Pete Holmes Had A Heckler At His Wedding Named ‘Mom’

Michael Martin

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  1. 🎶Mucho gusto me llamo, Bradley and I'm hornier than Ron Jeremy🎶

    Caress me down is one of my favorite Sublime songs!

  2. My little sister has anxiety in public alot and I've developed methods to help pull her out of it and they all involve making her laugh… The smallest smile game is the newest addition and it works like gangbusters.

  3. How is Pete connected. There's something wrong about him and what he knows and what he talks about from Pizza to emails to anything

  4. Colbert's response to "She's not a monster" was great. And Holmes is right about people who think they're more interesting or honest for saying they dislike kids.

  5. I love how Pete went back to pg humor for a younger crowd after binging on R rated roasting and a drunk one night stand. He needed to get back to his roots and that’s cool.

  6. Colbert seriously answered Pete's joke about the email address? I like him but he's surprisingly lame for someone with a comedic background.

  7. Colbert is the fucking worst. Wtf happened since the Colbert report…? Was he always awful and just had us all fooled?

  8. Pete Holmes so much easier to take — and funnier — when he's got his cackling laugh and knee-slapping more or less under control.

  9. The smallest smile game. One) I've adopted it for my little sister who has social anxiety… it makes her giggle and brings her out of her shell. Two) any time I feel sad I watch the last thirty seconds and cry laughing, and I've contributed to at least 45 views.

  10. The reason I hate kids is because they're supposed to be ignorant and annoying. That's just how they are, they don't know any better. I don't want that around me.

  11. Tattoos don't involve another person most of the time, so… I'm still pro-tattoo and anti-marriage.

  12. I have always liked Pete Holmes and this was some of his best stuff. He still laughs and giggles a lot but he has really cleaned up and sharpened his act. He's definitely getting better and funnier! His skits on the Pete Holmes show and College humor are amazing!

  13. Saw Pete Holmes and I clicked…..
    then I saw Stephen Colbert and I never backed out of a video faster in my life

  14. One of the things I've always liked about Pete is the fact that he hasn't stepped onto the political comedian bandwagon. . .


  15. Pete Holmes just admitted the Illuminati exist with that liturgical joke, look at Colbert get awkward. Colbert is obviously saying "Wtf why would you mention that" in his head.

  16. People who make "I hate kids" as their defining characteristic is just as annoying to me as vegans who start every conversation with, "Btw, I'm a vegan".

  17. Crashing is awesome. Didn't expect that, it was a nice surprise. If you missed it, go and watch it right now, you won't regret it.

  18. hey some people don't want kids. good for them there's too many people on earth as it is. We even have spares called orphans.

  19. i'm a big Pete Holmes fan but he loses me at 'you can't hate kids.' They are annoying and being 'child free' is better. Not for everyone, i get it.

  20. Pete rarely misses an opportunity but he whiffed on the chance to have the guy interviewing the sublime neck tattoo guy, “so, do you practice Santeria?”

  21. Never heard of Crashing and I don't have HBO, but I'm glad Pete's got some new work since his show was cancelled. Come to think of it, didn't he have his parents featured in the audience more than once in the Pete Holmes Show?

  22. After watching one episode of his show I predicted it would not last more than two seasons and Pete Holmes would face back in oblivion. There aren't many people who suck more than him. Maybe Judd Apatow who seems to scold people for a living.

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