the way for other people and pave the way for
the campus too and help make those decisions for what this place can be

Michael Martin

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  1. Blacks r not supposed to b admitted to any health professional positions with the affirmative action. Also unfair to other races! These positions r dealing with human life, not politics. No one wants to c black doctors or pharmacists.

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