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presentation do you know who you are in relationship to others it’s important to
know yourself because when you know yourself well then it’s easier for you
to relate to other people in personality psychology there are a lot of online
tests which can tell you a little bit more about your personality the way you react
the way you cope and it’s nice to take these tests and figure out a little bit
about yourself and your life and to be a little bit more accepting of those
things that you’re doing and to find out hey you’re normal right so some of the
online tests that are out there include the big five which gives you five
different layers of personality the myers-briggs personality test which
gives you up to 16 different personalities the Enneagram gives you
nine different ones disc I believe is also 5 I’m not sure I took it but I
forget now there’s also four temperaments sixteen personality factors
or find your Hogwarts house that’s a popular one as well there’s some of
those fun little BuzzFeed ones out there Facebook ones that people like to take
that are just for entertainment wait find your Hogwarts House yeah so
are you Slytherin or Gryffindor ravenclaw or Hufflepuff I know yeah it’s more about selling merchandise
why do you want to know what your personality type is because it helps you
to develop a language to talk about who you are how you’re feeling how you
operate and how you cope with stress it gives you a better understanding of
yourself and the way you work it improves communication between you and
others when they understand your view of the world a little better and you
understand your view of the world and theirs as well then it’s easier to have
that communication it helps you to feel normal you know I know some people who
are very worried about some of the ways that they perceive relationships and
how they behave and how they show up in the world and once they’ve gone through
these personality tests they find out they’re not alone there are other people
out there just like them that are experiencing the same types of
challenges and it helps them to feel more normal so then they can relax and
let go of that fear of being found out that they’re weird or strange or
different they now know they are normal and it’s okay so which of these tests is
the best one well you kind of need to try a few and see which works best for you
some are going to fit you really well and you’ll go yes that’s totally me I
totally get this and I know who that is and I know who that is and this works
for me and then there’ll be other ones that you’ll go mmm
yeah I don’t that’s not me and I don’t get this and that’s sort of me but not
really that doesn’t work for me so that test don’t use it here’s the big five
and the big five is your results are given on a percentage according to your
spectrum and they give you this or that kind of a question you know are you more
this or you more that and your low scores and your high scores it tells you
a little bit about yourself and they rate you in the areas of
extraversion agreeableness conscientiousness neuroticism and
openness to experience and in case you’re wondering about neuroticism it
just gives you an idea of how compared to everybody else who’s taken the test
how calm and even-tempered are you or how worried temperamental and
self-conscious are you so that can give you an idea of how you compare to other
people who’ve taken the test the big five as it relates to relationships
tells you that you can in it indicates that there could be some problems in a
relationship if the people taking it either one or both test high for
neuroticism or extraversion because extraversion while it can be a good
thing because you’re asking for what you want and you’re standing up for yourself
and you’re getting out there it can go a little too far sometimes and you can be
in people’s faces you can have anger issues and you could have some risky
sexual behaviors such as cheating so extraversion can go too far and that
can cause a problem your successes come along in the big five in relationships
when you find someone who is high scoring in being agreeable
conscientious and emotionally stable and that makes total sense doesn’t it and
moving to the next one myers-briggs Type Indicator as I said
there are sixteen of these and you can take the test online
however I’ve taken three different tests from three different sites of the
myers-briggs and come up with three different answers although I’m always
introverted which may be a surprise to those of you seeing me on YouTube and I
am introverted I always come out introverted but then the other letters
can change and that’s because I’m close to the middle on
that so do you know what you are yeah ENTJ ENTJ is Field Marshall Field
Marshall Toby mm-hmm yeah so I’m possibly a counselor possibly a
healer possibly an operator or an inspector
or mastermind I’ve come up with all of these answers so kind of
take that one with a grain of salt unless you’re taking it with a
career counselor or somebody who is trained to give this kind of a test and
that’s how this test is normally given is to help you to determine what would
be a good career path for you based on your personality based on the things
that you are good at and you enjoy and that’s the career that you want to go
down because you’re going to enjoy your career more if it’s suited to your
personality using the myers-briggs in relationships
