Pete Holmes is a pretty good break-up coach.

Michael Martin

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  1. Pete: I think looking at religion literally is missing the point.
    Kevin: I think we're going the wrong way.
    Evangelicals: Amen!

  2. Hi, There is a trail that Mayim Bialik talks about in a movie. A flight for Christmas I think it is. You need to take Her or a good Hiker on it.she says it's a hike but, the view is so worth it.This was fun. I have thought about the plunger, but your suppose to swish it around in the toilet when You flush w/clean water.🤗🐽✌❤, Sheryl

  3. Yo Pete ! do your selves a favor and read about the Stoic's and real philosophers instead of these religious text that use circular logic, instead of real FACTS, they keep people confuse with this religious shit, as Seneca the Younger (a stoic) said during the Rome empire days, " Religion is True for the poor and suffering , False for the rich and famous, and a Useful Tool for the emperor ".

  4. sorry to say, it doesn't matter to me if there's a God or not when you have tornadoes earthquakes floods cancer Etc for the last 4.543 billion years.

  5. Love your hikes! And love the progression of your drone usage — especially the Hitchcock zoom in while zooming out transition after the cult question!

  6. What I learned from this hike: Kevin is in great shape and Pete has boobs…. Vegan men develop this condition because their testosterone levels drop / estrogen rises when men consume too many carbs…

  7. Wow! This trail looks treacherous!. How did you pick this one? Poor Pete! I don't think he hikes as much as Kevin. Maybe they should have picked a trail more maintained. Geez!

  8. I'm not sure about snake repellent but everybody look up NPR Planet Money episode 951. The discovery if you will of dr. Matthew Lewin and the support of Talking Heads Jerry Harrison will blow your mind and how many lives it will most likely save from snake bites dot-dot-dot

  9. 6:58 Joust, dude? Really?
    I woulda chose Pitfall, fam
    Hi Kevin! Hi Pete! Happy
    Holidays boyzzz ✌️👽

  10. if you don't think the bible is mythology you're an idiot lol nice guys love ya Kev but that to me doesn't seem very inclusive haha.

  11. Bro, you gotta wipe your lens off. Everything always looks a little smudged. Keep a microfiber w you. Otherwise, keep up the good work.

  12. I’ve never heard of this comedian. This is a very likable and peaceful man to listen to. I really like him. Thanks for interviewing him.

  13. I enjoy Pete’s conversations on consciousness👍🏼 I loved Crashing.
    Li- how have I never heard this before? I’m familiar with the concept but didn’t know there was an ancient Chinese term for it. I’m going to go read up on it right now. Thank you, Pete. And I’m going to start listening to your podcasts.

  14. Glad to see Pete thinks like me, cause after I use my toilet plunger I always clean it thoroughly.
    Either that or throw it away and go buy a new one.

  15. This was a good one Kevin. Both you and Seinfeld are doing great with these unique formats of conducting interviews. Keep it up, just discovered this channel not long ago and luv it. Although I do miss Mr. Subliminal. And no ofense but Hot Ones is the best. Lol

  16. What a good duo! Would have definitely watched 20 more minutes of this.

    PS He DOES look a little like Val Kilmer and John Ritter!

  17. Merry XMAS to KN and the entire production staff.
    -also to the Team operating the Drone.
    -wondering who Kevin's GO-TO-person is on Poison Ivy, Oak, Snakes etc.
    He/she must be the absolute Kingpin of the Hiking World.

  18. Look at the lengths Kevin Nealon goes to in order to create Excellence.
    i.e. discusses the tree covering – then gives us the drone shot at about 0:22.

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