possible problems are indicated when one person is a sensor and one person is an
intuitive because they have different ways of interpreting information a
sensor is more about solid tactile things they can see and hear and touch
and an intuitive is more about putting together patterns and gathering
information and you know having a more of a thought life something a little
less a little less concrete and they enjoy that type of input so they can
have some difficulties in communication a likely success is an introverted
person plus an extroverted person and I’ll give you an example of why that
works when I go out in public I like to be with someone who is extroverted
because if I’m having a problem say at a restaurant I don’t I’m not happy with my
meal for some reason I can let the extroverted person know about
this issue and he will take care of it for me and that relieves so much stress
for me as an introvert and my daughter is just like this she has a boyfriend
who will help her when she needs to get things done he will help her to go there
and be with her and help her with the extroverted side that complements her
introverted side when it can you know when it can be a little bit more of a
detriment is if the extrovert is always like let’s go out let’s go party and
let’s stay out all night and the introvert is like I want to stay in and
read a book so no thanks that can pull them apart a little bit so they have to
be understanding of each other’s needs but usually the introvert extrovert
works really well in the Enneagram there are nine different personalities and
they’re very distinct this is the one that I feel worked best for me I’m a
number nine peaceful mediator and I determined that a lot of those behaviors
fit my personality and I understood myself a lot better once I studied the
Enneagram results for my test it helped me a lot to understand my past behaviors
why I am the way I am and how I react to things and I can also understand people
a little better who I’m in relationship with and why we work well together or
why we don’t so this is a really good helpful test to me may not resonate with
you but it worked for me in Enneagrams the relationships can work between any
numbers however there are going to be times when both of you are stressed and
when you’re stressed you might end up going to another number or pushing
towards what they call your wing so you might change a little bit and the other
person might be a little confused by that change because
that’s not your normal behavior it’s the most important part about the Enneagram is having self-awareness when both of you are self-aware and
understand your own personality then you’re going to be successful because
you not only understand yourself you understand each other and you’re
forgiving of those times when you know you’re having that stress in your life
so why should you figure out your personality to take a personality test
and figure that out well the more you know the more aware you are of those
possible personality quirks that are going on with you and why that happens
it just helps you to solve problems gives you more patience and
understanding of yourself and others it helps you to cope with conflict so you
if you know that as a 9 I avoid conflict so if there’s an issue I’m probably
going to let you have your way or I’m just gonna walk away and not talk to you
anymore those are the options with a 9 so as somebody who has to deal with that
you need to understand that about me and understanding your personality style
can also help you to make better decisions especially like when it comes
to choosing who to date or what career you might want to choose what’s going to
fit best with your personality what’s going to work well with somebody who
cannot deal with stress well is something that’s going to be a very low
stress environment somebody who loves to have you know that regimented and
scheduled out life is going to do well in something more like accounting or you
know something that appeals to their needs in their personality so the
more you know the better you’ll feel it’s also going to help you to choose
your partner so you can focus on strengths within your relationship so
instead of focusing on flaws and weaknesses you can say well as I said
earlier you complement me because I’m an introvert you’re an extrovert we go out
to dinner you take care of those things and it makes me feel less stressed and I
can relax so and then I maybe repay you by going out more often because you like
to be around people and do more things and I can handle that as an introvert
because I know that you’re going to be there to take care of any issues that
come up so we can focus on our strengths we can enjoy our similarities when we
get along because we have the same likes and we’ve discovered those things then
we can focus on those things and we can do them together but at the same time we
can cope with our differences knowing that it’s okay to be different and in
fact that’s why we complement each other because we are different and because we
can accept that about our partner it puts an end to power struggles we’re no
longer trying to change that other person to make them more like us so that
we can understand them better we’re just able to understand them better because
we know their personality type and the places that they go to when they’re
stressed the places that they go to when they’re happy now we can meet them there
and not fight them over things like that so
personality caveats test results vary as I said I took the myers-briggs a few
times and got several different answers so be aware of that don’t limit yourself
with labels I can always go back and say well you know it’s okay if I do that
because I’m a 9 and that’s not that’s not helpful what I should be doing
instead is looking at my limitations as a 9 or as a introvert and saying how can
I work on that how can I make myself a little bit better today what can I do to
stretch outside that comfort zone and grow a little bit so don’t let those
labels limit you yeah don’t let them become an excuse well you know I’m
just like that because I’m a 9 he’s just like that because he’s an 8 so don’t let
those labels limit you and don’t make them become an excuse rise above here’s
my recommendations try a few of the tests see what resonates with you see
what makes sense watch my videos I have one out called an even exchange even
energy exchange how to have an even energy exchange in your
relationship this is really great for understanding that we each need to put
in as much as we take out of a relationship and these personality tests
can help us to get there as well I just put out another video yesterday
as well a meditation video so take a look at
that I think you’ll enjoy it I have a transformation group coming up beginning
September 7 and in the transformation group we’re going to explore more about
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email list so you’ll continue to get tips tools and techniques for
relationship building here is the email question that we got this week that
inspired me to do this video and it says my girlfriend and I are in the power
struggle stage of our relationship she is an extrovert and I am an introvert
and some days we can’t agree on anything how do we stop the fighting and connect
signed not enough outlets alright not enough outlets how do we stop the
fighting when we’re in the power struggle stage well again finding out
more about your personality and how you work and operate and how she works and
operates is going to help a lot and then you have that conversation and when she
wants things that you find are too extroverted too outside your comfort zone
then you encourage her to do that with her girlfriends and give you time
and space to you know be alone have some alone time or hang out with one of your
friends and it’s okay to have some separate time because that just makes it
that much more enjoyable when you do come together it gives you that stress
release that you need with somebody outside of the relationship
I think that’s really critical in the power struggle stage also just keep in
mind that we need to learn to love the other person as they are and where
they’re at without trying to change them if that’s not possible then this might
not be a good fit so that’s a decision that you need to make in this
stage of your relationship so I’m gonna put that to Toby now and see what he has
to say so the power struggle stage is the most difficult of all the stages and
the most likely to end up in the relationship splitting up I don’t know
it’s necessarily the majority but a plurality of relationships split up in
the power stage and I would give anyone who’s experiencing a power struggle with
their significant other whether they’re married or not is to take the advice of
sun tsu and step back right allow their energy to project and then absorb that
energy now it’s different you know there’s a lot of reasons for a power
struggle some of which can be what they describe here in terms of personality
traits mm-hmm generally it’s other things besides personality traits
but the personality trait tends to be the foundation so an extrovert will have
a completely different set of behaviors than an introvert is ever accustomed to
and part of the problem is that you can’t give it all away you
can’t stay off just be an extrovert I’ll be your local introvert there has to be
some sense of compromise and so the first thing if I were to give them
advice the first thing I would do is find a place that the compromise
can start so if the extrovert says let’s go out tonight and the introvert may not
necessarily be ready to go out the introvert could use that as a
an opportunity to start the conversation and find out because extroverts and
I know because I’m an extrovert tend to be attention vampires right they
thrive on being out and about and getting attention even if it’s from a
waitress you can just see it in them and an introvert not only doesn’t do that
but sometimes they don’t understand it and so I had the opposite situation
where I was with an introvert and as an extrovert you don’t notice it sometimes
until it’s too late this one I didn’t and I brought up
the subject I brought it up I said you know my introverted my extroverted-ness is difficult you know for the relationship and I can’t change in
extroverts you can’t change as an introvert nor do we want to do that
that’s where are the areas of compromise and it could very well be that the
introvert said introvert says you know what I can go out with you we can go
have one of these times once a week you be who you are let me be Who I am but
not five times a week once a week I would ask in return that
we sit home and Netflix and chill or whatever not being an introvert I don’t
know what really gets to them you know I mean but the moment you that either one
of the parties recognizes that this power struggle phase has begun it would
be a good time at that point to start addressing it because if you get it too
much further you increase the probability of the relationship not
surviving that stage and that’s just statistically true you know so as usual
it’s communicate compromising communications to compromise recognition
that there’s a problem and that the problem if allowed to fester will just
get worse and being willing willing being the you know the other problem
with extroverts is a lot of times they’re so there’s so much about what’s
going on around they don’t notice the smaller things you
know they don’t notice the things that are going on in terms of the
relationship the assumption that they make is that because the introvert
that’s with them is with them then it must be fun for them too because you
know I’m an extrovert etc etc so I think it’s being ready to have the
conversation as soon as possible as soon as you recognize it before you
get deeper into power stage because if you wait too long it just doesn’t it ends up
it results in the relationship breaking up and I think an introvert can be an
ambivert which means they can put their extrovert on they can step outside their
comfort zone and make that effort because they do also have a need to
connect with other people but just not but it’s draining for them to do that so
they do need to limit it to once a week and then recover from that whereas the
extrovert gets an energy boost from being out with other people and so
they need to have that compromise definitely make something else so the
the other thing is oh gosh I forgot what I was gonna say I was thinking about it
when you’re talking and then you made that last point and I forgot it’ll come
back okay well he said she said so this is the time of the show when we get to
tell a little bit about ourselves so we just told you that I’m an introvert and
he’s extrovert but when it comes to personality oh I just remembered when
you said may I interrupt you can get back to this so the point that I was
gonna make is a significant majority of people have not taken personality tests
they don’t know they’re an ENTJ and even if they did they may not completely
understand it so one of the things that you can do in order to start the process
of conversation and compromise is to have them ask them to participate in the
taking of the test so that you’re going to identify and anybody who’s going to
be serious about a relationship eventually has to take should take these
tests in order to know what’s gonna work for you because no two
people are alike and the funny part about this is opposites attract
that’s right you know an ENTJ is going to attract people that are nothing like
that ENTJ but they find some level of commonality that keeps them going
and sometimes they don’t realize that they made a mistake or that they have
problems until it’s too late so a lot of times just suggest the idea
of could we take a personality test I want to learn more about you I want you
to learn more about me and start there okay they’re free online yeah and again
like I said some of them you’re gonna get different results so maybe take more
than one but only do it if it’s fun and it’s helping communication if
it’s starting fights then put it away but the most important part of it is to
learn more about each other and then to accept those things about each other or
maybe more than accept appreciate mm-hmm you don’t appreciate the fact
that you’re hanging out with an extrovert and they’re not overbearing
that kind of expert extraverted but in your case the example that you used
where you know it’s an introvert sometimes it’s hard for you to say my
dish is cold or to be at say a seminar and I don’t want to raise my hand and
ask a question but I’ll tell the person next to me could you ask this question
for me and because he’s an extrovert absolutely he’ll jump right up and ask
the question and he’ll say it 10 times better than I would have said it because
he’s not nervous about it so it’s definitely something that you can look
at as a complementary strength that you can take advantage of in your life
whatever they’re good at that you’re not good at you know you work together on
things yeah and speaking of that how throughout your life have you felt that
your personality has either helped or hindered relationships and I know you
brought up one example do you have in another one so if we go back to
the Enneagram mm-hmm I’m a 6 3 or a 3 6 primary secondary six I’m
primary three secondary you took the test it was way way a long time ago
because I would say you were an 8 that’s what was a long time but when I
imagine I’ve changed some bit well I don’t know well I mean I haven’t seen
your test results I was just guessing Oh so anyway what was your question before
I so have you noticed that personality traits that either helped or
hindered knowing your personality has helped has it hindered tell us about
some of the things that have come up in relationships because of
personality so I know a couple of things I know as an ENTJ that it’s been very
useful to me in my career because most of the people that are in my career are
not ENTJ so it was a real benefit to be able to speak up and stand up and ask
the questions and you know whiteboard it mm-hmm although I don’t behave that way
a lot of times I sit in a meeting and just be quiet until you know near the
end where I find the opportunity to express my opinion but by that time I’ve
absorbed a lot of the stuff that’s gone on the challenge for me has
always been that I seem to attract the exactly the kind of the opposite kind of
woman and I think what happens is it looks really interesting when you fold
that he’s so confident in you know because that’s where a lot of that stuff
comes from and they’re with you for just a little while and that whole confident
thing becomes what an arrogant egotistical so so what you have to learn
as an ENTJ this is that you’re naturally going to attract people of the opposite
sex who are probably not anything like you in that respect but are attracted to
that and after a while it’s like that there’s there’s a that old story
about the thing that and I’m probably going to mess this up but there’s this
that old saw about the thing that attracted a woman to you was the most
attractive to her in the beginning is the one that she eventually divorces
over drives her crazy yeah yeah because eventually it’s just wearing on her you
know what’s that thing if you’re the guy with a sense of humor eventually you
realize everything is funny you must laugh all day yeah you don’t have to
deal with so so I think that the challenge for me has always been I
seem to attract just the opposite kind of women and I’m attracted to them
you know because the other thing too is I’m a I’m a helper I’m a supporter you
know so I’m always looking to me that the attractive woman is to me a woman
who is who needs a mentor yeah you know somebody who needs helping and is willing
to take your support etc etc so I think the challenge for me was to be
able to figure out how to resolve the what I knew you know after the first
couple of times you know oh wow this woman is really attractive she’s
attracted to me but three months from now she’s gonna
hate my guts for exactly the same reason so how do I make sure that I don’t
get there and I thought in my marriages especially well marriages I was gonna
say were relatively successful with that but they still are marriages right
the plural um but I learned a lot and I thought I was pretty good at it and of
course in my business life it always helped to know who you were dealing with
because a lot of the people that I was dealing with in the job that I was doing
required the job that I was successful that required my kind of personality the
people that I had to get to pay me to do that job as a contractor are just the
opposite you know and so I had to learn to be able to deal with them as opposed
to just throwing my extraverted thinking judgemental self at them and getting it
getting to learn to work with them so it was you know the lessons of being an
ENTJ or any other personality I suppose the lessons are only a certain
percentage of population it’s like you and you’re gonna have to deal with all
the rest of the people that aren’t like and there are percentages there’s not a
lot of the ENTJ’s probably because people shoot them okay anyway I had
finished anyway so and that’s a good point that the myers-briggs test is used
a lot for career counseling and when a company is going to be hiring a lot of
people in a department they want a mix of those personalities so that they
have complementary skills they don’t want all entJ’s they don’t want all you
know one thing they want people who are going to blend and bring in different
strengths so that they’re not lopsided so let me bring something up here Rick
plank says I’m an extrovert she’s an introvert but she probably wouldn’t
agree with that I’m not sure what she probably wouldn’t agree with so Rick
maybe you can give us some detail on what your wife probably wouldn’t agree
with being a family crisis any places okay sorry go ahead
there you go so Rick if you give us just a bit more information Shelley can
address that I’m sure but let me just while we’re waiting for that I will say
that my husband and I are both introverts we both we will go out and we
will and he can be an effective leader and he has been but it’s draining and that’s thunder that you’re hearing
Wow yeah so because we’re both introverts we
both need quite a bit of downtime alone time quiet time so our favorite thing to
do together is Netflix and chill in fact just sit and watch a program together
and then later we can talk about the program and that’s relaxing for
us it makes us feel better after you know a long day of being with other
people so but then there’s those times when we both want to would like to be a
little bit extroverted and go out and do things but it doesn’t seem to hit us at
the same time like I want to go out and do stuff and he wants to stay home
because he’s been at work all day so there there has to be some compromise
and sometimes there has to be those times when you have other friends just
go out with them in that and that’s okay too but you both have your
outlets right he has things like ballooning and you have you know we can
we go treasure hunting and go ahead keep going I’m gonna get my phone so I
can look at the radar because that sounds ugly well we’re indoors it’s not gonna hurt us I know it’s the electricity did go out earlier today so
let them know if we somehow if we suddenly lose power that’s what happened
so what was the question she wouldn’t agree with me saying that
she is an introvert well again it just depends basically the easiest way to
tell is how do you gain energy do you gain energy by relaxing and retreating
staying home reading a book watching TV or do you gain energy by going out
with a bunch of people and having fun in a crowd with loud music what works best
for you that will tell you are you an introvert or an extrovert you could be
an ambivert though which means you like both and in that case you know you can you can swing both ways so what was the
question so let me just read through what Rick is saying I’m an extrovert
she’s an introvert but she probably wouldn’t agree with that and he says she
wouldn’t agree with me saying that she’s an introvert then he says I’m an
outdoorsman and she can’t take the Sun she burns easily well that’s different
for being an introvert but and then Jeep girl says get the blankets ready in case
it hails the topper oh yeah my new topper Wow for those of you that can see it
this is what we’re experiencing in terms of radar right now it’s a mess out there
well it’s okay we’re indoors uh-huh but okay so electricity goes out yeah you’ll
know what happened so live chat Q&A what is your
personality type and Rick Plank has shared with us a little bit that he’s an
outdoorsy extrovert so that’s great and I think that you could probably find
compromise in not going out as much as you would like with her sharing those
times with her that she can manage and then other times going out with a
friend or family member to you know go outdoors and do outdoorsy things well I
could make a suggestion based on experience and that was my definition of
being outdoors was very different than her definition of being outdoors my
definition of outdoors was grabbing my Realtree camouflage and heading up into
the woods someplace her definition of outdoors was could we go to the beach
and stay in the pool until sunset or we could go walking on the beach yeah so
there is there is the potential for outdoors but their definition of her
definition of outdoors was very different from mine yeah and it was that
compromise yeah you know how I feel about the beach yes but in order and I
feel pretty much the same way you know there’s a spend time with her the
compromise was you’ll go out here to a little picnic at
which I catch and cook trout for you next weekend we’ll go to the beach you
know hang out there beach or mountain it was really kind of funny
because she could spend hours on the beach under one of those Cabana things
mm-hmm and occasionally get into the water but
going outdoors it was mosquitoes sunblock there was all kinds of reasons
not to do it and I was just the opposite about the beach you know sand sand
fleas sand and everything salt water and it destroys cameras that’s the
only thing I know about the beach but we found some so Rick says I also like to
go out with friends to have a few drinks etc where she was whereas she would
rather stay at home yeah I think that’s common in a lot of marriages where one
feels like they need to be with others in a social setting as long as you work
that out and you’re both happy then that’s great and that’s the way
it should be I mean just because you’re married or in a relationship with
somebody doesn’t mean you need to spend every waking moment together it just
means that you’re partners in life and you have the same goals because other
than that you know spend as much time together as feels right for both of you
so Jeep girl Jodi says my beau and I decided a long time ago we complement each other
well it sure helps and then she says very rarely do we have a conflict I am
an introvert he is an extrovert but we meet in the middle like Legos we even
fit when we hug well that’s nice that’s good yeah so that’s all that’s all we got in
comments okay great well if you have anything else to add
while I’m closing up please do take a moment now and like this video and share
it with your social media contacts and subscribe and click on the bell to
receive notifications we’ll be back next week Thursday August 2nd at 7 p.m. so if
you would like to suggest a topic or have a question or a situation that you
would like more advice and information about please send that to the softer
side info at and we’ll make a video and address those issues for you
and I believe that’s it for this evening and thank you so much for being here and
for all your great chat and questions I appreciate that let’s see I think that’s
it anything else that’s all I got you wanna just read these last couple of
things Rick says they want so badly to go boots on the ground the treasure sir
Rick how do you manage to work the search in there but there’s no way she
would go with me yes take her with you find a nice hotel with a great swimming
pool and a good cocktail bar and there’s there’s lots of places and then
make sure you get home in time to take her to just don’t make her go camping
just camping take her and you do the things that you like and she does the
things that she likes and you meet up in the evenings lots of nice hotels you can
you can I don’t mean leave her at but she can stay at and enjoy those things
around the hotel if I remember correctly Fenn often said that when they were in
Cody she hung around with her friends at the at the hotel and near the Museum and
he would go out and do his Fenn stuff yeah so Jeep girl Jodi says good video
I hope more people stop by for the great advice well thank you and I hope you’ll
share it so that they will it’s only well yeah yeah all right thanks so much
for being here this evening and I’ll see you again next week for the
softer side I’m your relationship coach Shelley Carney

Michael Martin

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